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present status of pakistan feed industry and its problems-ppt


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Dr. Waqas Nawaz
PMAS arid agriculture university rawalpindi pakistan

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present status of pakistan feed industry and its problems-ppt

  1. 1. Present Status of Pakistan Feed Industry & its Problems. Submitted to: Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Submitted by: Ahsan Fareed 11-arid-990 DVM 3rd Semester
  2. 2. Background Pakistan is an agricultural country. Livestock is in important sector for Pakistans economy At present livestock is contributing about 49.1% GDP of the agriculture sector. It contributes 11.4% of total GDP. Net foreign exchange from livestock in 2003-4 was 53 billion which is 11% of total export
  3. 3. Background The role of livestock in rural life can be acknowledge by the figure that 30-35 billion rural population earn 30-40% of their income from livestock. The production of our animals is low because of feed deficiency and some other factors. Our animals are deficient in following nutrients
  4. 4. BackgroundNUTRIENTS DEFICIENCYTDN 24%CP 39.4%
  5. 5. MAJOR FEED RESOURCES IN PAKISTAN Major feed resources in Pakistan are as follows. Crop residue = 46% Grazing = 27% Cultivated fodder = 19 Cereal legume grains and byproducts = 6% seed cakes,meals,animal protein = 2%
  6. 6. MAJOR FEED RESOURCES IN PAKISTAN 2% 6% 19% 46% 27%
  7. 7. PRESENT STATUS OF PAKISTAN FEEDINDUSTRY As feed accounts for 70% of total investment made on animals. So balanced feed use increase production and is useful economically. Proper processing and effective use decreases cost of feed. Recent studies show that there are 215 feed mills in Pakistan few produce compound feed.
  8. 8. Present status of Pakistan feed industry Crop residues in Pakistan 40 billion tons of crop residue are produced in pakistan.22% is contributed by wheat and 53% by rice. There are 915 grain mills in Pakistan with 77275 MT milling capacity per day. In recent years the export of rice has reduced which has positively effected the Pakistan feed industry.
  9. 9. Present status of Pakistan feed industry Animal feed industry and grain milling u its are working below 70% of their installed capacity. Due to lack of different facilities like storage and to high moisture content the agricultural products are susceptible to insect damage self oxidation and fermentation. Poor grading, storage and transfer and improper feed milling and mixing result in the poor quality feed
  10. 10. Present status of Pakistan feed industry It is necessity of situation to invest in this industry to produce quality feeds for our livestock. Analysis show that animal feed industry is showing improvement it depends on economical and political situation of country. Sales of grain milling industries are being affected by the exports. Therefore feed mill regulate their production schedule according to demand in market.
  11. 11. present status of Pakistan feed industry In last decade the controlled shed have increased poultry birds population so there is a need of poultry feed production
  12. 12. Where feed mills and grain mills arelocated…?? Animal feed segment is dispersed in Punjab sindh Grain milling units are present all over Pakistan. Due to highly laborious and manual nature of work the business owners hire skilled as well as non skilled labor. Feed mills are located near animals and poultry farms sites mainly in Punjab and sindh.
  13. 13. FINANCIAL SYSTEM Most business runs on partnership basis percentage is 56%. Owners of feed mills are unaware of small and medium enterprise But due to government efforts some industrialists are showing awareness and availing loan facilities from banks.
  14. 14. FINANCIAL SYSTEM Many business owners in this industry meet their needs by loans from banks.
  15. 15. PRICING POLICY The businesses have no control on the pricing policy for their exports the prices are set by government which are lower than the costs incurred by mills. According to latest updates Pakistan feed industry is a competitive industry competing for at least 20 products.
  16. 16. products of grain mills Following are the main products produced by grain mills. Wheat bran. Rice bran Rice polish Flour porridge
  17. 17. Products of animal feed mills Animal feed cakes (cotton seed cakes) Meals(fish meal) Concentrates(energy concentrates) Urea molasses block. And various other feeding substances for animals.
  18. 18. Problems of Pakistan feed industry Pakistan feed industry hasnt developed to a good industry it is facing problems. Inability to assemble and deploy intellectual and economical resources Less vision for growth Limited knowledge of business requirements Restricted funds
  19. 19. Problems of Pakistan feed industry Less technology based equipment usage. Lack of government focus No foreign investment High taxation
  20. 20. REFRENCES Ukragro consultant International finance corporation and state bank report