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Prezentare reciclare sa(adaptat mara)


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Prezentare reciclare sa(adaptat mara)

  2. 2. What it is RAP ?  RAP it is a mix of Bitumen and stones , sand , filler taken away from the road.  We do have a lot of milling operation when we want to replace an asphalt layer.  This material represent an old asphalt which lost from the qualities where in the beginning.  Usually this material is transported in stockpiles in diferent places.  This product it was treated like a “waste” in the industry in many countries didn’t pay attention to it.  In some countries it is re-used in different ways( sub-base , or in small percentages in hot asphalt , and it is re-used in low traffic roads as an temporary solution)
  3. 3. IS it Dangerous ? Most of the RAP is not dangerous for the health or environment. But due to the history we may learn that some of the old asphalt layers may have tar in composition. This tar was classified as carcinogenic product. For this type of material we need to isolate this type of material and to treat it specifically.
  4. 4. Who owns RAP ? The actual RAP it is coming from old asphalt When it was manufactured and laid , this asphalt was paid by the client (most of the time it is State , County Counsels or Town Ship administration) The Roads (99%) belongs to public and are paid from public budgets When we replace the asphalt what is happening with the property title of RAP? Is there any organized national control in order to check out if this product is not going back in the new asphalt without the client to know and consent? When no control policy in place RAP accumulates in huge stockpiles of waste ( UK , Germany , Hungary ) which start to produce cost !
  5. 5. Our proposal to you  Re-using of RAP to be as much as possible.  To find the best way to increase this quantities according with the Contractor existing equipment and very low investment.  To implement Country Wide RAP management so to be well known how much is re-introduced in sistem , and how much there is available on the market.  To implement a system to control the quality of RAP , if it is re-usable , or it should be classified as dangerous  We do have the know-how to help in rising the percentage of RAP reused in a time when the economical issues are more and more highlighted.  WE do have the know-how to make the recycling in an environmental way which which does not affect the quality of new asphalt although this is regenerated with high economy .
  6. 6. Value of RAP  The value of RAP in some countries like Czech Republic or Canada has a clear way where it becomes valuable. The contractors are transporting this waste in special places where becomes an inferior product to be used as a filling material.  This days a lot of equipments where developed to crush and select the different size material for re-use after.  In fact the best value of RAP is to be RE-USED in WARM Asphalt as much as possible .  The limitations are in technologies developed till today and the Chemistry side.  When we say that we are using RAP 10% it means we are recover 10to of asphalt for each 90to of new.
  7. 7. IMPLICATION OF GOVERNMENT Supervise and regulate using and disposing of RAP throughout the territory Storing the RAP – the new reclaimed asphalt will be milled according to the asphalt granulometry. Historic stockpiles of RAP – according to the content of environmentally risk factors, their destination will be determined (hot reclaimed asphalt mix or ecologically burnt).
  8. 8. HOW DOES IT WORK? Company’s mobile c hot mix plant Moves from one deposit to another to produce Hot Asphalt OR Company subcontractscanother hot mix plant operator c EU GRANT Should prepare his production facility & equipment according to technical designs the licensed company demands of him. Additive will be delivered to them. Company can acquire a brand new container and a fully equipped laboratory
  10. 10. Fix recycling
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  15. 15. Mobile recycling (in-place)
  16. 16. Mobile recycling (in-place)
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  20. 20. Mobile recycling (in-place)
  21. 21. NEW OLD