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Muenster 2012.04.26- final


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INCIPIT Campania:: "A Government Funded Incubator Experience Across Two Southern Italy Universities"

by Diego Perifano, Senior Business Consultant on behalf of Prof. Franco Garofalo, University of Naples

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Muenster 2012.04.26- final

  1. 1. INCIPIT Campania: ICT for Automation Enterprises Development Program (2007-2011)A Government Funded IncubatorExperience Across Two Southern Italy Universities Diego Perifano, Senior Business Consultant on behalf of Prof. Franco Garofalo, University of Naples
  2. 2. Program ObjectivesThe “INCIPIT CAMPANIA” program aims to foster in theCampania region:• the dawn of enterprises whose value proposition is basedon ICT innovative technologies• university researchers to further develop their scientific ortechnological achievements in the field of the ICT andautomation to become entrepreneurial ideas• Program funded by the Italian Ministry for EconomicDevelopment• Worth 2,9 Mio €
  3. 3. The INCIPIT ConsortiumThe INCIPIT Consortium has been established in 2007from 8 partnersIn Latin the word “INCIPIT” means "it begins“In our meaning it stands for starting a new entrepreneurialidea
  4. 4. The partners of the INCIPIT Consortium • University of Naples Federico II Department of Information Technology • University of Sannio Department of Engeenering • Alintec • Redifin S.p.A. • AIFI Ricerca e Formazione Srl • Stoà Scpa • API Naples • Technova Consorzio Politecnico per l’innovazione Scarl
  5. 5. INCIPIT is a partner of the Campania Innovation Network• An open network of relations and services
  6. 6. The Enterprise Incubators and the Go-to-market ChainPure ResearchBasic Research Public fundingApplied ResearchPatenting Enterprise Incubators,Prototyping Venture Capital funding and Public fundingMarket TrialGo-To-Market Venture CapitalServices and goodsproduction
  7. 7. INCIPIT Organizational ModelINCIPIT allows entrepreneurs• to join a network of innovative, cutting-edge enterprises sharing experiences and opportunities• to ask business advisory services issued – from the University partners for supporting Enterprise the technological development Network – from the entrepreneurial partners for addressing the managerial Incubators Business Advisory Services topics – from financials partners for supporting the fund raising activities• to get support for taking up patent and Venture Capital Patent protect their business ideas• to get introduced for elevator pitch with Venture Capitals• to apply for being incubated in a safe environment
  8. 8. INCIPIT: the deal flow 113 groupscontacted fromuniversitiy and research labs 60+ questionnaires 30+ groups Non university assisted to applicant starting-up
  9. 9. The INCIPIT outcomes in a nutshell…Preferred Incubator Applicant Ages34 groups
  10. 10. Applicant Background…
  11. 11. Practices/ sectors …
  12. 12. Competences of the start-up team…
  13. 13. Managerial skills are crucial!
  14. 14. Lesson learned: for the programTrust: the researcher has to be convinced that both personsand the network he is in contact with have the only goal topush his business idea on the marketReputation: all the actors the researcher get in touch withhave to have his own confidence, and a solid reputationconnected to visible resultsCompetences: the program has to attract the bestcompetencies available on the research and advisory marketTransparency: the program has to be continuouslymonitored and controlled in order to avoid to blow resourcesand, in turn, to lose distinctive competencies
  15. 15. Lesson learned: for the entrepreneursMarket: all the entrepreneurial initiatives have to have asound products/ services portfolio, clearly distinctive in theirreference marketInnovation: the business idea has to bring in sufficientoriginality to catch-the-eye of possible investors: this is one ofthe key success factor for raising funds from venture capitalsFeasibility: both technical and economic feasibility have tobe carefully taken into account. Sometimes universityresearchers needs to get proactive mentoring on the topicManagement: it’s crucial that the coordination of thebusiness initiative in the start-up phase is in the hands of aperson (a team) with a solid experience and adequatemanagement skills
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention!