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Feedabo Services Presentation


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Feedabo Services Presentation

  1. 1. Specialized Managed Marketing and Technology Buyer Acquisition Services Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. Technology Marketer’s Business is Challenging Ever Than Before Not Enough Actionable Leads Outdated Poor Performance contact databases Of Rental Lists Marketer Goals Need to Enter Lead Quality Long Buying Global Markets Data-Driven Approach Cycles Cost-Effectively Cost Management Lack of pre- and Need to Explore post-event New Marketing communication Channels discipline Time To Market Pressures Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Addressing Critical Needs of Technology Vendors Does your organization need to… Build Sales Pipeline Get a Predictable flow of actionable sales leads Increase Quality of Leads Improve % of sales leads who are truly qualified (have budgets passed to Sales and needs) Explore New Marketing Channels (Web 2.0, Blogs, Professional Expand Marketing Portfolio Social Networks) Expand Existing Channels Re-purpose offers Re-purpose content, tap into new channels, execute new campaigns Improve Pipeline Quality Increase Marketing Cost Reduce Cost of Pipeline Nurturing Effectiveness Move to New Marketing Technology Platforms (Eloqua, ExactTarget) Consider Managed Marketing Evaluate Different Managed Marketing Options Options Execute Managed Marketing Strategy Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. FeedAbo: Fact Sheet • FeedAbo stands for “feeding technology vendors with leads”. “Abo” is “subscription” in German. • Private US corporation, owned by management • Serving only software/IT services clients • Division of 120+ Employee Strong Parent Company • 3 Competence Centers: White Paper/Webinar Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting • Proprietary, in-house list of 131,750+ IT buyers in the US and Europe • Pre-built integrations links to, Goldmine, Act! and SugarCRM • Country-specific teams across 5 languages (English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian) • In-house data cleansing team • Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, operates locations in Chicopee, (Massachusetts), Meridian (Idaho), and Minsk (Belarus). Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Management Team • Renat Khasanshyn, Founder and Chairman Renat is currently on the Board of Directors of Apatar, Inc, Altoros Systems, Inc. While CEO at Altoros Systems, Renat designed and managed outsourced teams in Eastern Europe for Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard and Sony. Previously Renat was VP of Engineering at PriMed. Most recently Mr. Khasanshyn was selected as a finalist for the 2007 Emerging Executive of the Year award by Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. • Chad Huemme, VP of Lead Generation Solutions 25+ years in IT industry. Prior to joining FeedAbo, Mr. Huemme was General Manager for Interactive Media division at RR Donnelley/Banta Corporation, COO at On-Demand Solutions, Inc, Managing Director at KAO Infosystems, Inc. Mr. Huemme started his career at Lotus Development Corp. • Ken Ashley, VP of Webinar Solutions 25+ years in IT and software industries. Prior to joining FeedAbo, Mr. Ashley was a co-founder of Modern Age Books (now Skillsoft), an early pioneer in electronic book technology and Managing Director/President of UbiQ Inc. Mr. Ashley has track record of building successful worldwide sales and distribution organizations. Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Customers “My in-house sales team began receiving high-scored prospects just five days after our dedicated team at FeedAbo “turned on” its engines. Thank every one of you, my team, for promoting our webinars and white papers. I’m very satisfied with quality of our pipeline. The win ratio has been great so far.” Julia Guzman, VP of ISV Marketing Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Tactical vs. Strategic View at Managed Technology Marketing Marketers are looking at Global Managed Marketing as a way to do more for less Tactical View Strategic View (Project-by-project) (Long Term Partnership) • Short term project-based view • Long term strategic ROI view • Focus on cost reduction • Focus on 3rd party leverage, on • Significant overhead may Vs. Time to Market, then on cost outweigh cost savings • Benefits far outweigh costs • Not sustainable in the long run • Sustainable time and cost efficiencies Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. FeedAbo Services 1. Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Sales Pipeline 2. Event Registration and Event Follow up Development 3. Product/Service launch, Awareness campaigns 1. E-mail and direct mail blast follow up Sales Pipeline 2. Lead nurturing with email newsletters Administration and 3. Contact list collection, cleansing and Automation updates Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. FeedAbo Solutions Get qualified IT Buyers to learn about, Webinar/Seminar register and attend your events. Receive leads Campaigns in real-time. Generate qualified leads through distribution White Paper of educational white papers, qualification of Campaigns recipients and nurturing pipeline Deliver your marketing message to European Marketing to European IT buyers in way that they can understand, IT Buyers qualify and pass quality leads to sales Pre- and Post-Event Qualify and nurture qualified buyers before, Communications during and after lead-generating event Nurturing service for leads that did not meet Pipeline Nurturing, qualification criteria during Appointment Setting webinar/seminar/white paper campaigns. Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. A Strategic View Can Reconfigure Your Value Chain Focus On Your Core Spend 80% of Your Time on Marketing Strategy, Process Design Competence and Management, 20% on Communication Leverage a Global Partner To Have Partner Spend 80% of Their Time to Execute Campaigns, Execute Campaigns 20% on Communication With You Disruption: De-coupling of Value chain Creation of Execution Of Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns Benefits to technology vendor: Global partner brings to vendor: Free up in-house team, focus on core Extended marketing campaign competence - marketing research, cycles on a global time frame testing new channels (blogs, podcasts, Management of campaign specifics, Web 2.0), design new offers, write copy team performance (white papers, webinars), sign-up Hiring, selection, management, and speakers, dig deep into data administration of global teams Assist your sales force/product engineering team Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. Execution Models Telemarketing Shops Strategic Partnerships • Low value add • Good to accelerate marketing • Low quality of leads innovation • Lack of industry (e.g. • Partnership across multiple High middleware)/offer-type (e.g. initiatives (Webinar, White webinar) specific expertise Papers, List Data Services, • Good for B2C products/services Podcast syndication…) • Long term strategic impact Business Benefits Tactical Staff Augmentation In-House • Head-count replacement shops • In-house teams working long • No strategic impact hours • More expensive in long term • Cannot leverage time and cost Low efficiencies of a global model Low High Collaboration Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. Turning Relationship from Tactical to Strategic Many aspects of marketing process lend themselves to being delegated to a partner while others clearly do not. Internal FeedAbo Marketing Strategy Marketing Maturity Assessment Marketing Process Design and Mgmt Marketing web-infrastructure (landing, blogs) Marketing Campaign/Offer Design Creative Design Explore New Marketing Channels (Web 2.0, blogs…) Pre-event communications Lead Scoring Lead Qualification/RSVP Calls Pipeline Nurturing Data Cleansing Pipeline Management Integration of pipeline into CRM Support of Sales Team Marketing-Centric, Innovation Oriented Execution-Centric, Production Oriented Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 12
  13. 13. Specialty Skill to Compliment Your Value Chain In-House Data Acquisition/Data Cleansing Team Technology Team Marketing Expertise Continuous Nurturing Leads with Scores Qualified, Actionable © FeedAbo, Inc. Leads Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. Value-added Offering: Dedicated Nurturing SWAT-Team Problem 80% of leads in pipeline are not qualified (their score is too low), and they are not educated about company value proposition Solution Continuous, automated nurturing effort with human value-add: Re-purpose content to educate pipeline on a regular basis Primary Vehicle Email (message delivery), Microsite (dynamic score updates) Secondary Vehicle Telephone (qualified lead verification, appointment setting) Process 3-step newsletters/quarterly calls nurturing campaign Initial Team ¼ Consultant, 1 Content/Process Manager, 2 Telemarketers Structure (FTEs) Automatic, dynamic score update upon based on single/double trigger question (typically timing (Immediate, 0-3m, 3-6m) Verification of updated score, setting up appointment/conference call Process: Receive face-to-face time with educated executive decision makers. Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 14
  15. 15. Sample Statement of Work for Webinar Management Sample Webinar Statement of Work Marketing Audit Webinar Maturity Assessment Promotional Plan Campaign Schedule Profiling (Define Ideal Customer, Qualified Lead) Scoring Questionnaire ROI Metrics Media Plan Media Plan. Placement, In-House List Pulling Pre-event Deliverables Dedicated Account Manager/Dedicated Team Weekly Status Report Speaker Communication/ Rehearsals Professional Event Announcer Pre-event Creative Development Event Logo/Graphic/Promotional Copy Email Campaign (Confirmation, Reminders, Registration, Follow-up) RSVP Call Reminders (Script Development) Microsite Deliverables Landing Page Branded Registration Microsite Event Marketing Email/Direct Mail Messaging Lead Scoring Qualification Calls to Clicks with no Registrations RSVP Call Reminders Real-time Click-through Reporting Post-event Deliverables Reconciliation of Registrants vs. Attendees Real-time Access to Pipeline, Export into MS Excel Pre-built integrations links to, Goldmine, Act! and SugarCRM. Post-event Executive Report Additional Services Lead Nurturing Survey Marketing Production Event Archiving Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 15
  16. 16. Step 1: What Are Your Goals/Needs/Wants? Purpose Launching new business unit or product (market research/product introduction) Grow sales pipeline (lead generation/qualification) Enhance efforts of outside sales representative (appointment setting) Approach to implementing a telesales project Test the concept by starting with a controlled pilot phase or Start with controlled pilot phase – goal to scale up the operation as quickly as possible or Short-term project for a specific campaign or period of time The target market Geographic Area Size Company (employees/revenue) Vertical Industries Target contact(s) within the target market Managers & Directors Executives (VPs & Department Heads) Senior Executives (SVPs, EVPs & Presidents) CXOs (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs) Other: ______________________________ Specific measurements of success Number of meetings with qualified contacts Number of qualified opportunities in the pipeline Number of closed opportunities Closed business in terms of dollar value Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 16
  17. 17. Step 2: Knowledge Transfer • Expectations: • Statement of Work – lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, etc • Executive Expectations - short-term, mid-term, long-term • Communication: • Frequency and methods of interaction – how information is conveyed • Reporting – type of information required, if any • E-mail / Calendar set-up – access to server or internal back office support • Challenges and Objections • Any challenges in the industry today that would be beneficial for us to know • Typical objections from prospects / successful turnarounds • Differentiating Factors • Who is the competition? • What is your 30 second “elevator pitch”? • How do you differentiate your company in the marketplace? • Parameters of Project • Database Development – target prospect, territory, size company • Qualification Process – qualifying questions, scoring formula • Timeline of Events • Next steps – develop talking points, review of talking points, projected start date Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 17
  18. 18. FeedAbo Difference One-of-a-Kind In-House Database/Nurturing/Cleansing Process In-House Database • 131,750+ IT buyers in the US and Europe • Only rented, never sold Contacts in Database Our Competitors Get Data This Way: PERFORMANCE THRESHOLD Self policing Spoke • Rely on the last submitted entry • Accurate record is replaced by the latest Hoovers upload Jigsaw Linkedin HarteHanks FeedAbo Staff Validation • Limited staff for validation • Cost is prohibitive in the US © FeedAbo, Inc. Data Cleansing • Huge effort to regularly scrub millions of Database Size records 30M + 15M+ Data extracted from public filings • Typically only senior level execs 5M-15M • Not validated regularly 0-5M Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 18
  19. 19. Tools and Marketing Automation © FeedAbo, Inc. Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 19
  20. 20. Proven Approach Industry Best Practices Client Embraced…  New Product Launches  Methodologies  Dynamic Scoring and Nurturing  Approaches  Lead Generation for A Complex  Tools Sale™,  Standards  S.U.R.E.-Fire Direct Response  Culture Marketing Client-Specific Approach “Past Technology Marketing” Client’s Lessons Learned Lessons Learned  Communications  Current Customers  Hand Offs  IBM  Staffing  Lotus  On-Demand Solutions, Inc  UbiQ Inc. *Numerous employees have significant past technology marketing/technology event management experience. Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 20
  21. 21. Engagement Models FeedAbo objective is to engage only with customers that achieved a certain marketing process maturity (e.g. have quality marketing offers, processes, lead scoring in place) and to develop short-term tactical relationships into long-term strategic relationships and to help clients stand on their own offshore when ready. In-House Build Operate Pay for Dedicated Project-Based Marketing Transfer Performance Marketing Team Engagements Staffing © FeedAbo, Inc. FeedAbo supports all of these business models Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 21
  22. 22. Managed Marketing: Various Myths Vs. Reality The Commodity “Outsourced marketing is only •High value activities can be outsourced Myth good for low-value, B2C •FeedAbo has successfully built mission-critical commodity telemarketing.” marketing teams globally The My People “Outsourcing will bring the •Think to increase capacity, not replace head- Myth morale down of my count employees.” • Over-Communicate. Set & manage expectations The Right Time “We are not ready yet. We •It is not too early for your competitor Myth are testing our new campaign •Engage early to gain feedback and establish is in early phases.” collaborative processes The Cost Savings “The cost savings are absent •Significant cost savings that grow with time Myth or dissipate with time.” •FeedAbo clients have gained 30% to 40% cost savings The High Touch “Marketing innovation can •Successful track record of marketing innovation Myth only be driven by in-house •In-house talent that can manage such projects is team.” abundant Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 22
  23. 23. The Risks & Mitigation Strategies • Set clear and reasonable objectives • Don’t do it just to save money. Leads that cost less can end up most expensive Strategic Risks • Get Executive and BOD buy in • Do a lot of due-diligence: meet the leadership, talk to their clients. • Pick the right vendor for the right job • Don’t throw it over the wall. Collaborate. Operational Risks • Establish an relationship roadmap based on performance • Communicate clearly, honestly and as often as possible • Don’t expect miracles. Everyone stumbles early in the process • Avoid the “Survivor” Syndrome in your key employees Internal HR Risks • Proactive Over-Communication to manage expectations • Re-train your brightest stars to leverage them even more Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 23
  24. 24. Why FeedAbo?  Laser-focused on delivering best leads to technology vendors  Strong management team  Proprietary, in-house list of 131,750+ IT buyers in the US and Europe  In-house data cleansing team, one-of-a-kind approach to marketing list management  Pre-built integrations links to, Goldmine, Act! and SugarCRM  Country-specific teams across 5 languages (English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian)  Unique combination of US (3 locations) and Eastern Europe (1 location) enables our teams to deliver solutions which are best of class and scalable.  Corporate fiscal and operations discipline Copyright ©2008 FeedAbo, Corp. | CONFIDENTIAL 25