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nutraceutical in animal feeding-ppt

  1. 1. NUTRACEUTICALS in Animal feeding Submitted by: Adeel baig Submitted to: Dr.Tanveer Ahmad 1
  2. 2. Contents•What are neutraceuticals.......????•History of neutraceuticals•Ingredients of neutraceuticals•Analysis of food limited•Classification of nutraceuticalsPro-bioticAntioxidantsPre-bioticMINRALSHerbsVarious phytochemicalsApplications of NutraceuticalsSummary 2
  3. 3. NUTRACEUTICALSThe term Nutraceuticals combine with the termnutrient means a food or food particle andpharmaceuticals that is a medical drug anutraceutical is a food with medical health andbenefit that includes the prevention andtreatment of diseases. 3
  4. 4. HistoryThe term Nutraceutical was discover from nutrition& pharmaceuticals in 1989 by Stephen DeFeliceGreek Physician HippocratesThe nutraceutical industry inside us is about 86billion Dollars this figure is slightly higher in Europeand japan approximately a quarter of 6 billion Dollarstotal annual food sales.47% of the JapaneseThe Indians Egyptians Chinease and Sumeriansare few cicilizations that provide evidence thatsuggest that foods can be use as a medicine to treatand prevent dieases and enhance productivity ofanimals 4
  5. 5. ContinousThe modern nutraceutical industry began todevelop in japan in the contrast tothe natural herbs and spices used as folkmedicine for centries throught asia.The nutraceutical industry has grownalongside the expansion of moderntechnology. 5
  6. 6. Analysis of food limited to: (i)Flavor(ii)Taste(iii)Texture of food and its nutritional values andcompsosition of following thingsCarbohydrates. Fats .Proteins .Water. Fats.MineralsExamples of the nutraceuticals chemicals includesprobiotics,antioxidents phytochemicalsNutraceuticals are consider as alternative medicinefor many years. 6
  7. 7. Compound and risk of disease in animalsPotassium high pressure and stroke causehigh blood in animalsPlant& sterol ester cause coronary diseasesSoya protein cause also coronary heartdiseasesFiber containing grains that cause cancerDietary sugar alcohol cause dental cavities. 7
  8. 8. Classification of nutraceuticals:The food or food products that are use asnutraceutical contain following except pro-bioticAntioxidantPre-bioticOmega free fatty acidsDietary fiber 8
  9. 9. AntioxidantsAntioxidants are substances which preventthe body from free radicals.They stabilize the free radicalsZink and some vitamins are examples ofantioxidantsAntioxidants are present in canola oil corn oiloat oil wheat germ 9
  10. 10. Pro-bioticThey are live microbial food ingredientswhich are beneficial to health500 different microbial speciesLactobacillusEnhance rumen functions 10
  11. 11. Pre-bioticThey are substances which are given to animalsand beneficial for microbial growth in intestine andnormal digestion processInsulin which is soluble dietary fibers and resistantto digestive enzyme and thus reaches to largeintestine or colon essentially intact where it isfermented by resistant bacteria LactobacillusInline is example of pre-biotic that is soluble dietaryfiber and that resist the digestive enzymes thatincrease digestion 11
  12. 12. MINRALSCalcium:Essential for bone growth and teethIron Energy productionMagnesiumFor healthy muscle and nerve formationPhosphorousEnergy production bone strength and imp forproduction of energyCobaltComponent of vitamin B-12 &its coenzymes 12
  13. 13. Continous….IodineProper function of thyroid glandChromiumConvert carbohydrates and fat into energy with thehelp of insulinSeleniumAntioxidant and part of GPX enzymeZinkHelp in wound healing and Neonates body organformation and cell reproduction 13
  14. 14. HerbsAloe-VeraAnti inflammatory and help in wound healingGarlicAnti bacterial anti inflammatory effectsGingerCarminative antiemetic also cure dizzinessGinsengAntioxidant and enhance humor and cell mediatedimmunity 14
  15. 15. Various phytochemicals Toco-trienols & toco-pherolsCarotenoids are use as a oxidants and present incropsPhytosterols present in various plants anddecrease cholesterolIso-flavonaoids presnt in soya beans and antitreating in natureFiber present in some crops and protects againstcolorectal diseasesThese are following nutraceuticals that aremodulate rumen fermentation in ruminants 15
  16. 16. ContinousPlant extracts that are garlic yucca oregano mintcinnamonFat burning substances (L-carnithine organictrivalent chromium omega-3-fatty acids.The affect of saponins and tannins on rumen andmicrobial activity as fallowBreakdown of dietary proteinGarlic oil and benzyl salicylate reduced the acetateand increased the propionate and butyrateproportions which is an antimethanogenic effect 16
  17. 17. ContinousCade oil, capsicum oi, and ginger oil resulted insmall effects on rumen microbial fermentationprobably related to their low content in oxygen Highdoses of fenugreek resulted in reductions inammonia concentrations of 19.2 and 39.1%respectively to hydrocarbonsCareful selection and combination of theseadditives may allow the enhance of rumen microbialfermentationTheir efficacy requires determination of potentialruminal adaptation in long-term in vivo feedingconditions 17
  18. 18. Applications of NutraceuticalsClass & component and Source PotentionbenifitBeta-carotene damage Carrots Neutralizes free radicals, which may cells; bolsters cellular antioxidant defenseslycopene Maintain prostate healthMonosaturated fatty Soya beans-soya based May reduce cronory heartacids foods attackSugar alcohols Reduce risk of dental carriresLactobasili intestine 18
  19. 19. SUMMARYNutraceuticals present in most of the foodingredients with varying concentrationConcentration time and duration of supply ofnutraceuticals influence animal healthManipulating the foods, the concentration ofactive ingredients Diet rich in nutraceuticals along with regularexercise, stress reduction and maintenance ofHealthy body weight will maximise health andreduce disease risk 19
  20. 20. ………..Changes in the diet to get maximum level of activecomponentsCombination of food ingredients rich innutraceuticalsMixing of food with active ingredientsChanging food types to natural type of dietFiber present in some crops and protects againstcolorectal diseasesAntioxidant and enhance humor and cell mediatedimmunityThey are live microbial food ingredients which arebeneficial to health 20
  21. 21. …….Nutraceuticals neutralize the free radicals by givingthem electrons and stable to theNutraceuticals are important for prostate healthHerbs are also use as antioxidantsPre-biotic are those substances are offer toanimals and the help to rumen microbeFiber content in crops also help full for cure ofmany diseasesSome nutraceuticals use as to control blood glucoselevel 21
  22. 22. Thanks 22