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Corporate Presentation


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Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Recommendations: “Website designer of format and at a very reasonable cost.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value - Laura Hartman [November 15, 2011]BPO Services Data Related Services Designing Services Engineering Services Web Technology Services Marketing Services Support Services
  2. 2. Voice Services Image Editing & Manipulation Web site Design & Development3D Walkthrough & Animation Social Media Advertising & Promotions Event Management Software Development Market Research Corporate Branding Membership Support Online Gaming Support Online Chat Services
  3. 3. “Why” Outsource to BeachCherry? Operational Cost  Labor cost  Fixed Cost  Inventory EXPENSES People Management Cost  Capital Event Overhead ExpensesOutsource “what” to BeachCherry?  Reception  Virtual Secretary  Team Assistance EXPENSES EXPENSES  Day to Day Operations “When” Outsource to BeachCherry?  Stopped Growing.  Overshooting Budgets.  Performance Downhill  Too large a Ship to Pilot Alone
  4. 4. Entrepreneur -- “What’s” in it for ME? • Always Open • 30 different languages. • Your Business has worldwide presence overnight. • Only 1 department of importance – Sales. • Grow your Sales Team – Leave the rest to us. • Over all Operation Cost reduced by 35% average. Industry -- “Can” it work for my Business? YES! It works for any business type or size
  5. 5. • How “we” work? Industry Filter Termination Negotiations or Current Process Engineering Renewal Contract Contract Demonstrate Pilot Finalization Finalization Compare & Analyze Supplier Competition Implement on Risk Free department Re-Assess Process Improvisation Supplier Transition Proposal Educate Each Department with new Process Observation of human behavior & impact Transformation Execution of Outsourcing Implement throughout the Organization Compare Performance and Balance Sheet
  6. 6. Advantage of Outsourcing Reduce Costs, Share Risks &Improve Quality Raw Material Stop product and Optimize Purchasing Duplication Operations
  7. 7. Disadvantages of Outsourcing Government Transportation Loosing Currency Value Mandated time, cost andManagerial Hidden Cost differences Regulations, custom Control Duties & Tariff requirements
  8. 8. Why Outsourcing? When Outsourcing?When a Partner could provide a capability more effectively than the company could itself.
  9. 9. “If you don’t do it, You won’t live to compete” - Vick Gandhi CEO & Founder of BeachCherry
  10. 10. Total Cost of Outsourcing Cost Paid to provider (CPP) TCO = CPP + ABC + PACAdditional Buyer Costs (Expenses for a successful Project) – (ABC) Performance Associated Costs (Quality reliability etc.) – (PAC)
  11. 11. 5 Practices for Better Outsourcing Go offshore for the right reason Choose Outsourcing Model carefully Get People On Board Need to Invest Time and Effort Treating off-shore partner as Equal
  13. 13. Contact us for Pricing Information or Queries: Vick Gandhi CEO & Founder Officentro Ejecutivo “La Sabana Sur” Torre No. 7, PISCO No. 7 Po.Box 1989 – 1000 San Jose, Costa Rica