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  1. 1. Method D e v e l o p m e n t Laundry New Service Vicky Chang 02357126 ADV465 Creative Planning
  2. 2. What’s the current Situation? -Long process -Garments need to be classified by color or material -Time consuming -Don’t know how to take care of special materials -Carry heavy laundry detergent -No transparency in general cleaners -Don’t trust public laundry room -Have to exchange coins or add value -Always forget when was last time doing laundry -Lost garments -Facilities are always out of order -Lost laundry card -Take risks if your clothes were damaged while washing or drying
  3. 3. Insight Your clothes are clean Need The facilities and environments Want are clean Someone takes care of Desire your laundry
  4. 4. A forever-growing number of more sophisticated, more demanding, but also more try-out-prone, super-wired urban consumers are snapping up more ‘daring’ goods, services, experiences, cam- paigns and conversations.
  5. 5. METHOD CLEANING CENTER + Id ea ... ( & ) B ig ( )
  6. 6. Your laundry is the member.
  7. 7. Description -Method Cleaning Community Website -Located in your neighborhood -Membership -Self-service laundry -Garment care service -Dry clean service -Special cleaning service -Laundry product discount -Free laundry detergent for self-service -Safety laundry sensor card -Daily maintenance -Transparency -Pick up & Home delivery
  8. 8. How to pay? As become Method Cleaning Center’s member, you can register online at Method Cleaning Community. Your monthly statement of using Method Cleaning Service will be sent to you, or you also can check it with Method Website. Customer can either pay online, or enclose check and mail back to Method. You also can check your history/bill payment, statement online, or contact Method with any problems.
  9. 9. Positioning -New option for urbany laundry -Create a community for your laundry -A transparent laundry service -A better management for your laundry
  10. 10. Competitive -Coin laundry stores -Cleaners operated by individuals
  11. 11. Human Needs -Men& Self -Men& Men -Men& Machine -Men& Nature -Men& Society
  12. 12. Target Audience
  13. 13. Engagement Inquiry: Ask Method Laundry Expert about garment caring, washing tips, or product/service information. Home Delivery Service: Schedule your pick-up& home delivery dry clean service online, Method Cleaning Center will help you out. Laundry Pick-up Service: The distance between your place and Method Cleaning Center is too far? Call Method Shuttle pick up for you. Laundry Reminder: Set up the time of doing laundry, ex. Every 2 week. Method Cleaning Community will send you e-mail and text message to remind you it’s about time to do laundry.
  14. 14. Social Relationship Why does it + make sense for Social Consciousness Method? Doing laundry is a kind of rela- tionship between you and your laundry service. Both of you should have responsibility to protect the environment, and have social consciousness to make the world better.
  15. 15. How to get the word out about its awesomeness? -Agenda this New Method Cleaning Center in su- permarket laundry product area, ex. Safeway, Cost- co, Target, etc. -Put this new business in Google Map, while people doing searching, they will see where is New Method Cleaning Center. -Cooperate with 24hr Fitness Center, to let their members know about this service, and then become Method’s member. -Cooperate with urban apparel retailers, like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. Discount coupons provide when register for Method membership. Register online customer for these two stores, can get one free Method Laundry Detergent.
  16. 16. A method to make the world better.