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Phosphorus in the Human Body


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This is the slide to know about "Phosphorus, Which is in the" in the Human Body.

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Phosphorus in the Human Body

  1. 1. Phosphorus in the Human Body
  2. 2. Element Name – Phosphorus Symbol – P Atomic No. – 15 Atomic Wt. – 30.9 Period – 3 Block – 30.9
  3. 3. What is Phosphorus? Phosphorus is an important element in every body tissue.
  4. 4. Functions Phosphorus is one element that performs a number of important functions.
  5. 5. Functions ● ● ● It combines with calcium (calcium phosphate), which gives strength to bones and teeth Growth of skeleton but also for its maintenance It is vital to the fundamental process of metabolism in the body
  6. 6. Sources ● ● ● ● ● Meat, eggs, milk, fish, nuts Plant and animal foods Protein and Calcium Grain cereals and grains Vegetables and fruits
  7. 7. Natural Form Phosphate Rock
  8. 8. Consumption 1250 mg per day
  9. 9. Deficiency ● ● ● Muscle weakness Bone weakness Low hemoglobin
  10. 10. Go to know more about Phosphorus and more...!!!