Social media for alumni relations


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Practical ideas for alumni relations staff on how use social media (in particular LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to engage and interact with graduates.

This slideshow was presented by Vicky Carmichael at the Association of MBAs' Alumni and Development Forum which took place in Dublin, Ireland on 14 June 2013.

I do not own the images in this presentation.

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Social media for alumni relations

  1. 1. practical ideas for engagingalumni using social media
  2. 2. tap into hidden networks‣ Embrace unofficial groupsand resist the urge to control- get involved if appropriate,but only if it’ll add value‣ Use togain an insight into youralumni networks and targetrelevant groups
  3. 3. example: grenoble
  4. 4. example: grenoble
  5. 5. ways to use linkedin alumni‣ To search alumni by date graduated or attended‣ To seek out alumni who have accomplished interestingthings, to feature in alumni newsletter or blog‣ To find alumni from a particular organisation or sector, forexample to offer work placements or speak at events‣ To see what alumni groups exist on LinkedIn
  6. 6. example: grenoble
  7. 7. help your alumni job-hunt‣ Best way to elicit loyalty is tooffer something of value‣ Allow alumni to post jobopportunities - moderate ifyou wish‣ Use video for career relatedtutorials and guidance(interview technique, Q&Aswith employers etc)
  8. 8. share alumni-created content‣ Encourage alumni to shareURLs to their blogs andpersonal sites - subscribe inan RSS feed reader‣ Check whenever inspirationdries up‣ Feature alumni-createdcontent across socialnetworks andcommunications with alumni
  9. 9. fundraise the social way‣ Use a fundraising app thatintegrates with social media,(e.g.‣ Assign funds to specificprojects and target relevantgroups
  10. 10. teach alumni to use social media‣ Allow students to startnetworking with alumni‣ Encourage students andalumni to set up a LinkedInprofile and connect to yourgroup‣ Promote your socialnetworks across allcommunications andintegrate sharing options
  11. 11. inspiration for content‣ promote upcomingevents‣ report milestones‣ news and updates‣ share photos and video‣ competitions‣ topical discussion‣ faculty research andpress‣ celebrate alumni success‣ interviews with alumni‣ calls to action; elicitinvolvement‣ communicate benefits
  12. 12. social media cheat sheet‣ Use LinkedIn for professionalnetworking, jobs and careerrelated information‣ Use Twitter for general newsand updates; include links‣ Use Facebook for socialevents, images/video andlighthearted messages
  13. 13. let us help you!‣ Exclusive LinkedIn group for MBA students andgraduates from AMBA accredited schools‣ Tell us about alumni events, campaigns and successes -we’ll share them across our networks‣ @Assoc_of_MBAs‣‣ Ask us about our Group Membership Scheme andGlobal AMBAssadors Programme
  14. 14. useful online resources