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Timpa project 10 2010 eng

  1. 1. www.altesys.com “Self Service” Hearing Tester (Project Timpa) Slide 11 Slide
  2. 2. www.altesys.com Altesys Group today Altesys Group is a leader in the ICT convergence market with solutions for corporate communication and client relations, offering a range of 5 product lines which emphasize the brands, the products and the skills of the companies which constitute the Group. Customer Contact Telecommunications Mobile Audio Test & Relationship Center for SME communication Measurement Management Slide 22 Slide
  3. 3. www.altesys.com The opportunity:  Only 20% of potential users are adopting a hearing aid device.  Generally the adoption is late in life with a consequent loss of business for the vendors.  The majority of potential users do not autonomously chose to go to an audiology centre.  Many of them acknowledge that they suffer from a hearing deficiency – we just have to gently pull them to the solution. The best way is to “intercept” these people where they are normally spending time as part of their daily routine. Slide 33 Slide
  4. 4. www.altesys.com Timpa - the solution A basic hearing tester for use by the public, deployed in “non conventional” sites. The “self service” mode and evident physical presence capture the interest of those who are shy or reticent about entering a “Hearing Aid Shop”. It increases the number of “virtual hearing centres” in any location. Expand brand visibility, multiply brand presence, even just standing there it raises hearing-health awareness and pushes brand. Slide 44 Slide
  5. 5. www.altesys.com Concept idea: Values: Promotes the brand, enhances promoter-assisted campaigns, captures reluctant prospects in a non conventional context. Helps to increase the marketing database and the sell out of related products (headphones, ear plugs, batteries, etc.). Locations: Pharmacies, opticians, shopping centres, hospital/doctor’s waiting rooms, motorway rest-stops, etc. Characteristics: Robust, easy to use, fast, free standing, evident and low cost. Slide 55 Slide
  6. 6. www.altesys.com Some design ideas: Slide 66 Slide
  7. 7. www.altesys.com Ambientation concept Slide 77 Slide
  8. 8. www.altesys.com “Self Service” Hearing Tester (Project Timpa)  The ideal product offering a quick basic level solution for estimating a prospect’s hearing profile.  Robust, easy to use, prints a report on thermal paper.  Via PC may be personalised with the hosting pharmacy name, address and name of the official “Hearing Aid Shop”.  Ample display supplies the step-by-step user instructions during the test.  A brochure dispenser promotes products and services.  Dimensions (typically 1.2m high) and 20kg weight.  All with one button…foolproof. Slide 88 Slide
  9. 9. www.altesys.com “Self service” Hearing Tester Slide 99 Slide
  10. 10. www.altesys.com “Self Service” Hearing Tester results Report slips: Three standard result types  “your hearing is normal..”  “you may have some mild hearing problem…”  “you may have a hearing problem…” There will ALWAYS be a clear disclaimer statement that this is not an official audiometric test and in case of any suspect result it is recommended to consult a specialist. Slide 10 Slide 10
  11. 11. www.altesys.com “Self Service” Hearing Tester, results Statistics and data: The totem software can download logged data for analysis at HQ. Data may include information such as:  Number of test;  Test results;  Date. This will allow for expansion of the Marketing Data Base with useful prospect profile information. Slide 11 Slide 11
  12. 12. www.altesys.com Typical marketing redemption Immediate ROI: Placement of “Self Service” Hearing Tester in area with expected walk-through of 500 visitors; 10% Rate of usage: 50 tests; 70% Of the results are “positive” and the marketing data acquired for future activities (privacy form); 32% Visits to the “Hearing Aid Shop” for a complete test: 16 prospects. Total potential + = Market coverage Hearing Aid Shop Alternative market site Slide 12 Slide 12
  13. 13. www.altesys.com The project’s evolution Optimized “Hearing Aid Shop” appointments in real time. “Self Service” Hearing Tester Contact Center Audiologist agenda 1 1 VoIP . . . Internet . . . n n Slide 13 Slide 13
  14. 14. www.altesys.com Customers survey report Best location to test: 80% of the users consider the product extremely easy to use. Slide 14 Slide 14
  15. 15. www.altesys.com Altesys: a single partner solution Project management DB marketing Test on site and CRM with hostess support Data entry, After test Telemarketing survey and agenda management Slide 15 Slide 15
  16. 16. www.altesys.com To contact us: www.altesys.com E-mail: info@altesys.com Viale Longarone, 35 20080 Zibido San Giacomo (Milan) Tel. +39–02-488863.1 Slide 16 Slide 16