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soybean meal in animal feeding-ppt

  1. 1. AN-201SOYBEAN MEALIN ANIMAL FEEDINGSubmitted to: Dr.Tanveer AhmadSubmitted by: Waqas Nawaz 11-arid-975 DVM 3rd Semester
  2. 2. Content1 What is soybean meal?2 Types of Soybean Meal3 Processing4 Anti-nutritional factors5 Soybean meal in different Animals6 Advantages & Disadvantages7 References
  3. 3. What is Soybean Meal? Soybean meal(Soybean flour) flour made by grinding the solid residue of soybean oil production Scientifically called Glycine max Soybean Meal + Water=Soybean Milk Widely used as filler suppliment source of protein in animal diets, including pig, chicken,cattle, horse,sheep, and fish feed
  4. 4. Characteristics High nutritional value of plant protein source Excellent source of protein Amino acid profile is favorable Palatable & Digestible High energy & Nitrogen Fixer while Low fiber content Ca+(0.2%), P(0.37),Fe,Zn,Mn, carotene, Vit.D & B complex High number of anti-nutritional factors Soybean best combined with cereal grains for AA Soybean meal,low protien(non-dehulled) Soybean meal, high protein (dehulled) Soybean meal, high oil (expeller)
  5. 5. Types of Soybean Meal Different methods are used for oil extraction from the whole soybeans Solvent extraction Expeller process On the basis of these process 2 types are used Soybean meal 44 Soybean meal 48 This is given on the basis of CP contents which are 44% & 48% respectively Heat treatment improves the nutritional value of soybean meal
  6. 6. Processing
  7. 7. Schematic Diagram: Varities Faisal Kharif 93Malakand 96 NARC 1 NARC 2 Swat 84 Wahab 93
  8. 8. Anti-Nutritional Factors Protease inhibitors Lectin Phytoestrogens Saponins Goitrogenic factors Rachitogenic factors Phytic acid Mycotoxins Allergens Lipoxidase
  9. 9. Soybean Meal in Feeding of Different AnimalsRuminants: Important part of diet of ruminants due to:o More (60%) rumen-degradable proteino Good AA profileo High cell wall digestibilityo Palatable 35% in dairy cows & beef 30% in ewes 20% in calves & lambs
  10. 10. ContinueIn Dairy Cows:ProteinEnergyCrude fiberAmmonia+ve effect on feed intake,milk yield & milk protein contentsIf its price is high its alternatives are used. It is totally depends upon price.In younge Calves:oProvides methionineoProvides lysine Limiting AAoProvides tryptophanoIt is provided to calves younger than 3 months
  11. 11. ContinueIn Sheep: Protein Energy Crude fiber Ammonia +ve effect on feed intake,milk yeild & milk protein contents Low quality hay can be replaced by soybean meal to give same peformance
  12. 12. ContinueIn Goats: 1.6% urea is added to soybean meal based diet to reduce the soybean meal resulting in lower feed cost Soybean meal can be replaced by poultry meal & meat offals without altering the animal performance Fat in soybean meal provides sustained energy Fatty acid support health skin & nervous system while Mg support skeletal system
  13. 13. ContinueIn Poultry:o Major protein source for poultry due to quality & amount of protein and AA profileo Maize & soybean based diet provides all essential AA but methionine...Avoid unprocessed beanso Inclusion level Chicks 25% Broiler,breeder & laying hens 30-40%o Phytase added to corn-soybean layer diets to increase the egg production, egg weight & feed consumptiono Whole soybeans will soften the body So avoid it & give 20-25% per diet
  14. 14. ContinueIn Rabbits:o Toasted soybean is given at 15-20% per dieto Raw soybeans have 15% less protein than mealo Provide proteino Provide energyo Provide fiberso Sunflower meal can replace soybean in pregnant & lactating does
  15. 15. ContinueIn Fish:o Toasted soybean mealo Most commonly used in aquacultureo High energy & protein is good feed for fisho Alternative to fish mealo High digestibilityo More utilization (90-93%) of CP providedo Corn-soybean based diets fed to cat-fisho Found to be limiting in methionineo Highly palatable to warm water fisho Full fat soybeans are fed to cold water fish it has 18% fat vs 0.5% in soyBean Meal
  16. 16. ContinueIn Pig: Sick pig may get benefit from soybean meal in feed Add soybean meal to pig’s normal diet It will offer advantages Young pigs => In case of Procine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome Virus <= received different amount of soybean meal in their feed Monitor the growth & health as they recover Pigs with high soybean meal diet have better feed efficiency & less fever than pigs with low soybean meal diet So soybean meal is beneficial for the pigs even when they are sick
  17. 17. ContinueIn Dog: Excellent amino acid profile High protein Fiber Mg makes skeletal system strong Fatty acids help to support healthy skin,coat & Nervous system Soy protein cause digestive issues in some dogs Fairly allergens Some dogs may thrive on this type of diet
  18. 18. ContinueIn Horse:o Horse needs only small amount of protein in diet which is often met from good quality grass hayo Where good quality grass hay is not present, mare horse needs about 1 pound digestible protein dailyo Soybean meal has 42-50% proteino Soybean meal is preferred to horses where good quality grass hay is not present
  19. 19. Questions related to soybean meal in horse feeding:Q: Does anyone feed soybean meal to his young horses?A: yes! Protein will give them a boost. About a pound per day for growing horses. But use it as a suppliment not as whole feed.
  20. 20. What is the best way to feed soybeans to horses?Q: you have soybeans direct from the farmer; can you grind your own meal and feed it? If so, how do you determine the quantity?A: Raw soybean has trypsin inhibitor that lowers the protein value. So heat them 1st to inactivate it. You can also soak them overnight before cooking them. Feed ½ cup of whole beans or meal twice a day for an average sized horse (1000 lbs) to put “BLOOM” on your horse
  21. 21. Is a grain mix with corn, oats and soybeans okay for young horses?Q: Would this formula be appropriate for foals: Oats 700 lbs, corn 300 lbs, roasted soy 100 lbs plus supplement? & How to cost down?A: Roasted soybeans adds more protein & a bit fat to ration but if you want to cost it down, you must add lucerne to replace soybean. The above mixture lack lucerne so add it. Mix 250lbs OAT, 250 lbs CORN, 17% lucerne pallets or meal with 1-2% molasses which provide 16% protein with 0.8% Ca & 0.3% P which is best for growing & breeding horses. Feed it at the rate of 0.5-1.0% body weight & divide it into 2-3 meals per day with free amount of grass hay.
  22. 22. Top 9 reasons to keep horses away from soybean1. Urease & lipoxidase (so heat to inactivate them)2. Allergens (cause infection to animals)3. Anti-nutrients in soy (cause gastric distress)4. Goitrogens (depress thyroid functions)5. Genetically modified 99%soy(Pesticide contamination)6. Phytic acid (blocks the uptake of essential minerals)7. Natural chemical mimics estrogen (alter sexual development)8. Sometimes it is insulin resistant & foal health problems9. Solvent used during extraction can cause some toxic effects to the animals
  23. 23. Advantages & Dis-advantages Advantages DisadvantagesEconomical source of protein Contain antinutritional factors i.ePromptly available & Reproducible trypsin inhibitors & oligosaccharidesPoised AA profile complements that of Low methionine;possible moreother components i.e corn taurine requirements in catTaurine vegetable holds appearance Low digestibilityof meat during canning TurgidityImproved product texture Poor feacal qualitySource of protien for vegetatrian Source of more soluble fiberdietsSource of dietry fiber Reduces trace mineral availability Allergic reaction to protien Nagative intension for pet owners
  24. 24. References: Soy Oligosaccharides and Soluble Non-starch Polysaccharides (Choct et al. (2010) Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 23(10):1386-1398) Page# 1387) Practical reading material by Dr. farooq sir (page#3) Nutritional Properties and Feeding Values of Soybeans and Their Co-products(page#631) Registered & released varities in Pakistan by NARC (page#5) Nutritional Value of Soybean Meal(Teresa Banaszkiewicz Siedlce University, Natural Faculty,Poland) Page#6-12 Soybean Meal - The "Gold Standard"by: Gary L. Cromwell Professor, Swine Nutrition) Page#2 Soybean Meal FAST FACTS (All pages)
  25. 25. Message: The greatest way to affect the future is by teaching the children of today. Your words and actions, whether good or bad, will leap from generation to generation. The choice is yours. For a future full of hope, instill hope today. Thank You