Best Practicies For Face Book


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Best Practicies For Face Book

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICESFacebook - LinkedIn – Twitter – You Tube 52 Tips and Best practices for Getting Better Results and Lower Cost per Click From Facebook Ads
  2. 2. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD Its about Affinity (likes), not Keywords The More relevant the link, the higher the AFFINITY conversion rate The More Compelling the image and headline, the higher the CTR, and Lower CPC Change ads frequently ROI COMPULSION
  3. 3. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD PREPARATION Great Offer Great offer Demographic research – if you have nothing, check Quantcast or Google Ad Demo /Affinity Planner Compelling Ads (image and Copy) Commitment to Frequent Testing & Ad Fresh Ads Rotation Testing
  4. 4. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD HOW TO TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE Building Targets  Start with Large target audience and refine or  Build from Micro Group LOW Create groups of Target prioritized by relevancy, and budget accordingly MEDIUM  Lowest Affinity HIGH  Middle Affinity  Highest Affinity
  5. 5. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID ADCOMPELLING IMAGES Amateur Look Shocking Celebrities Animals Freaks Women Smiling People Locally Recognizable if Geo-Targeting Borders in Colors that contrast with FB Blue Relevancy: You’ll be disapproved just for using the hot woman if not relevant to your ad or offering Off the wall stuff even you don’t think will work Picture of their Goal / Dream
  6. 6. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD AWESOME COPY Questions Testimonials Special Characters Ego Play Reflect Demographics Call to Action Study the great copywriting Robert Bly Claude Hopkins Dan Kennedy
  7. 7. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID ADADS BEST PRACTICES I Always Test multiple ads at the same time Pause ads that never perform Pause ads that dip in performance; try them again in a few weeks Look how much CTR and CPC can vary
  8. 8. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD Ads ReactivatingAD BEST PRACTICIES II Watch for ads decreasing in CTR, look at last 7 days compared to lifetime Renewing faltering ads  Change border color  Change headline  Change Images
  9. 9. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID AD GRAD SCHOOL I Age (25-29) Super Targeting Split everything up for more segmented targeting   Ages Gender Gender Male female  Likes  Cities More Ad but Better Results, more profitable Cities San Francisco San Francisco New York New York Atlanta Atlanta
  10. 10. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID ADGRAD SCHOOL II  Learn what makes people click  Study top Dugg stuff in the last year  65 days  Drill down to your category  Study Copywriting  Benefit not features  Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes  Write like you would tweet or update-humble, honest, or normal
  11. 11. PAY PER FACE: FACEBOOK PAID ADGRADY SCHOOL III  Get Reflective  Mention Facebook or FB Terminology  Offer FB-Specific discounts or checkout codes