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I'm finished - now how do i get a job


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A guideline to employment for tertiary design students.

Published in: Design, Career, Business
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I'm finished - now how do i get a job

  1. 1. “Im Done!”Now, how do I get a job?
  2. 2. Be preparedIt’s the key to success
  3. 3. What makes you special?
  4. 4. What is it about you that is unique?Consider your own personal USP(Unique Selling Point)Think of yourself as a brand
  5. 5. The CV
  6. 6. Covering LetterA well constructed cover letter could be the differencebetween being noticed or being trashed.Make it exceptional. Write it well.
  7. 7. CV Details1. Add all of your contact details2. Education3. Work experience4. Keep it to one page – you can always pointinformation to a website, blog or online portfolio.
  8. 8. The Portfolio
  9. 9. You are designers, it should therefore be designed!If you have worked collaboratively on a piece of work,explain what you have done.Have a low res PDF version for email.Website, Blog even better(utilise online portfolio galleries )
  10. 10. ClientNZ Writing FestivalProject NameInkPhotography (original image)Retouching
  11. 11. Do your research
  12. 12. Who is it that you want to work for?What makes you want to work for them?Why?What do you know about their work?What do you know about their culture?
  13. 13. The Interview
  14. 14. Common questions1. Tell me about yourself…2. What are you strengths?3. What are you weaknesses?4. What are you doing at the moment?5. Why do you want to work for us?
  15. 15. How should you present yourselfPractice interviewing with someone or with therecruiter. (Remember recruiters are there to help youget a job.)First impressions count there is no 2nd chance1. Eye contact and firm hand shake2. On time, prepared.3. Dress for success.
  16. 16. This is crucial.The cultural fit of a workplace will ensureyour workplace happiness.Be yourself
  17. 17. MannersWhether you use a recruiter (remember they aretrying to sell you in to an agency or company) or ifyou interview directly with the company.Thank them for their time.
  18. 18. Social Media – The good and badDo not underestimate its power.Facebook, Tumblr, Blogs, Linkedin …People can find out about you. It could be the differencebetween being employed or not.
  19. 19. Social Media1. Register with LinkedinUpload your portfolio and complete your online presenceFollow companies of interest1. You’ll be on their radar2. Gives you the opportunity to find out about potentialjob opportunities directly.Consider online portfolio as they integrate
  20. 20. NetworkingMeetups.comNetworking is invaluable.Download the Meetup AppGet out there. Meet people. Communicate
  21. 21. After The Application
  22. 22. The Follow UpIf you are applying directly give it a week before contact.A recruiter will give you an estimated time frame for a response.But do not harass people.
  23. 23. The reality checkThere’s no such thing as a free lunch
  24. 24. Offering your services free allows you to understandprocess, methods, culture as well as getting invaluableexperience.Internships, often mean no salary (they may coverexpenses) or minimum salary for a set period of time.
  25. 25. Important!!!!Do not let employers take advantage of you. Make sureyou have everything in writing and for a defined amountof time.
  26. 26. How much?
  27. 27. Recent graduate salaries$32-35,000 for new graduates$45,000 – 2 years experience.
  28. 28. Always keep the door openEven if you are unsuccessful follow up with anemail, card or a note to thank them for their time
  29. 29. Any Questions?