The arabian king's sons 5ºa


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The Arabian king's songs. 5ºA. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa (Martos, Jaén).

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The arabian king's sons 5ºa

  1. 1. THE KINGS THREE SONS CHARACTERS (24): Arabian King Arabian Queen DJAMAL - Eldest son OMAR – Middle son ASAD – Youngest Son Narrators 1 and 2 Chamber Assistant x 4 food & wine servants x 2 Concellors 1 and 2The curtain opens and the Arabian king in his royal nightgown. He is lying down between some cushions. He sitsdown and stretches himself with a lot of effort. He is old andsick. He coughs various times claps for water & fruitservants to serve him some grapes and drink. The Queencomes into to speak with him.Narrator 1 : Many a long years ago in a kingdom far faraway, a queen and a king lived worried because they wereold.Narrator 2:They had three sons, and they need to choosewho was to be king in the future.Queen: Every night I worry about your health.King: I see... I am worried as well.Queen: We must think about the future of our Kingdom.King: Each day my health becomes worse. But I am notsure of my thoughts about my sons.Queen: I understand….Djamal would be a good king and heis the oldest.King: No, I don’t think so. Perhaps its better if Djqmaltravels to other countries.
  2. 2. Queen: And Omar? What about Omar?King: It could be... He is a good boy.Queen: And our youngest son? Do you think that he can bea good king?King:Tomorrow morning we are going to prepare a plan.Narrator 1: Next morning, they put the plan in order.Narrator 2:They wanted to Know who could be the bestking for the future.Theres a knock at the door...King : Come forward, come forward... Both councellors enter.Councellors: Good morning your majesties!Councellor 1: How was your night ?King : Bad...very bad, my good councillors. Im very happy to see you, I was going to call for you. My cough didnt let me sleep...nor did this other problem which I have...Queen: Yes. We only think that in this problem.Councellor 2 : What problem your majesty?KING: I get worse everyday as I get older, sicker and more tired. Its time that one of my 3 sons reigns the the kingdom in my place.Queen: All three of our sons would be a good king, but it’s difficultto decide on which one would be the best king.
  3. 3. Councellor 2 : (thoughtfully) Any of your 3 sons would be a good king. All 3 are intelligent, healthy and brave.King: Thats the problem! I must find out which son is the best of all three...The king and his councellors all think in silence for a while. Theyscratch their heads and walk all over the stage, lost in thought.Councellor 2 : (gasps in excitement) Ive got it! Ive got an idea! Ive got a really good idea! A really really really really really,very very very very...KING & other Councellors : (interumpen gritando) WHAAAAT IS IT!!!?Councellor 2 : Well... come here Ill tell you...They all huddle together whispering loudly. With gestures, the kingaproves the idea, they all smile, laugh and nodd their headssatisfied.The councellors exit laughing and smiling.The King and the Queen come into the room speaking together.The king rings a bell. 4 servants enter making arabic greetinggestures with their hands in front of their face.KING: Can you tell prince Djamal, the eldest of my 3 sons, to come and help me to get dressed.Servant 1 : Yes your majesty.Servant 2 : Right away your Majesty.
  4. 4. All Servants exit.Queen: I hope this plan is the best way to solve this problem.The king sits down and waits impatiently. He gets up and walksaround looking back and forth at the door, coughing.Wine & fruit servants look worried and quickly offer him some food& drink, he refuses.Queen: Thank you, I prefer later. Thank you.Djamal enters running, his 2 servants follow him.Djamal : Sorry father! Sorry mother Im so sorry! Im late It´s all because... well I was...The king interupts.King: Nevermind Nevermind. Enough of exuses. Help me get dressed.Djamel: Yes father right away....Chamber assistant!4 Chamber assistants enterDjamel: Quickly, bring the kings suit... my fathers suit.. Come on,quickly!The Chamber assistants quickly exit and come backChamber Assistant 1: urr... but which one sir...Chamber Assistant 2: yes there are hundreds!Chamber Assistant 3: We need to Know which one.Chamber Assistant 4: He has many many clothes.Djamel: Well...let me ask him...(turns to king) Father which suit for today?
  5. 5. King: (King turns to the Queen) Which one?Queen:You have many clothes, you can choose the color that youprefer.King: umm...The blue one with gold jewls.Djamel: Bring the blue suit with gold jewls!All Chamber assistant : As you wish.Chamber assistant 3: Wardrobe assisstant 1!ENTER Wardrobe assistant 1: Yes sirChamber assistant 4: Bring the kings suit, the blue one with the gold jewels.Wardrobe assistant 1: As you wish sir. Wardrobe assistant 1 calls out to wardrobe assistant 2Wardrobe assistant 1: WARDROBE ASSISTANT 2!this goes on until wardrobe assisant 4, but each time anothergarment is added and the colours change, in the end the wrong suitis brought out. Mean while the King waits impatiently, yawns, eatsand drinks fruit. Etc.KING: (very impatiently) : You have taken so long my sonQueen: Your father is very impatient. Please go quickly.KING: Ask the servants to give you a good horse.You will have to bring it yourself from the city.When you come back, you will tell me what you have seen.Djamal: As you wish fatherQueen: This boy is good, but is very very slow.KING: I see, I see. Tomorrow is the most important day to decidewho is the best son.Queen: Well see how he will be with the people in the future.
  6. 6. ALL EXIT. ***********SCENE 2*********Narrator1: In the evening Djamal comes back.Narrator 2: He is tired, very very tired.KNOCK ON DOORDJAMAL & COUNCILLORS ENTERDJAMAL: Good evening father... Good evening mother. HHFF! Imso tired!KING: (very concerned) How did it go?Queen:Yes, tell us.Councillor 1: What did you see?Councillor 2: What did you hear?...DJAMAL: I had lots of fun! On my way, the public cheered at me saying; Long live the son of our great king x3 (Cheering off stage)Musicians played all the time, and the greatest nobles of thekingdom invited me to their banquet.COUNCILLORS SHAKE HEADS IN DISSAPROVAL.KING: (yawns) very well... my can must be tiredfrom partying...And I dont feel well...Queen: My son you must be very tired, you should go to bed andlet your father rest.Djamal: As you wish. Good night and sweet dreams.(makes an arabic hand gesture before leaving)Queen: Oh! Ask your brother OMAR to come tomorrow morning tohelp your father get dressed.Djamal : As you wish dear mother.
  7. 7. DJAMAL & COUNCILLORS EXITNarrator 1:Next morning The king and queen repeat the same planwith the second son: Omar.Narrator 2:They didnt like how Djamal was with the people in thevillage.ENTER Wine & food servants, they offer food.Knock at door.KING: Yes. Come in.ENTER OMAR RUNNItNG.OMAR: (Salutes king out of breath) Morning father...sorry for mylateness father...its all because...Queen: Good Morning Omar. How are you today?Omar: Very well, thank you mother.KING: Lets not waste more time. Help me to get dressed.Omar: Yes father, right away! Chamber assistants!ENTER 4 CHAMBER ASSISTANTSCHAMBER ASSISTANTS: Yes sir.OMAR: Quickly, Bring the kings suit... my fathers suit.. Come on, quickly!CHAMBER ASSISTANT 2: Right away sir. (go to exit & come back) Which suits sir?Chamber Assistant 1: urr... but which one sir...Chamber Assistant 2: yes there are hundreds!Chamber Assistant 3: We need to Know which one.
  8. 8. Chamber Assistant 4: He has many many clothes.Omar: Oh, Ill ask father... (turns to father) Which suits father?KING: (Turns to the Queen) Which one?Queen: You always ask me the same question. You have manymany clothes... Choose the clothes which you prefer.KING: Umm... The green one with white jewels.OMAR: Yes father: (to the chamber assistants) The green one with white jewels.CHAMBER ASSISTANT 1: Yes sir, right away sir. Wardrobe assistants!ENTER WARDROBE 4 ASSISTANTSWARDROBE ASSISTANTS: YES SIR....Same scenario as before, until everything goes wrong.Queen: Son you know that you can decide what clothes your fatherneeds.OMAR: I dont know his clothes... Sorry mother.KING: Oh You have taken so long my son!You will have to bring it yourself from the city.When you come back, you will tell me what you have seen.OMAR: As you wish father.EXIT ALL. SUN CROSSES STAGE. & SITS ON STAGE. *****SCENE 3*****Narrator 1: King is relaxed on his cushions with the queen.Narrator 2: They are talking about the problem with his sons.Theres a knock at the door.KING: Come in.
  9. 9. ENTER COUNCILLORS AND OMAR TIRED, CARRYING A SAC.OMAR: (very tired, slomps down on cushions) Evening father! Evening mother Im so tired!Queen:Oh my God!! your face is very white!!KING: Tell me. How did it go?Queen: Yes, tell us what happened.Councillor 1: What did you see?Councillor 2: What did you hear?OMAR: I had so much fun! On my way the public cheered “ long live the kings son” (x3) The great nobles of the city invited me to go sight seeing! & at thesea side all the rich people were on boats! And brought lots ofpresents for you and my brothers! LOOK! (shows bag full ofpresents and gold coins)Councillors and king shake their head dissapprovingly.KING: (yawns) Very go and rest...You must be tired andim not well.Queen: Oh! Could you please ask your brother ASAD to cometomorrow to help your father get dressed.OMAR: As you wish mother. Good night... sweet dreams.Narrator 1:ENTER ASAD. SITS QUIETLY NEXT TO HIS FATHER,WHO STILL SNORES.Narrator 2: ASAD TRIES NOT TO SNEEZE, BUT DOES SO ANDWAKES UP HIS FATHER.KING: Oh! Asad! Good morning... you are so early...ASAD: How can I serve you father. Goodmornig mother!Queen:Good morning my son . Youve gotten up very early.ASAD: Yes, I prefer to get up early... that way I have more time in
  10. 10. my day.Queen: You have always been a very hard worker.KING: I am so old. Can you help me to get dressed?ASAD: As you wish. Its a pleasure father. What suit would you like to wear today?KING: I dont Know... Which one?Queen: Which do you prefer?KING: Today, Id like the red one adorned with gold.ASAD WRITES IT DOWN.ASAD: And what turban? What shoes?KING: Well the white turban with red stripes and red shoes.ASAD: What horse will you take to go to the city.KING: The beautiful black one from eygpt my sister got me.ASAD CLAPS AND CALLS CHAMBER ASSISTANTS.ASAD: Chamber assistants!ENTER 4 CHAMBER ASSISTANTS.ASAD: could you kindly bring my fathers suit please, exactly as it is on this list, please. Be sure of no mistakes. Thank you.Chamber assistants exit and enter with clothes.ASAD: I will dress my dear father myself. (dresses the king). (Tochamber assistants): You may go.Father are you ready to go to the city. Your horse is waiting.KING: I have decided that you will go...I dont feel well.Queen: Each day..your father is worse. He is an old man.
  11. 11. ASAD: As you wish dear parents.Narrator1: Asads face is worried. He loves his father and he hopeshe always is well.Narrator 2:The King is a good man and a good father.DOOR KNOCKS.KING: COME IN.Narrato1:Asad enteres very very tired. He salutates king & sits nextto the king on the floor. He is dressed as a begger.Narrato2:Asads face is worried, very very worried.KING: I see you are very tired my son. And..why are you dressedlike that?ASAD: Im very tired from walking father.KING: what?! You didnt use my black horse.ASAD: No dear father. I wanted to go on foot, dressed in humble clothes, like the public. Then no one could recognise me and I could go anywhere. I opened my eyes and ears. I spoke to poor people, craftsmen, sellers, and... I am very sad.COUNCILLORS & KING LOOK AT EACH OTHER.Queen:Oh dear...asad...please continue.. why so sad?ASAD: I am very sad because your kingdom isnt as happy as it looks. Those who work the hardest have the least. I have seen very sad people with no homes, and that...KING: YES! Asad thats my son! (hugs him)Queen: Yes he should be the new king.ASAD (suprised) WHAT father?! Mother?!
  12. 12. KING: I already knew all this my son. I Know the problems... but Iam too old and sick to do anything.I needed to test you and your brothers to see who will be the bestking.Now I can rest in peace, as YOU, ASAD, my youngest son, will bethe next king of Arabia..ASAD: ME? The next king of Arabia?MUSIC PLAYS. ALL COME ON STAGE HAPPY AND PICK UPASAD.KING: Yes my son, you have thought of the people before yourself, like a true honorable king.ALL: “LONG LIVE ASAD THE NEXT KING OF ARABIA!” X3 CLOSE CURTAIN