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3529 v mware_solution_brochure_final


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Solucion Vm ware Brochure :D

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3529 v mware_solution_brochure_final

  1. 1. REAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE VIRTUAL WORLDSymantec infrastructure solutions help enterprises protect and manage their information and deal withthe challenges of operational risk and complexity. Our advanced technologies for storage and systemsmanagement, data protection and disaster recovery, and security and compliance enable organizationsto automate their IT operations and improve their service levels.Virtualization helps reduce costs and improve efficiencies, and Symantec solutions provide theinfrastructure foundation you need to get the most out of your virtualization investments. In the datacenter, Symantec software and expertise enable you to standardize and automate processes for backupand disaster recovery, storage management, and security across heterogeneous physical and virtualenvironments.Symantec endpoint virtualization solutions enable you to offer a portable user experience acrossmultiple client platforms, and transform the way you deliver applications and manage the exploding arrayof clients and devices. Whether it’s increasing server and storage utilization in a virtualized data center,or migrating from traditional client architectures to cloud computing, we help customers select the rightstrategy to achieve the desired results.No matter what stage of transition your organization currently inhabits, Symantec Consulting Servicescan provide the technical expertise to ensure that the process of virtualizing your infrastructure issmooth and successful.Contact a Symantec Sales Representative to find out exactly how we can help at 1 (800) 745 6054.Or learn more by visiting the Symantec virtualization Web site today at specific country offices and contact numbers please visit our Web site.For product information in the U.S. call toll-free 1 (800) 745 6054.Symantec Corporation World Headquarters20330 Stevens Creek Boulevard SYMANTECCupertino, CA 95014 USA1 (408) 517 80001 (800) 721 IS VIRTUALIZATIONCopyright © 2008 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, Backup Exec, NetBackup, PureDisk, CommandCentral, AntiVirus, Veritas, Altiris, andSoftware Virtualization Solution are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarksof their respective owners. All other third-party trademarks are property of their respective owners. 14524645 09/08
  2. 2. SYMANTEC™ SOLUTIONS FOR VMWARESymantec is at the forefront of engineering unique and innovative solutions for VMware environments. Veritas™ Cluster Server (VCS) for VMware ESX Symantec™ Endpoint Protection (SEP)As a VMware Global Partner, Symantec works hand-in-hand with VMware to design, develop, and test Deploying mission-critical applications into virtual machines Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec affords greater cost savings and simpler deployments, butsolutions that are optimized for the VMware platform. AntiVirus™ with advanced threat prevention in the move to virtual servers brings new challenges. First, with consolidation, downtime impacts more applications. Second, a single agent, delivering a powerful defenseSymantec infrastructure software provides the enterprise-scale native virtualization tools are immature and lack many of the against malware for laptops, desktops, anddata protection, high availability and storage management features that enterprises have come to expect in high-availability servers. It integrates essential security technologies solutions. Finally, virtual technologies are an additional platform in a single agent that is administered through acapabilities that enable you to deploy the most mission- that IT teams are required to support and maintain, leading to increased complexity and less efficient operations. single management console, increasing protectioncritical workloads on VMware with complete confidence. and helping lower total cost of ownership.And because all Symantec solutions support a wide array To ensure that applications running in VMware ESX are running SEP works seamlessly in a VMware environment. 24x7, Veritas Cluster Server for VMware ESX monitors theof operating systems, server platforms, and storage devices, health of not only the underlying physical server, but also the In addition to protecting VMware environmentsyou can reduce your operating costs and improve your service application, virtual machine, network and storage. With the today, Symantec is leading the way in defining new technology to manage multiple physical and virtual clusters virtual solutions via VMware’s recently announcedlevels by standardizing the way you manage heterogeneous from one console regardless of platform or location, Veritas VMsafe APIs.physical and virtual environments. With Symantec’s advanced Cluster Server for VMware ESX simplifies and automates disaster recovery through failover of virtual machines locally or betweenoptimizations for VMware, you’ll have everything you need STORAGE MANAGEMENT DATA PROTECTION DISASTER RECOVERY SECURITY & COMPLIANCE clusters in remote locations. Symantec™ Mail Security (SMS 8300)to take your infrastructure to the next level. Optimize Service Levels for Physical & Virtual Environments Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series appliances Highlights: deliver world-class antispam, antivirus, and • Availability across any distance for VMware ESX environments compliance technologies—available in eitherSymantec Backup Exec™ and NetBackup™ for VMware and PureDisk™ for VMware for local availability and disaster recoveryBackup Exec™ System Recovery for VMware • Increasingly granular level of visibility and management a physical or virtual appliance form factor—to VMware’s virtualized infrastructure changes the landscape of data protect email and IM against today’s malicious through the monitoring of applications as well as virtualThe Symantec Backup Exec family of products provides protection and disaster recovery in profound ways. Traditional and physical resources threats, reduce the risks associated with datacomprehensive data and system protection for VMware virtual backup approaches translate poorly in a virtualized environment. • Multi-cluster management and reporting on multiple local leakage, and simplify how organizations protectserver infrastructures. Symantec Backup Exec for Windows What is required is a scalable data protection solution that and remote clusters in physical and virtual environmentsServers efficiently integrates with VMware Consolidated Backup delivers backup and restores functionality in both the physical valuable enterprise assets. The SMS 8300 is from a single console, regardless of the operating system(VCB) to automatically detect guest server environments for easy and virtual world. certified as a VMware Virtual Appliance, allowing • Integration with VMware ESX advanced features likedata protection management through the Backup Exec console. To protect the data on your virtual machines, you can count on VMotion and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) customers to deploy Symantec’s award-winningData recovery is also fast and simple with innovative file or folder NetBackup for VMware, the highly integrated VMware backup • Automated disaster recovery testing for both failover and messaging security on a virtual platform. Usersgranular recovery from a single-pass backup operation. solution. NetBackup delivers the industry’s first granular recovery replication configurations without disrupting the primary can dynamically allocate resources in the faceBackup Exec System Recovery Server Edition complements any capability from a single image-level backup. In combination with environmentdata protection environment with rapid, reliable system recovery VMware Consolidated Backup, NetBackup for VMware delivers of variable spam and email traffic and ensurefrom a disaster or general user error. Automated physical-to- both the backup performance and restored flexibility unequaled messaging security uptime with flexible highvirtual server conversion capabilities ensure complete system in today’s marketplace. Altiris™ Software Virtualization Solution™ availability and disaster recovery.recovery within minutes—no matter how painful the IT disaster. Professional (SVS Pro) For added protection, NetBackup provides deduplication ofBackup Exec System Recovery can also convert systems from your VMware backups with NetBackup PureDisk. NetBackup’s Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional is Veritas CommandCentral™ Storage (CCS)virtual back to physical, if desired. comprehensive approach enables fast, low-impact VMware a revolutionary approach to optimizing software management.Together, the Backup Exec family of products helps to ensure backups that dramatically reduce server, network, and storage SVS Pro supports traditional, virtual, and hybrid endpoints, Veritas CommandCentral Storage is a scalable,that your growing VMware environment is efficiently backed up requirements for data protection, while providing unprecedented providing high productivity with controlled, guaranteed access centralized storage management solution thatand quickly recoverable to help minimize IT risk and keep your improvement in recovery time and reliability. from any location at any time. Application streaming provides supports heterogeneous physical, logical, andbusiness productive. on-demand delivery and centralized license management, while virtualization creates units called Virtual Software virtual elements across the data center. Veritas Packages that add the ability to instantly activate, deactivate, CommandCentral Storage automatically discoversHighlights: Highlights: or reset applications and to completely avoid conflicts between VMware Servers and Guest O/S resources and• Granular file and folder recovery from a single pass backup • Granular file-level and image-level recovery from a applications and the O/S. maps them to their underlying storage pools.• Backup physical servers or unlimited virtual machines to single backup disk or tape from a single console • Automatic discovery of virtual machines Veritas CommandCentral Storage dynamically Highlights:• Automatic discovery of virtual machines via VMware • Reduction in storage with deduplication of VMware backups detects changes and provides granular reporting VirtualCenter • Virtual machine incremental backup technology • Ubiquitous access to desktop applications for improved storage utilization and optimized• Rapid and reliable physical-to-virtual and virtual-to- • NetBackup 6.5—winner of 2007 “Best of VMworld” for • Eliminates application conflicts capacity management. physical conversions to VMware ESX Server, VMware Server, Data Protection • Improves application reliability and flexibility and VMware Workstation • Automated license compliance and optimization