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Stoà, a leading Business School


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Stoà was founded in 1988 by IRI Group ( Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) Among the partners supporting the start-up of Stoà was the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . Under the guidance of this Business school, Stoà became an excellence center for management culture embedded both in the local milieu and in a wide circuit of international relationships. Romano Prodi Tiziano Treu David Norman Don Lessard Richard Locke David Ulrich Lester Thurow of MIT at Stoà

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Stoà, a leading Business School

  1. 1. STOA’ Business School
  2. 2. STOA’ history Stoà was founded in 1988 by IRI Group (Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) Among the partners supporting the start-up of Stoà was the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Under the guidance of this Business school, Stoà became an excellence center for management culture embedded both in the local milieu and in a wide circuit of international relationships. 2 Romano Prodi Tiziano Treu David Norman Don Lessard Richard Locke David Ulrich Lester Thurow of MIT at Stoà
  3. 3. The mission The mission of STOA' is to produce and spread culture and knowledge in the field of management training young people with talent, high professionals and managers to create value and improve the management of companies and public administrations and to promote the economic, cultural and social development of territories. 3
  4. 4. The activities Following the model of major business schools, Stoà achieves: Master courses designed to improve the employability of young people with university education, focusing on skills required by the organizations; Executive Master Courses to accompany the career development of high professionals, managers, entrepreneurs; Training and assistance to local government and Public Administration, in their processes of innovation, supporting them in their role of operators of economic development Course lists and projects on specific requests of companies and organizations; Research on issues related to business, public administration and local development Dissemination of management culture through events and workshops 4
  5. 5. “Learning to learn": this is the message that STOA ' gives to its participants, when awareness of the strategic role of knowledge management has profoundly changed business strategies. From this point of view, STOA ' offers a great opportunity: concrete programs, which respond to profound changes in the economic and institutional system, which increasingly requires flexible professionals, able to combine solid skills with intuition and creativity. In a context of growing obsolescence of skills required by the market and accelerated mobility of employment, the vision used is that of the life time employability, lifelong employability. The emphasis is on self-development training, flexibility, autonomy. 5 Training for change
  6. 6. Shareholders and Governance 6 Comune di Napoli Equitalia SpA Camera di Commercio Industria Agricoltura e Artigianato di Napoli Università degli Studi di Napoli L’’Orientale Provincia di Napoli – Città metropolitana Comune di Ercolano Comune di Portici Comune di San Giorgio a Cremano Comune di Torre del Greco Fondazione per le Ville Vesuviane Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope Università degli Studi di Salerno
  7. 7. 7 Accreditations  The school is associated ASFOR – Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale - and has a Master certified as Master in General Management  The Quality System is certified ISO9001:2008 and BS OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001:2007 for "Design and provision of management training services, advanced training and post degree master. Research on social and economical fields. Design and provision of services consultancy for public and private customers in: technical assistance, economic, financial, organization and design”  The School is accredited by the Region of Campania for training, orientation and e-learning
  8. 8. 8 General Quality Criteria  National standing  Mission  Governance  Scope  Strategy  Resources  Faculty  Students  Student Services  Personal Development  Programmes  Research Stoà is certified by ASFOR. Asfor reflects EFMD requirements
  9. 9. 9  The School has a clearly articulated policy with regard to its relations with the corporate world  The School is able to demonstrate a strong customer orientation, particularly in relations with corporate clients Scope and Connections with the Corporate World
  10. 10. 10 Connections with the Corporate World  Members of the corporate community participate in its governance  The School manages a portfolio of contacts with the corporate world, a substantial part of which should be with leading companies in its national/international environment  The needs of the corporate is inherent in programme design
  11. 11. 11 Connections with the Corporate World  The School monitors the degree of recruiter satisfaction with the quality of its graduates
  12. 12. 12 Connections with the Corporate World  Programmes incorporate structured opportunities for participants to gain direct experience of the corporate world, through internships, field work, campus visits by company representatives, etc  Programme delivery includes input from practitioners
  13. 13. 13 International teachers 13
  14. 14. 25 years of experience in higher education 2400 master graduates 9000 managers and entrepreneurs who have developed their managerial skills Stoà has a history of tradition and innovations in the dissemination of managerial culture
  15. 15. Master 15 Stoà Master courses are qualified programs designed with organizations interested in employing resources with high potential. Qualifying elements of Stoà Master programs are: The School network with enterprises and institutions which gives numerous opportunities to participants Integrated projects, where students, organized in multidisciplinary workgroup, develop a proposal which directly interest enterprises and public administation Project work and on the job training Counseling and coaching
  16. 16. Master in Business Administration 16 The MBA is an innovative and advanced managerial education programme whose objective is training young highly motivated graduates, in order to develop their managerial knowledge and aiming for a more qualified introduction in the world of work, after a degree with outstanding results. The relationship with the enterprises represents a peculiar feature of the MBA programme: from the company's evidence included in each educational unit, to the integrated projects, carried out in co-operation with firms, to project works and the placement service. 23 editions Administration and control Human Resource Management Finance Marketing Operations management Strategic planning Information technology Other
  17. 17. 18 Master in Human Resource Management The Master aims to give students the knowledge, understanding and key skills that are required by today's HR professionals and to enable students to effectively contribute to dynamic organisations. The master graduates is an expert in the management and development of human resources that can be integrated successfully in the company, but also an expert who has the skills to work in HR Consulting, in Temporary Work Agencies and Public Administration. 14 editions
  18. 18. The Master in Auditing and Managerial accounting is designed to train specialists in the analysis of financial statements, management control and auditing. The professional profile of reference is of specific interest to auditing firms, consultancy firms, credit institutions, companies producing goods and services. The Master program has been organized in collaboration with    19 Master in Auditing and Managerial Accounting 3 editions
  19. 19. The MPM is an innovative programme whose objective is forming flexible professionals designed to carry out managerial tasks in Public Administrations and in private firms either working in the field of public services or where the Public Administration is the client. Thus, the Master programme offers the placement opportunity in the firms which feel more and more the need of professional figures able to interact with the logic, the timing and the people in which Public Administration is governed. 20 Master in Public Management 4 editions
  20. 20. 21 Master in Cultural Management The Master is designed to meet the complex needs of today’s arts and cultural manager. In the cultural institutions the need for professionals who combine solid cultural and technical knowledge, managerial and organizational skills is growing. 5 editions
  21. 21. Alumni network 22 Mercedes Sgobba -Directrice marketing de Danone Eaux France Alfonso De Gaetano Google Industry Head Gulf
  22. 22. Stoà for companies  Stoà programs for private companies are characterized by training initiatives aimed at the development of business and managerial skills in guiding and managing organizational change, articulated by beneficiaries, duration, topics, approach to teaching.  The approach with which the courses are designed and built is based on an integrated view of the processes that take place within the company and on insights related to individual functional issues, listening to the specific needs of business customers and individual participants. In this way, the training is always based on experience and real business problems, which allow companies and the School to enrich and share their knowledge and skills. 23
  23. 23. Executive Master and Executive Programme - Programs of management education for entrepreneurs and managers, who have the desire and ambition to hold business roles of greater responsibility. Training on managerial issues with a methodology that privileges personal growth. Executive seminars, representing an opportunity for updating and discussion on topics of particular relevance. Human Resource Development - Evaluation of the positions, potential evaluation, performance management Funding for training - Stoa supports companies in the presentation, management and reporting of the activities financed by the Interprofessional Funds and regional funding for training. Consulting services for enterprises and individuals which are custom-designed 24 Stoà for companies
  24. 24. Executive MBA is a program for management education of entrepreneurs and managers, who have the desire and ambition to hold business roles of greater responsibility . The courses are designed with special attention to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprise. EMBA consists of five specialized courses Operations management Organization and human resources management Strategy and business innovation Finance and Accounting Marketing and sales 25 Executive Master in Business Administration
  25. 25. Research is one of the priority objectives of the school. Stoà has worked on numerous research commissioned by large companies,​​ organizations and public institutions , developed by Stoà teachers and researchers who worked in partnership with universities and Italian and international research institutes. Alongside the studies developed for specific commissions or on defined objectives, research characterizes all the activities of the business school. 26 Research
  26. 26. 27 The library Stoà has a library specialized in economics and management with most of the books in English – 10000 books – 200 periodicals – 3000 working paper – 500 cd-rom Online Opac
  27. 27. 28 Online learning environment e-learning e-prints Open access archive
  28. 28. 29 Social media
  29. 29. Villa Campolieto 30 Stoà has its headquarters in Ercolano, at Villa Campolieto, located in the enchaining Miglio d'Oro, a few miles from Naples. Villa Campolieto is one of the most beautiful Vesuvian villas, built from 1757 to 1775 first by Mario Gioffredo and later by Luigi and Carlo Vanvitelli.
  30. 30. 3131 Villa Campolieto: a place of study, education and networking
  31. 31. 32
  32. 32. Stoà activities in aeronautics
  33. 33. 34 2011 Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania
  34. 34. Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania 35 The Center, funded by the Department of Labour of Regione Campania, was created to meet the needs of the aviation industry in Campania and to adapt training to the demands of the market. The Centre aims to operate as "activator" of the network of players in the sector and “system integrator for training" for the development and upgrading of technical and managerial skills necessary for the competitiveness of the aviation industry in Campania.
  35. 35. The Center has developed the following programs: development of a link between the training needs of aeronautical companies and the world of education and training, strengthening strategically the connection Education - University - Job design and dissemination of a model of development of technical and managerial skills of the aviation industry consolidation of the professional skills of the supply chain enhancement of aeronautical "trades" which can be turned into competitive advantages for businesses training in advanced environments of aircraft production transfer of specialized knowledge with the support of trained and qualified personnel Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania
  36. 36.  development of territorial networks among enterprises in the supply chain (large enterprises and small and medium supply companies), institutions of education and training systems, universities and subjects representative of the work  connect the educational and training systems and companies to develop a more skilled labour class  aeronautical training for young student (theorical and practical) and training trainers for high schools actors  contribute to create a Regional professional Qualification Skills repertory like EU needs (EQF level, ECVET System, Knowledge- Skill & Behaviour focus)  create evaluation tools for VET System  create tools and methodologies to value and certificate competencies (D.lgs n. 13/2013) 37 Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania
  37. 37. 38 RESEARCH Analysis of the district RESEARCH Company mapping Database of the enterprises SKILL ANALYSIS Analysis of business skills Training needs analysis Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania
  39. 39. 40 Scenario workshop Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania
  40. 40. 41 Specialized Center of higher Education of the Aeronautical Industry in Campania The video interviews
  41. 41. Master in Operations Management For high potential graduates in engineering and aeronautics Duration: 500 hours The enterprise (40 hours) - Fundamentals of Management (132 hours) - Operations Management (128 hours) – Project work (200 hours) Industry analysis, company visits, meetings with managers, project work 42 ADI Executive MBA
  43. 43. On April 2014 the Specialized Center of higher education of the aeronautical industry in Campania has become FACA – Campania Aerospace Academy: Higher Education and development of human resources in the Aerospace sector in Campania Its mission:  promote and implement a permanent system of highly qualified people, occupied and not occupied  improve systematically and progressively the know -how of the aerospace sector to have the human capital needed to support the development of the industrial sector 44 2014 - Fondazione Aerospazio Campania Academy Watch FACA video on
  44. 44. Fondazione Aerospazio Campania Academy Activities: Managerial skills development Implementation of specialized technical skills related to the introduction of new technological progress (Learning Center) Development of professional skills issued by the school system Skills Certification Education and training of managers , executives, employees and workers Organization and management of training in own and for third parties Research and studies , with particular reference to the labor market within the aerospace industry 45
  45. 45. 46  Client: CIRA, Centro Italiano di Ricerche Aerospaziali  Participants: Project Manager and Systems Engineers  Mission of the program: Management Education in Research & Development:  Objectives: Bridging Knowledge Domains, Role Shaping, Community of Practices Building, Lean Product Development  Training architecture: two parallel programs with moments of intersection and a shared Knowledge Space  Project Management Program  Systems Engineering & Management Program The courses of System Engineering & Management and Project Management have provided an overview on the principles of Systems Engineering and System Integration, supported by specific methodologies applicable in areas of aerospace product development, which have been exemplified, in order to create a more “mature” and “concurrent” approach to the design and management of the life cycle of the projects. System engineering and Project Management
  46. 46. 47 System engineering and Project Management  Methodologies: classroom, e-learning, on-line community, Knowledge Exchange Events, Project Work  Companies participating at the Knowledge Exchange Events : AVIO-ELV (Progetto Lanciatore VEGA), Thales Alenia Space, MBDA, SELEX-SI, Centro Ricerche Fiat.  Professional associations participants: Project Management Institute, INCOSE Italia (Systems Engineers Association)  Universities partecipating with their professors: University of Naples Federico II, University of Missouri
  47. 47. 4848
  48. 48. 49 2014 – Natural…mente scuola Now in its seventh year, the project is sponsored by the Boeing Company and Alenia Aermacchi. The aim is to attract high school students to the aviation industry either to raise awareness of the challenges of environmental sustainability
  49. 49. 50 Training Young Aviation Entrepreneurs Canvas methodology  The students, with the help of university teachers and students, have ventured in the design and development of a business plan for a sustainable enterprise in the aviation business  Environmental, economic and social issues have been considered, about products and services related to aviation and aerospace
  50. 50. 51 The projects I.I.I.S. Luigi Vanvitelli di Lioni Green Catering 2015 ITA, Villaggio dei Ragazzi Maddaloni Airport Carpooling Liceo Nobel di Torre del Greco Hemp-made products for aviation Classical Lyceum “Giannone”, Caserta
  51. 51. 52 The winners at the Farnborough Air Show Visiting Alenia Aermacchi Grottaglie Plant The award ceremony
  52. 52. The Campania “regional air-educational pole” project is a three-years partnership including training actors (high schools), companies and regional stakeholders 53 Network Aerospazio Polo Tecnico Professionale per l’Aerospazio NEA – Polo Tecnico Professionale per l’Aerospazio Partnership
  53. 53. The activities Promote coherence between technical education and the needs of the enterprises enhancing the contribution of the enterprises in the definition of training needs and the design of the training programs Support integration between the systems of education, training and employment Promote dynamic learning environments, enhancing organizational flexibility of educational and training institutions Designing training programs with work exchange experiences Promote the spread of culture and professional technical expertise for the qualification of the aerospace sector Strengthen the relationship between education and training systems, and the technological research to promote the transfer of industrial research to business Promote on the job training 54 Network Aerospazio Polo Tecnico Professionale per l’Aerospazio NEA – Polo Tecnico Professionale per l’Aerospazio The mission to promote the diffusion of knowledge and technical skills to support active labor market policies
  54. 54. Program contracts are the main instrument for promoting complex interventions in support of the strategic industrial sectors of Campania. Through ERDF and ESF, Campania has funded 4 large consortia for 21 companies in the aerospace sector. The total investment exceeds 178 million euro and will bring '260 units' of new jobs and more than 4,914 workers involved with 383.000 hours of training. 55 2014/2015 - Programs for the development of the aeronautical industry sponsored by Regione Campania 55 TECNEVAT2-STAR Stoà is leader of ATS (temporary associations) in the following training programs
  55. 55. Beneficiaries: ABETE SRL, AEROSOFT SPA, CMA SPA, DEMA SPA, FOX BIT SRL, GEVEN SPA, LAER SRL, MAGNAGHI SPA, MECFOND SRL, O.M.I. SRL, O.M.P.M. SRL, TESI SRL, WIND SRL The project stems from the Supply Chain of Alenia Aermacchi to enhance its industrial capabilities in Campania, also in view of the growth of industrial programs such as ATR, Airbus A380/A321, Boeing 787 and Bombardier CSeries, impacting on Alenia Aermacchi sites of Pomigliano and Nola and on the enterprises of its Supply Chain. In particular, there are three main areas of industrial investments: Surface treatments Mechanical works on light alloys Work on composite parts Increased employment: 62 new units 56 1228 participants - 2456training hours LEAP - LEarning Aeronautical Production – Training for Aeronautics in Campania
  56. 56. LEAP - LEarning Aeronautical Production – Training for Aeronautics in Campania – Training Programs 57 Bacd 2074 Fastener Codes and Symbols BACD 2027 Countersink Symbol and Dimensions (32 h.) - BAC 5578 : Primary Structure advanced composite (2 ed. – 32 h) - BAC 5317:Fiber reinforced composite parts . BAC 5317 / 1-6 : Specific specification under BAC 5317 (2 ed. – 32 h.) BAC 5353 : Manufacture of composite part resin in bulk by fusion processing (2 ed. – 32 h) BAC 5300 - Forming , Straightening and Fitting Metal Parts BAC 5300-1 - Surface and Edge Integrity of Metal Parts - BAC 5300-2 - Metal Forming Part , Straightening and Fitting Edition - 32 hours BAC 5010 -BAC 5444 - BAC 5882 (2 ed. – 80 h) BAC 5030 Aerodynamic mastic application (24 h.) - BAC 5117 Electrical bonding and grounding (16 h.) - BAC 5748 Abrasive Cleaning and finishing BAC 5750 - By solvent cleaning (2 ed. – 64 h.) - The Level I and II Ultrasonic (UT) (80 h.) - Penetrant liquid I and II (PT) (32 h.) Penetrant liquid III (PT) - 96 h. – Human Factor (16 h.) – Human Factor Recurrent (8 h.) EASA PART Norm 145 base (16 h.) EASA PART Norm 145 recurrent (8 h.) EASA PART Norm 21 base (16 h.) – EASA PART Norm 21 recurrent (8 h.) - Aeronautical technical drawing (3 ed. 120 h.) - CATIA V5 Basic (40 h) - CATIA V5 Advanced (40 h.) – Composite CATIA V5 (40 h.) - CNC programming (40 h.) - Reading cycles and cycles control FMEA product (2 ed. - 96 h.) - Adjustment techniques (2 ed. – 64 h.) - Techniques of drilling and riveting (3 ed. 72 h.) – Installing bushings and bearings (3 ed. 72 h.) Bonding (2 ed. 48 h.) Vehicle structure of plants (2 ed. 112 h.) - Drilling and riveting of composite structures - Drilling and installation linkages of composite structures (3 ed. 98 h.) Heat treatments (2 ed. – 80 h) Machining of titanium, titanium (32 h.) Professional Training
  57. 57. Campus Training Master in technologies and advanced aircraft production (600 h.) - Fundamentals of management (152 h.) - Aircraft production and human resources management (3 ed. – 120 h.) - People management (2 ed. - 80 h.) - Procurement training program (48 h.) - Supply Chain Management (basic) (32 h.) - Project Management (3 ed. 120 h.) - Planning and control of the production (3 ed. – 48 h.) - Total Quality Management and Lean manufacturing (3 ed. – 120 h.) – Industrialization techniques of composite material (3 ed. – 240 h.) Special processes and heat treatments (2 ed. – 160 h.) 58 Safety School General training and specific training (4 ed. – 64 h.) - Refresh: specific risks of the job (11 ed. 66 h.) Refresh: fire-service operator (8 h) - First Aid operator (2 ed. - 16 h.) - Course for Executives (16 h.) Additional training in charge - duration (8 h) Special Projects Project operator controller (3 ed. – 60 h) Lean Production (3 ed. 250 h) Language School Technical English (3 ed., 240 h.) LEAP - LEarning Aeronautical Production – Training for Aeronautics in Campania – Training programs
  58. 58.  Beneficiaries: 3F&EDIN S.p.A., AR.TER. S.R.L., INTECS, MEDINOK, NEXT  The primary objective pursued by the consortium TECNEVA is to develop a series of innovative technologies in the sector of the security of the territory and airspace, aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and face an increasing competition on the international level technological with solutions made available​​ and cost competitiveness 59 TECNEVA - TECNologie Evolute per sistemi Avionici Formazione (Advanced technologies for Avionics systems) 453 participants - 2966 training hours
  59. 59. 60 TECNEVA – TECNologie Evolute per sistemi Avionici - Formazione Technical training Upgrading electronic skills (RF) 1st level basic (22 h.) Upgrading skills electronic (RF) - 2nd level advanced (22 h.) - Improving tester skills (36 h.) – CAD/CAM methodologies for industrialization (30 h) - Catia 5 (40 h.) - Catia 6 (40 h) – Advanced Turning – (40 h) Open Technologies Architectures and Soft Processor for the development of on-board computer (22 h) - Object Oriented Analysis and Design using the UML (32 h) Life Cycle SW with Model Driven Architecture (42 h) - Developing in FPGA SW Embedded and Real (40 h) - Developing in FPGA (ALTERA IV) (40 h) - Modularity & Reuse (32 h) Design Patterns (30 h) WEB APPLICATION (30 h) - JAVA language (40 h) C ++ Based (40 h) Labview (52 h) Matlab / SIMULINK (52 h) - Software Testing (40 h) - Software Architecture (42 h) - Technologies for application integration (42 h) - IBM Rhapsody (52 h) - Modeling, commercial and opensource tools (42 h) - Testing of large systems (HW and SW) (40 h) Model-Driven Engineering (40 h)
  60. 60. Electronic systems for processing of analog and digital signals (110 h.) - Digital signal processing (110 h.) - Automatic testing of systems and avionics equipment (100 h.) - Industrial computer systems (100 h.) - Electrodynamics of continuous media (110 h.) - Innovative materials for airborne applications (110 h.) - Design, implementation and testing of radio frequency components and systems - (100 h.) Mechanical tests in avionics (110 h.) 61 TECNEVA – TECNologie Evolute per sistemi Avionici - Formazione Higher education Business & Management Advanced planning (20 h.) - Project Management basic (20 h) - Project Management advanced (20 h) Risk & Opportunity Management (20 h) - Economics & Financial (Basic - Advanced) (20 h) - Industrial cultures (2 ed. – 56 h) Business essential program (100 h) - ChangeTools (60 h) - Supply Chain Management (40 h) - Human Resource Management in Aerospace (50 h) - Purchasing management (50 h) - Total quality management and lean production (50 h) Language School English course (6 ed., 468 h.) Business improvement plans Business improvement and competitiveness (184 h)
  61. 61. Beneficiaries: NET GROUP, MBDA ITALIA SPA The project aims to develop high value-added technologies for command and control systems; digital technologies for avionics; avionics systems and complex algorithms; electromechanical advanced architectures; patterns of industrialization of complex systems, maintenance systems developed in order to optimize the "Life Cycle Cost" Increased employment: 10 new units 62 811 partecipanti - 5732 training hours T2STAR – Tecnologie dei Sistemi per la sicurezza Territoriale e AeRea – Formazione
  62. 62. Technical training T2STAR – Tecnologie dei Sistemi per la sicurezza Territoriale e AeRea – Formazione Upgrading electronic skills (2 ed. – 364 h.) - Improving assembler and test driver skills (2 ed. – 516 h.) - Upgrading Operators CNC machines skills (208 h.) – Logistics (52 h.) - Lean Manufacturing Plan (2 ed. – 180 h.) – Industrialization (2 ed. – 128 h.) - Techniques of tracking between estimates and cost (64 h.) – Bonding techniques (42 h.) – Memory forming materials (4 ore) - Antenna in moulting tecnology and with metalic materials antenna (10 ore) – Electronic scan antenna (12 ore) – CAD/CAM methodologies for industrialization (76 h.) - Catia 5 (256 ore) - Mechanical testing and DEA machines programming (384 h.) – Advanced turning (52 h.) – Mechanical design (38 h.) – Radome design (26 h.) – Radar techniques (2 ed. – 128 h.) – SW application for managing project documentation (2 ed. – 80 h.) – Open Architecture technologies and soft processor for the development of on-board computer (60 h.) – Thermal batteries (12 h.) - MMIC components in RF – Radome in nanoceramics materials (20 h.) - Use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (2 ed. – 76 h.) 63
  63. 63. High education T2STAR – Tecnologie dei Sistemi per la sicurezza Territoriale e AeRea - Formazione Board computer and inertial platforms (100 h.) - Avionics (100 h.) Guidance, navigation and control of avionics ( 100 h.) - Electronics systems dedicated to real-time processing (100 h.) Systems of digital transmission (100 h.) - Models and innovative environments for analysis, verification and certification of software (110 h.) - Sensors and transducers (100 h.) - Planning, measurement and validation of complex systems (100 h.) - Mechanical design and electro-mechanical avionics (110 h.) - Industrial Design of avionics (110 h) – Processes, techniques and innovative services of logistical support (110 h.) - Training for the integrated development of human skills (hard & soft) (110 h.) Advanced planning (26 h.) - Project Management basic (2 ed. – 52 h.) - Project Management advanced (26 h.) - Risk Management (26 h.) - Economics & Financial (26 h.) - Performance Management Development Programme (38 h.) - Competencies Development Programme (128 h.) Industrial cultures (6 ed. – 168 h.) Business essential program (100 h.) ChangeTools (60 h.) Supply Chain Management (40 h.) Human Resource Management in Aerospace (50 h.) - Purchasing management (50 h.) - Total quality management and lean production (50 h.) 64 Business & Management
  64. 64. 65 Higher education T2STAR – Tecnologie dei Sistemi per la sicurezza Territoriale e AeRea - Formazione English Courses (Blended eLearning) (39 h.) - English Courses (Blended eLearning ) - II ed. – 78 h.) - Group lessons in the English language (8 ed. 624 h.) Safety School Education, Health and Safety (6 ed. 156 h.) Safety School Technology transfer courses for technicians (200 h.)
  65. 65. 66 2422partecipants - 426 training hours Beneficiaries: Alenia Aermacchi spa The program aims to expand and upgrade the production capacity, production processes and logistics flows of Alenia Aermacchi plants in Campania, Nola and Pomigliano d'Arco, through innovative technological solutions and organizational measures intended to improve the competitiveness in the aviation market as well as the optimization of global integration and communication with other companies of the supply chain. Increased employment : 50 new units AQUILA - Aeronautical Quality & Innovation Lab
  66. 66. AQUILA - Aeronautical Quality & Innovation Lab 67 Professional Training Alenia Aermacchi processes and production systems (20 ed. – 320 h.) - Quality and certifications (6 ed. – 48 h.) - Upgrading aeronautics operator skills (2 ed. – 360 h.) – Controller (55 ed. – 880 h.) Business & Management Planning and managing projects (4 ed. – 696 h) - Training the trainer (6 ed. – 96 h) Safety School Safety in the workplace – (60 ed. - 960 h)
  67. 67.  Beneficiaries: entreprises of Alenia Aermacchi supply chain: April Srl , BOZZI SpA , CURTI Costruzioni Meccaniche SpA , LMA LTD , O.M.A. S.p.A. , O.V.S. VILLELLA Srl , Sicamb SpA , Advanced Technologies Srl  129 participants – 656 hours of training  The project aims to raise the degree of maturity of the Capability and "readiness" technology in the integration "lean" supply chain (or supply network) with a view to the development of sub-suppliers, towards a model evolved partnership. The set of courses provided in the Plan is aimed at "lean readiness " and process improvement to provide organizations with the essential elements to create a competitive advantage on quality and operational efficiency integrating organizational functions that were traditionally separated, encouraging team work, developing skills widespread problem solving, establishing goals and priorities for process improvement, providing guidance for quality processes and a point of reference for the evaluation of current processes . 68 2015 - LEAN PRO - Learning the Execution in Aeronautical Supply Networks Programme
  68. 68. The courses provided in multiple editions, are: Being leaders in lean manufacturing Total Quality Management Lean Project Management Problem Solving & Decision Making Supplier management: evolutionary framework and tools Analysis of the work Production Techniques Treatments of materials Lean Manufacturing Designing Techniques Planning systems and SPC management 69 LEAN PRO - Learning the Execution in Aeronautical Supply Networks Programme
  69. 69. DAC (Aerospace Technological District of Campania) training programmes DAC - Aerospace Technological District of Campania - was established in 2012 with the goal to stimulate the collaboration between research centers, universities and firms in Campania for creating concrete business opportunities and continuous occasion of growth and innovation. In the cluster are involved 140 actors: 8 large companies, 11 research centers (including 5 universities) and 125 SME. DAC has developed a feasibility study based on 12 strategic programs that were approved by the Ministry of Education with the highest score. The 12 programs provide an investment of about 117 million euro to be developed over a period of three years. Stoà is partner of these 12 DAC training programmes 70
  70. 70. AUTOTECH–Systems and cooperative behavior technologies for UAVs storms within ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in Civil and Militaries missions environment The project aims at training of experts, technicians and engineers which be able to apply skills from the world of electronics and telecommunications to the aeronautical sector, in order to maintenance, design and development of complex components and systems for the unmanned flight oriented for monitoring and control, particularly in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions, and for the implementation of actions to support decisions. Currently the Italian University trains professionals, whose skills are highly specialized and limited to a specific area. This situation implies, for a company, a growing need for personnel, whose training and skills are characterized by a strong interdisciplinary, especially in the fields of aeronautical, mechanics, ICT, electronics and materials, related to the development of innovative systems and equipment for the unmanned fight missions. In this case, it is necessary to train different figures of specialists and experts who can contribute to the development of components and complex systems to be integrated into platforms for monitoring and implementation (command and control center), and also in the same aeronautical platforms (UAV factoring), through adequate preparation in the fields of management for robotics, security, telecommunications, electronic systems on board and / or management of information and signals, sensors and actuators. Therefore, the aim of the project is to train totally 10 units of staff with above skills, able to work in the field of research and / or production in institutions or companies operating in the aeronautical end territorial environmental management 71
  71. 71. CAPRI-Landing Gear System with intelligent actuation The target is to develop integrated solutions for an innovative landing gear system for civil aircraft, mainly for the regional transport. The CAPRI project aims to develop innovative technologies for the main components and subsystems of the landing gear of a commercial aircraft, in order to improve the “mission effectiveness” in terms of performance, reliability, maintenance, flight safety, and to develop a strategy for the qualification and certification that makes extensive use of simulation models of elementary parts each duly validated by laboratory tests at full scale or dedicate mock-up. Furthermore will be carried out a study of the machining technology with low environmental impact in the field of green technologies. The expected results can be as listed below: • Definition and validation of components and solutions cinematic and dynamic for the landing gear and its main subsystems; • Reduced weight and cost of the systems and subsystems; • Implementation of electromechanical systems for the electrical actuation of the steering system and emergency uplock of the landing gear; • Application of new materials (composite material, titanium alloys) to structures of the landing gear; • Sensing system for the automatic determination of Weight and Balance; • Definition of test methods and simulation (Virtual Testing) for data processing and qualification. 72
  72. 72. CERVIA-Innovative and Advanced Methods for Certification and Verification The training project provides some of the innovative design procedures that will allow a significant improvement of the analysis, design, verification and certification process. The two professional profiles will be able to provide their highly specialized contribution in two distinct phases of the product development cycle: Analysis and Planning, joining on the job training in two separate laboratories dealing, under the guidance of instructors, with analysis and engineering processes in advanced aerostructures context. According with Objective 1 will be developed analytical skills in the domain of aeronautical structures with the use of computerized numerical analysis and knowledge required to carry out finite element models for linear and nonlinear structural analysis with applications in use at Alenia Aermacchi According with Objective 2 will be developed design capabilities in metal and composite structures while also providing knowledge of design methods for manufacturing and concurrent engineering. Training aims to enhance human capital, training resources about new technologies, as well as to increase their ability to learn in high tech organizational contexts, and to be competitive in the aerospace sector that needs to be supported for its consolidation and development. These resources will be trained to fit into the engineering team with the ability to understand not only technical aspects but also with an adequate organizational and educational work carried out on organizational behaviour and soft skills. Among these, language and cross-cultural skills will be important. In accordance with the strategic guidelines of the District, the business plan of Alenia Aermacchi, and the technology roadmap of companies in the area, the proposed training course identifies and develops professional figures that can be used in programs design and manufacture of aerostructures, in structural analysis and design processes, destructive and non-destructive laboratory.
  73. 73. EXPERT - Expert in Aviation Maintenance The aviation market demands skilled personnel whose preparation rely on a broad variety of scientific discipline. For this scope, it has been conceived EXAM a dedicated Master of the duration of 12 months. The broad range of competences, including ICT and management, is recognized as an important requirements of the personnel. The formation is finalized to the acquaintances of technical abilities relevant the field of aviation maintenance taking into account the specific technologies developed by the R&D project MAVER. The selection and recruitment of the personnel will take into account the bachelor grade, the arguments of the thesis, the specific examinations carried out and the eventual operating experiences in analogous fields as well. A number of 8 selected people will attend the full training courses which are articulated in three modules and structured in relevant sub-modules. The first module will be focused on theoretical topics relevant aeronautical disciplines. The second module will allow the participants to make the first experience in the firm, with the staff directly engaged in research and development activities. The third and last module will concur to the participants to acquire the knowledge required in planning and managing of industrial research and precompetitive development projects. 74
  74. 74. FUSIMCO - METALLIC COMPOSITE HYBRID FUSELAGE The training project provides knowledge of design and production technique for regional aircraft. The professional profile, as part of the extreme complexity of the product development and testing processes, will be able to provide their highly specialized contribution in two distinct phases of the product development cycle: Design: Design & Analysis of metal/composite structures Production: Product structure definition, manufacturing and planning for metal/composite structures. Training aims to enhance human capital, training resources about new technologies, as well as to increase their ability to learn in high tech organizational contexts, and to be competitive in the aerospace sector that needs to be supported for its consolidation and development. These resources will be trained to fit into the engineering team with the ability to understand not only technical aspects but also with an adequate organizational and educational work carried out on organizational behaviour and soft skills. In accordance with the strategic guidelines of the District, the business plan of Alenia Aermacchi, and the technology roadmap of companies in the area, the proposed training course identifies and develops professional figures that can be used in programs design and manufacture of aerostructures. 75
  75. 75. IMM – Interiors with Multifunctional Materials The training project stems from the need to have in-house capabilities in the use of advanced design tools by design, simulation software and methods and capabilities in physical testing on the facilities in GEVEN. These skills will be enriched by specific skills related to research and development, in particular those relating to the management of the phases of experimentation and testing. The interiors development specialist, as part of the R & D team assists the Lead Designer on the full range of design requirements necessary for the completion of components of the cabin interior with the use of innovative materials. It will also be important that the professional acquires skills to be a support to the Sales and Program Manager in the development of the specifications required in the pre-and post-contract for the definition of the configuration, in the phase of specific materials and research needs of design. This includes pre-PDR, PDR, post-PDR, pre-CDR, CDR and post-CDR meetings. For the type of contribution required the development specialist interiors must be able to work with the Sales Manager, in the stage of contract definition. The professional should be able to read mechanical drawings of aircraft and computer generated designs to support sales and production, such as: LOPA, interior elevations, control drawings and detailed design. The specialist will operate throughout the Product Lifecycle: Collection of customer needs, design, documentation, testing, delivery, service. To interact with the research project he will develop competences in the CAD, Aviation Regulations applied to interiors, materials technologies and processes, FEM Structural Analysis Composite Rendering; Preliminary Structural Analysis, Architecture and interior ergonomics. In addition to assisting the research project will develop the following professional skills: Acquisition of experimental data; Sensors and Measurements; DoE. Using the physical testing facilites in GEVEN. 76
  76. 76. MISTRAL - Training of personnel for the technical-economic management of a program of development of a mini satellite and its control center The program is devoted to the training of young engineers with the objective to improve the capabilities of the Campania Aerospace SMI’s to manage future activities in the space business. The training program is done in conjuction and in parallel to the MISTRAL program with the contribution SMI’s for the hands-on part and the OJT. The training program is addressed to students graduated in scientific/technical disciplines with the objective to consolidate (or build) the technical competencies to work in the space sector, and to build competencies on how to handle complex program from both engineering and management point of view. 77
  77. 77. SCAVIR - Advanced Configurations Studies for an Innovative Regional Aircraft The Training Project concerning the identification of advanced aircraft configurations with low cost of construction and in-service operation, with superior performances compared with the current standard and with low environmental impact obtained through the use of innovative materials and processes, aims to provide knowledge of the techniques of design and production of aircraft structures through the use of innovative tools. The two professional figures, as part of the extreme complexity of the project product development and testing can provide their input highly specialized in two distinct phases of the development cycle of the product: Design: Flight Technologies, aerodynamic optimization of surfaces and analysis of performances and controllability of aircraft. Design: Preliminary Aircraft Design, definition of the characteristics and configuration of aircraft which meet the “Stakeholder requirements”. The training aims to enhance human capital, forming resources for using new technologies, as well as for increasing their ability to learn in high tech organizational contexts, and be active in the aerospace sector that needs to be supported for its consolidation and development. These resources will be formed to fit into the team working with the ability to understand not only technical aspects but also with an adequate organizational and educational work carried out on organizational behavior and soft skills. Among these soft skills will be important language skills and cross-cultural. 78
  78. 78. In accordance with the strategic guidelines of the District, the business plan of Alenia Aermacchi, and the technology roadmap and the lines of business of companies in the area, the proposed training course identifies and develops professional figures that can be used in programs design and production of aircraft. The program includes lessons in areas of basic aeronautical culture, aircraft integration with the use of latest generation software. The course includes On the Job Training in Alenia Aermacchi facilities and, where applicable, in the other project partner facilities, and in companies facilities of supply chain. Each professional will develop training courses (on the job training) of greater specialization according to his profile. Each training course will make use of theoretical training in the classroom, hands-on training in the classroom and in-company training. The mode of action learning phase will also feature more properly in the classroom, through the instrument of the working project that will also stimulate learning mode individualized. 79 SCAVIR - Advanced Configurations Studies for an Innovative Regional Aircraft
  79. 79. SIPROP – TECHNOLOGIES FOR DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING OF AIRPLANE ON BOARD SYSTEMS The training project deals with on board system design and certification techniques for a regional aircraft. The desired skills will be employed to: On Board Systems Design: Conceiving, Definition, specification and Certification of on board Systems. The training will be focused on enhancing the existing skills, making the trainees acquainted about the latest design techniques, and aeronautic industry organization, being part of future aerospace industry, that, conversely needs to be supported by highly skilled employees. The trainees will work in a complex environment, being forced to understand technical and management issues. Language and cross-cultural issues will be faced too. According to the Strategic roadmap of DAC, to the Alenia Aermacchi industrial plans and technological roadmap, and to the core business of the firm based in Campania, The proposed training project selects and develop skills to be used in the design of On Board Systems. The training project deals with aeronautical basic issues, requirements development and management and configuration management. 80
  80. 80. STEP FAR – Development of eco-compatible materials and technologies, of drilling and trimming processes and of robotized assembly The project aims to train two specialistic profiles that can support research projects focused on developing new techniques for assembling solutions for composite-metal hybrid aerostructures, for the class of regional aircraft, to be achieved through innovative techniques of laser drilling and cutting of parts in aluminum alloys, using cooperating robots stack-up hybrid composite- aluminum. The objective would be reducing time and costs with strong innovation and automation of the overall process. The first profile is committed to pursuing the highest expertise in the field of research and analysis aeronautical materials and innovative materials and environmentally friendly processes for the surface treatment of aircraft components. The second profile is oriented to the development of manufacturing processes and assembly of aircraft structures made with innovative materials through cutting and laser drilling of aluminum alloy components and drilling through cooperating robots, stack-up hybrid composite aluminum. It will also be studied the technique of “Reverse Engineering” which will facilitate the coupling without shim of aluminum-composite hybrid components by reading the mating surfaces and appropriate techniques of geometric correction of the parties. 81
  81. 81. TABASCO - Low Cost Technologies and Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Airfcraft Composite Structures The training supports the research project focused on Technologies and Production Processes for Low Cost Composite Structures for Aircraft belonging to the categories that fall under the so- called “General Aviation” (GA). The training will develop an innovative kind of mechanical designer, able to participate in the projects of development of the aeronautical product with special skills and technological knowledge on materials, production methods and inspection techniques that can adapt to structural and regulatory characteristics of the aircraft ‘AG with a concurrent engineering approach to support the design and marketing requirements. The mechanical designer will have mastery of techniques for the production and the ‘bonding of secondary parts with low-cost technologies for the production of carbon fiber structures. This kind of professional could work in other areas of interest of the Campania Aerospace District, particularly for structures and systems for satellites observations, which also have requirements for stability, strength and stiffness particularly stringent. 82
  82. 82. TELEMACO - Technologies for an innovative radar systems on board the aircraft and with the function of advanced monitoring of the territory The project is aimed to professional researchers expert on Technologies for an innovative radar systems on board the aircraft and with the function of advanced monitoring of the territory, in particular by SAR Radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar). These technologies include the radio frequency systems, including radar and telecommunications systems, the antennas, the receiver and the transmission systems, digital electronics, signal processing, in addition to skills related to the use of CAD software and electromagnetic system and modeling in the mechanical CAD. The training will include both the development of systems capabilities related to the analysis and design of systems and equipment for RF simulation and the test and measurement techniques of these devices. In particular, the training project, in relation to the enforcement and operational experiences of mentoring to personnel engaged in research activities, will refer to the research project entitled “Technologies qualifying for an innovative scanning electronic beam in the millimeter band and centimetric radar applications on board aircraft” presented together with this training project. The training project, directed to the learning of necessary knowledge for research and development, will be directed to external staff, graduated in scientific subjects , in order to form professionals and bring them, in case, into the firm’s research and development departments, placed in the plant of Fusaro (Naples). 83
  83. 83. Stoà participates, with DAC, to EACP projects European Aerospace Cluster Partnership 84 CNC Operator Working Group report CNC Operator profile The holder of this diploma acquires general competence with regard to: Planning, scheduling and monitoring the machining and fitting of equipment manufacturing process, from the documentation of the process and specifications of the products to be manufactured, ensuring management and products quality, as well as the supervision of labour risk prevention and environmental protection systems.
  84. 84. 85 CNC Operator profile Graphical Interpretetion Definition of processes of machining, shaping and fitting Machining through computer numerical controlled machine tools Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) Machined automatic systems programming Production scheduling Manufacturing processes implementation Quality management, labour risk prevention and env. protection Products verification Project on mechanical production scheduling On the job training EASA certification general knowledge Stoà participates, with DAC, to EACP project
  85. 85. 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