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A quiet revolution (latest)


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A quiet revolution (latest)

  1. 1. Presenters: Nur Farahin Mohd Rashid Nurul Anis Suhada Yazid Siti Noraine Mohd ZakriNurul Huda Rodzi @ Fodzi Wan Nor Yusmizan Yusof
  2. 2.  The story in ‘The Quiet Revolution’ compare with the popular story at Middle East. Use a symbolic by camel and Arab referring to Muslim in preaching Islamic religion and using ‘Dakwah bil Hikmah.’ Its showed how Islam spread and will attempt in every fields.
  3. 3. • Western use incorrect translations of Arab word e.g “jihad” they call “holy war”.• J.I Smith -Dakwah is the active business of the propagation of Islamic and making conversions.• Dakwah involves the effort to bring people to Islam.• Islam is responsibility to simply live of Muslim piety and charity.• Dr Ghasan Khalif in his opinion, daai has six responsibility :-To oneself-Ones family-One neighbour-One fellow citizen-One countrymen-One fellow human being.
  4. 4. CHRISTIAN MISSION ISLAMIC DA’WAH1. Used social action that its means 1. Used social service within theto showing love that could lead the mosque that a believer can obtainconversion. after conversion.2. Invites people to become 2. Invites people to becomemembers of churches. members of the ummah ( community).3. The church is responsible for the 3. The ummah is responsible for thepropagation propagation of the faith.4. Conversion through conquest is 4. Conversion through armed conflictno longer considered a valid form of is considered helpful helpful tomission. Da’wah5. Engages in the establishment of 5. Stresses the construction of aschool , hospital and others mosque and establishes its ministries.
  5. 5.  Most are concerned about jihad, which da’wah is more subtle and possibly more successful. The reason why the Islamic scholars feel the time is right to propagate Islamic religion:1-There are great aptitude toward ungodliness2- The world today is rational and open.3-Many people are going to back mankind and desire of true nature.
  6. 6. • Islamic Strategies through strong Islamic education and knowledge.1)University and college -Become a prime target of Islamic propaganda.2)Primary and Secondary Schools-Provided activities & textbooks• Youth culture on the West by establish the new music group made up of African-American. -highlight the hip-hop founded to educate Americans about Islam.
  7. 7.  According Jane Smith, more than 300,000 prisoners converted to Islam. The method used in prison by Muslim:-i. Change the life and cultureii. Encounter action by well-trained Muslim inmates towards Christian’s chaplain.
  8. 8.  Build a mosque - Muslims hold the outreach. - Mosque regularly with all Muslims people. The appeal of Islam within the cities. The role of mosque as a centre da’wah. Why does the west distrust Islam.
  9. 9.  The membership in orthodox Islam has also grown among blacks. Worldwide Hispanic community. The issues of an Islamic mission magazine New missionary organization  PIEDAD  ALIMA Islam is focusing on people groups in America and the West.
  10. 10.  Three levels at work in the creation of a global Nation of Islam (Kherviam Mural) 1.Macro level - the level of overall ummah and Muslim societies and states. 2.Intermediate level - the level of very large groups, institutions and structures. 3.Micro level – the level of individual person and small organizations.
  11. 11.  Well written and Educational style. It seem be side on Islam, but the truth is it contrary. All these thing shows that Islam become growth and success. We should BEWARE on Christian’s agenda. Keep doing the Da’wah and do not influent by them.