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Bo l intro_060913_opt

  1. 1. Bibliography of Life: the vision Dave Roberts & Vince Smith Natural History Museum, London
  2. 2. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity How do you read about these species? SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME Antipia Lepsi, 1927 Arachnidiopsis Penard, 1918 [nomen dubium] Benthontophrys Foissner & Gschwind, 1988 Bipalmatum Gajewskaja, 1924 Ceratospathula Foissner, 2003 Chanostoma Daday, 1884 Conocladium Schröder, 1914 Euploia Lohmann, 1920 [nomen dubium] Hyloplotes Butschinsky, 1897 Isosticha Kiesselbach, 1936 Litosolenius Stokes, 1893 Macrocytopharynx Li & Wang, 2002 Orcavia Tucolesco, 1962 Pachystomos Rudzinska, 1952 Parablaste Cragin, 1889 Pompholyxia Fabre-Domergue, 1886 Rhynchodinium Cunha & Penido, 1927 Sigalasia Delphy, 1938 [nomen dubium] Spirocytopharynx Li & Wang, 2002 -infrastructure
  3. 3. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity Librarians wish ... but, while search tools like Google scholar, Google books, Web of Science etc. are getting better and reference management tools like EndNote, RefMan, Zotero, Mendeley etc. help ... we’re not there yet. SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME -infrastructure
  4. 4. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity For names, at least, tools appeared I . P . N . I TL-2 Index Kewensis SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME Nomenclator Zoologicus (Neave) Zoological Record -infrastructure
  5. 5. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity Bibliographies (many sources) Bibliography of Life Happiness De-duplication Standardisation Dirty bucket SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME Clean bucket -infrastructure
  6. 6. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity So why aren’t we there yet? Citation formats and standards: Journals are comparatively easy, but proceedings, reports, yearbooks, books etc. make it harder to standardise. Old literature is intrinsically more difficult. Author names: No standard way to handle initials; forenames; translitorated names; national and cultural conventions; prefixes and suffixes (e.g. von, van, de, ap, etc.) SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME -infrastructure
  7. 7. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity Generate marked-up text Get full text access Add metadata to help searching De-duplicate & standardise bibliography Harvest and aggregate bibliographies SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME -infrastructure
  8. 8. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity The aim is not to let your computer read for you, but to help you choose the most appropriate article to read. SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME -infrastructure