The mouse assembly 3ºa


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The mouse assembly. 3ºA. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa (Martos, Jaén).

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The mouse assembly 3ºa

  1. 1. THE MOUSE ASSEMBLY LA ASAMBLEA DE LOS RATONES Main Characters: (12) Titina & Fatty (brothers) MrRamona & Mr Ramona (cousins) Mr Ratón Pérez & MrRaton Perez ( brothers) Mr Ratón Ramón & Mr Raton Ramon (cousins) Miss Skinny Tail & Miss Long tail (sisters) The Cats x 2 ***** Other Mice: ( 11) 4 familiesEscenografíaEl interior de una cueva de ratones o un telón liso.Ideas para la RepresentaciónPara representar esta divertida fábula de Iriarte, sólo sigan lasinstrucciones para construir ratones, Procuren hacerlos diferentesunos de otros: uno flaco, otro panzón (dentro de la funda le cosenuna como almohada), uno bigotón, el otro con anteojos. Puede notener escenografía pero sí deben hacer una mesita o conseguir unade juguete. Hay que tener una campanita que pueden atar a lapata del ratón con una liga.Aparece doña Ramona y husmea por todas partes. Entra Titina. CAT SONG & MOUSE SONG
  2. 2. ************SCENE 1 ************ Enter TitinoTITINA & FATTY TOGETHER: : Good morning Mr Ramona!FATTY: : uurr....are you ok?.....Whats wrong?TINTINA: : Yes, weve seen you grey.MRS RAMONA: :How can we NOT BE WORRIED Tintina!?MR RAMONA: : Its been a VERY long while that Mister Mouse Perez and Mrs Mouse- Perez have dissapeared! (MRS RAMONA CRIES)TINTINA: (worried) : Oh how awful! I do hope he hasnt bumped into...TINTO & FATTY: : ...That horrible CAT!MRS RAMONA: : Oh No! Dont even say such a thing! (CRIES)MR RAMONA: : Oh what a pity.... ENTER MR & MRS PEREZ RUNNNING(MR & MRS PEREZ run on stage panting & out of breath.Mrs Ramona is suprised, and hugs and kisses them repeatedly veryexcited and happy.)MR PEREZ: (suffocated) : FINALLY! WE MADE IT HOME! WOW!MRS PEREZ: I was sure he was going to eat me!MR PEREZ: That cat missed me by.... A MOUSES WHISKER!
  3. 3. He almost had my tail!MRS RAMONA : (quejumbrosa) How horrible! The previous cat was a softie! He was fat and lazy!MR RAMONA: And we lived in peace! But now there are 2 cats!TINTINA: LAST WEEK they ate our 2 cousins! they made them into...TINTINA & FATTY: MOUSE-BURGERS!MRS RAMONA: We have to stay at home! Never go out! Not even for food! NEVER!MR & MRS RAMONA: Never! Never! Never! , Never! Never!MR PEREZ (interumpe) : OK! OK! STOP! ….Stop moaning!MRS PEREZ : We must do something soon!MRS TINTINA : (enthusiastically) I KNOW! A mouse meeting!TINTINA: An assembly of all the rats in the street!FATTY: All our ideas together will be good!MR PEREZ: Thats it! Great idea! A mouse meeting!MRS PEREZ …. A mouse assembly! (Tintina finds a bell and rings it)TINTINA: (grita) : Here-yee! Here-yee! Come all mice! Come!
  4. 4. FATTY: Its an emergency!(se dirige al publico) “Please help to call the other mice!” *******************SCENE 2 **************** MISS SKINNY TAIL & MISS LONG TAIL AND ALL OTHER 11 MICE (4 FAMILIES) ENTER TALKING WITH EACH OTHER.MR TINTITA: (Rings the bell/ toca la campanilla) “SILENCE PLEASE!!!!! (sigue tocando la campanilla) MR Ramon sube la mesa con una sonrisa orgullosa y grita: : Huh-huh-hum!“I declare myself president of this respectable assembly. We are all here today, reunited as neighbours, friends.... brown mice, white mice, black mice.... big mice and small mice. brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers and aunties and uncles MRS RAMON: and grandparents and grandchildren.. and..adolescent mice, and children mice.. (Murmers & moaning of disaproval/ Murmullos y quejumbroses de desaprobacion)
  5. 5. MR PEREZ : (grita) “ ALRIGHT! Dont waffle! Presidents!MRS PEREZ: Get to the point! Get to the point!FATTY: (burlón) Get to the CATS you mean! (risitas)VARIOS RATONES: mouse 1 : Permission to speak?! mouse 2 : Me too! mouse 3 : I want to speak! mouse 4: And ME! mouse 5: Me! me! oh please please! (Tinto rings the bell angrily)MR RAMON (con voz engolada) : As I was saying! We are here today to talk about these horrible....MOUSE 6: disgusting...MOUSE 7: bearded...MOUSE 8: great.... big....MOUSE 9: beasty... (Ramon carraspea)MR RAMON: ....beast of cats! Who has a good idea??
  6. 6. (All the mice mumble / Murmullos por parte de toda la asamblea)VARIOUS MICE AT MICE AT TIME: ME! ME! ME!PEREZ: ME! Permission to speak!Mouse 10: Speak up lad ! Speak up!Perez (nervioso) : Well.....this.. .. (pause) uuughh....well...erm.... (pause) I think...that... (pause) well that I can...(pause) ..erm, WE can....Varios ratones : mouse 11 “ Oh sit down!” mouse 01 “ Be quiet!” mouse 02 “ He doesnt have anything to say!” mouse 03 “Go home!”MR RAMON: ORDER! ORDER! Tinita go on lad.TINTINA : I think its a good idea to....TIE UP THE CAT!Varios ratones: mouse 4 “Oh thats no use!” mouse 5 “Oh thats too complicated!” mouse 6 “ Were too small to tie up a big cat!” mouse 7 “ The cats too strong!”
  7. 7. MRS RAMON : Please please! Dont all speak at the same time, we cant hear.MR RAMON: (to the audience) Oh dear lord! What undisciplined mice! (Miss Skinny Tail & Miss Long tail se pone enfrente)Miss Skinny Tail: (muy modoso) : May I?...Ramon: Yes you certainly may miss!MISS SKINNY TAIL: I think its a good idea to paint the cats paws black.Various mice: mouse 8. “ Thats a good idea!” mouse 9. “ Thats not a bad one” mouse 10 “ Won ME over!” BELLS RING TO MAINTAIN ORDERMouse 10: hm,.....Im not sure guys...because, if the cat walks around with painted paws.Mouse 11: So? We can elect guards to tell us when heś comming, (Ratones patean el suelo en señal de desaprobación y chiflan)Various Mice: Mouse 1 “ But The cat will eat the guards! Mouse 2 “ Lets keep thinking!
  8. 8. (Bell rings again. Miss LONG TAIL makes a gesture to say something. hace señal de pedir la palabra)TINTINA: Miss Long Tail has permission to speak! Go on Miss.MISS LONG TAIL: If I may, I have another idea. Lets bell the cat! Tie the bell around his neck!Various Mice: Mice 2 : YEAH! Thats perfect! Mice 3: Thats a great idea! Mice 4: “ What a discovery” Mice 5: Long live Miss skinny tail!Mice 5 : Hip hip! All: Hooray! X3(Enthusiastic applauding from the assembly, and bells for order again. Aplausos entusiasmados de la asamblea. Campanillazos para restablecer el orden)Mouse 4: All those in favour of Miss Skinny Tails idea, To put the bell on the cat raise your hand! (Pause) APPROVED! (Applauding, murmmering and bells / aplausos, murmullos y campanillazos)FATTY: (Carraspea) HU-HUM! .... Permission to speak! but Im just wondering...
  9. 9. WHO WILL ACTUALLY PUT THE BELL ON THE CAT?????ALL MICE (Worried murmmering / murmullos de preocupacion) :“who will bell the cat?”Various Mice: Mice 6: “ah, now theres the big problem” Mice 7 “ an ENORMOUS problem”Theres a short silence,,,,,se haze un corto silencio..Mouse 8: “Oh! I cant Im blind as a bat!Mouse 9: “ Oh I cant either, I so fat, I cant run,Mouse 10: I so thin, Ill fall,Mouse 11 ; I can see from far...Mouse: 01 : I cant see nearMouse 02 : Im half deafMouse 03 : I wouldnt dare! Not in a million years!(All speak at once, bells ring: Todos hablan a la vez, campanillazos...) (long silence/ pausa larga) (all murmmer together....)Various mice: 04: “ I said be quiet!” 05 “ You wanted to speak!” 06“ why dont you shut your mouse trap!”
  10. 10. Los ratones corren de un lado para otro. Se atropiezan y se pegan.Various mice: 07: “ And what about you?” 08: “I have a bad heart” 09: “ ouch! Ouch! Dont hit me!” 10: “your a coward!” Surge de abajo 2 actores con mascara de gato güero y todos los ratones corren de un lado a otro2 CATS: MIAAAAAWWWWWW.....HELLO MOUSIES!MRS PEREZ : (grita) aaaahhhh!!!!!MR PEREZ: The cats!!! Save yourself if you can!Todos van saliendo. El gato atrapa un raton sonriendo y sal del escena con el. ALL MICE:WHO WILL ACTUALLY PUT THE BELL ON THE CAT?????