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Destination Gujarat


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Gujarat - The Growth Engine of India, situated at the western part of the Indian subcontinent, is infused with the spirit for entrepreneurship. Being one of the most industrialized states in India, Gujarat has a key role in driving India ahead. The decision of the Tatas to shift the Manufacturing Plant of Nano car to Gujarat shows the commitment of the Gujarat Government in aiding serious investors. Gujarat has always been willing to extend its support to any organisation looking at India as a possible investment destination.

Gujarat is a thriving industrial state and hotbed for investments. Gujarat accounts for 15.14% (USD 114.52 bn) of the total investments in India; highest amongst all States in India. With 6% of India’s geographical area, the State is home to 41 ports and handles around 25 % of the country’s sea-cargo. Gujarat contributes significantly to India’s economy across key sectors including production of Soda Ash, Diamond Processing, Salt, Petroleum products, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Gujarat witnessed the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of 10.2% for the year (2002-07) and a target GSDP of 11.2% is envisaged till 2007-12: highest in India. Gujarat is leader in various industrial sectors.

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Destination Gujarat

  1. 1. /«"“ ma '. .. ... . Government of Gujarat «El; giggeln , 7 , , — » , lbfdfit 12-13Jan. I ' The Global Business Hubl 5'“ Global Summit 1 ( ti r . *9.‘ ,1 T 1. I 7-“ : 4v? w‘: ‘ Tl. . ‘ ’ ' Tl _ ’ ’ _ f.7‘iF V‘ 7 .5“ _ l . ‘F. _ ‘ <: _ 1’ ‘I. -‘A. ‘ - W’ 4*. rs. -F’ ‘f “'a+~‘ ( 4 ‘ii I , 1, K , >" ) if '5 ‘: w‘ 5 *'*"~—~ 1 “I *? “~‘ . T . ‘tr g * W‘ ‘ V‘ ‘V . . l 7 i J ' ll RT )1 u ' ' 4 2 ' ‘ l‘ trig V . , i , ‘ A I- 2. > s 7 i I v , .'* 7 7 4‘ l ' . ' ‘F « ‘(k : - Partner Countries Partner Organisations National Partner @ NDF ’Tl JAPAN &CANADA JETRO & ' | _ 3 Contederatian al lndlan Industry INDUSTRIAL EXTENSION BUREAU Sim: e1395
  2. 2. Gujarat lias strong tunriamentals — its entrepreneurial people, excellent inirastructure, stal)le governance, ljusiness-irienclly policies an(i a lialiit to tliinlz alieati oi times. W7itl1 tliis rotiust base, we want to talze a liuge qualitative leap in tliis Golclen Julailee Year oi tlie State. We are poisecl to maize Gujarat , 'A, . ‘iilloxlpr-: u,l , Ei: ::£I, u,x= :;5.: Einllw cliarrneci l)y tlie pervasive warmtli oi tlqe State anti its enricliing quality ot lite. Vilyrant‘ Gujarat 201 1 Summit is your gateway to tlie Golden Hula. Narendra Modi Chief Minister, Gujarat
  3. 3. “This is a special Investors' Summit wliicli tlie people of Japan are Watcliing. Tliey are expecting a lot lirom Intiia, a lot from Gujarat. " “I llaVt‘ atte1'1(le(l lllillly Sunnnits lillt l'l€Vt‘l‘ l'1?lVe S6611 sucli a sunnnit. I a1n a little worriecl seeing too n111cl1 investlnent flowing’ to Giljarat, wliat Woulct be let‘: tor rest oi tlie C01,111t1‘y? " “I liave to say tliat toclay there is no state lilze Gujarat. Uncier Mr. Mo(i. i's leadership, Gujarat is head and. slioulclers aliove any state. "
  4. 4. ,. US$19 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 Real GDP US$ Billion Source: Economic Survey of India 53% ofGDP from service sector 29% ofGDP from manufacturing sector Annual growth of 7% even during global economic slowdown Second most favoured destination for FDI FDI inflow grew atan average of9% during global economic slowdown India - The Favoured Investment Destina Trillion dolIareconomy—wor| d's 12th largest Top FDI Destinations Globally billion FDI inflow between April — November 2009 U'I-Iéuild 41 % Indians are below 34 years ofage {Mili- ii-iqiuiili-+<» China India United States Russian Federation Brazil Manufacturing Sectors 10% i 8% % D: a ‘ 6% _c * ‘ 40/ E ° 9 2% 0 D. 0% D 0 ('3 V LO O l (X) 0‘) — O O O O O O O N O O O O O O O OJ N N N N N N N E Year attracting highest FDI (2000-2009) Computer Software and Hardware Telecommunications Real Estate I I Construction 7 Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Source: Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotions (DIPP), Govt. of India; WIPPS 08-10, World Competitiveness IlK'. n‘-If-lIl: $" ’-ii’ Iin‘(-13--I| »=l'hl'li= l5i'llH"'I)F-1N1llcliiiirlilgx-x't'l: l1 ’-(ct-(:1-"5-"“(-~i-I-r-IL’-III-'. 1|l’(‘-III! ’-if‘! -hr’-ll nil’-IdKali-‘»= liiil-viii-]| L:Ii| l=ll[(: ii illii-‘I’-li| l‘—l| l’rll-‘ L ion
  5. 5. Strong Enablers Growing Economy Impetus on Infrastructure Development Enabling Business Environment Strong Market Fundamentals Large and Growing Talent Pool Economy expected to grow annually at 8+ % FDI exceeding at an average of USS 120 billion per year since 2000 India has plans to invest a massive 500 billion USS over the next 5 years e-Governance initiatives by several government institutions Single windowapproach for investment to facilitate foreign investors Market driven by 300 million plus middle income group A market of more than a billion consumers Highest number of professionals qualifying per year than any other country Largest and youngest employable human resource
  6. 6. <( Gujarat - The Growth Engine of India Strategic Location with access to major international and domestic markets - Located on the west coast of India and connected to major ports of UK, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and Australia Gujarat - 1,600 km coast line - the longest in India, offers numerous opportunities for port based industries - Gateway to land locked states in India
  7. 7. World's largest centre for Polished Diamonds World's largest Grassroot Petroleum Refinery World's largest producer of Psyllium Husk, Fennel Seeds and Castor India's largest producer of Cotton India's first state to enter Carbon Trading Agreement with World Bank India's largest producer of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Petrochemicals India's largest Copper Smelter India's largest producer of Salt, Soda ash and Marine products India's only state to have an Integrated State-wide Gas Grid India's first two LNG Terminals at Hazira and Dahej India's first Chemical Port at Dahej Industrial Sectors’ Contribution of Gujarat to India Salt Processing 80% Diamond 80% Plastic Industry Sector Petrochemicals Chemicals Pharmaceuticals
  8. 8. 0| (O. .. _'crong Economg - Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP): INR 3,372 billion (USS 75 billion) - Population: 51 million - GSDP Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) (2004-09): 10.4 % - Per Capita Income: INR 49,251 (USS 1094) - Urbanisation: 37.4% Gujarat's Share in India Population l 5% Geographical Area l 5% No. of Factories l 10% Net Manufacturing Value 12% Value of Output 15% Fixed Capital Investment 17% Exports n 22% Growth in Per Capita income in USD 1 ,094 t. ./ T zoo4—os ' zooms ' Source: Socio-Economic Review, Gujarat State 2009- 10 Highly industrialized state, with 38% of GDP contributed by secondary sector Sustained investor confidence, state with the one of the highest number of investment proposals in India Creating value for investors, ranked as the best state for investmentapproved byfinancial institutions Around 22% of Indian exports contributed by Gujarat An economy on the boom and beating recession, GSDP growth of more than 10% since 2004 Delivering promises, state with highest number of Industrial Entrepreneur's Memorandum filed to Government( IEM) realised Pioneer in Public-Private Partnership projects Thriving Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector Total lEMs Filed in India (1991-2009) I , lir-111131»-1:1-I atiilfiw Source: Dept‘ of industrial Policy and Promotions
  9. 9. Robust Infrastructure > Physical Infrastructure - A power sufficient state - 24 hour electricity across the urban & rural areas - Excellent road and rail network - State with the large number of airports & ports including outlying areas - The Sardar Sarovar Narmada River Linkage project, to create continuouswatersupplythroughoutthestate - The only Indian state with an integrated state-wide gas grid & watergrid Transport - Wellconnected byroad, railand airways - 12 domestic airports and 1 international airport (Ahmedabad) connected to major world cities like Dubai, Frankfurt, London, New Yorkand Singapore - Extensive railway network- 5,309 km - Road network — 74,038 km (National Highways— 2,867 km, State Highways—18,702 km, Major District Roads—20,707 km) Ports - 1,600 km coastline - 1 major port at Kandla and 41 non major ports including 4 operational & 6 proposed private ports - Kandla Port handled 80 MMT and non major ports handled 206 MMTofcargoin2009—10 - Cost efficient transportation of natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products from Middle Eastand Europe Source: Socio—Economic Review, Gujarat State 2009-10 _
  10. 10. ( Robust lnfrastructu re Gas - Only state to have an integrated state-wide gas grid, network of over 2,200 km - Only state in the country to have two LNG import terminals - Leads all other states in the country in terms of gas pipeline for industrial use, city gas distribution and LNG re-gassification infrastructure Telecom - One of the states with high tele density - Excellent IT Parks - Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN) implemented for the State Government providing web links to Gujarat Government's Secretariate and Departments - Excellent broadband connectivity upto village level Electricity - Introduced Solar Power Policy 2009 - Installed capacity -11,636 MW (October 2009) - Electricitygenerated - 68,962 MU - Per capita consumption ofe| ectricity- 1,446 units Source: Socio-Economic Review, Gujarat State 2009- 10
  11. 11. Abundant Natural Resources Large natural reserves of oil and gas. A reserve of 725 million tonnes ofcrude oil and 1,055 billion cubic metres ofnatural gas Produces the highest amount of crude oil (5.9 million tonnes)in| ndia The second largest producer of onshore natural gas (2.6 billion cubic metres) in India A mineral rich state both in terms of capacity reserves and production Total mineral reserve of more than 19,000 million tonnes Some of the largest reserves of bauxite, limestone and clay deposits in India One of the highest producers of cotton, castor, tobacco, mango, groundnut, bananaandcumin Highest productivity in custard, guava, potato and onions
  12. 12. ( Qualified Human Resources - Availability of large pool of high quality human resources in all sectors - Home to some world-renowned institutes in management, engineeringanddesign » p, .,, —,, _M, ,,, - Focus on tertiary education and vocational courses - Availability ofhigh quality health care facilities - The land of entrepreneurs who are spread across , theglobe . . V-. .. E(lllCF1Il0iI Huh - Government initiated schemes for womens’ empowerment, reducing infant mortality and primary education support - More than 30,000 engineering and 45,000 diploma engineering seats available - Over 900 higher education institutions in the state for quality manpower - Around 500,000 students enrolled in higher education - Society for Creation of Opportunity through seat Availability Proficiency in English (SCOPE) has been set up to enhance employment potentia| ofGujarat’s youth 44682 35016 34185 - Vocational training under Vanbandhu Yojna will 26295 ensure training of more than 3,000 tribal youths during year2009-10 5140 7030 2850 3580 4425 5678 MBA MCA Engineering Diploma Pharmacy Engineers I 2008-09 I 2009-I0 Source: Socio-Economic Review, Gujarat State 2009-10
  13. 13. IE*~usin. ess Friendly Policies - Favourable policyand regulatoryenvironment - Industrial Policy 2009 - for high quality socio economicdevelopment - Sector policies for promotion of investment and growth - Incentives under Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Special Investment Region (SIR) and Industrial Area development - Subsidies for environment protection - A leader in encouraging Private Participation underPublic-PrivatePartnership - Taxes at par with other business destinations - State with fewest labour day loss o ,1 lllllél-‘“IIl‘-IIinll-lfeliitlld (: m:lv_(ulIo)) Infrastructure Projects Chemica| s& Petrochemicals Glass, Ceramic&Cement E| ectrica| Te| e& Electronics Metallurgical Industry Textiles Transport Equipment Food Processing Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Industrial Machinery Others Inueninx-,1nt‘+~, |. I1t-ll‘-Ir I| 't]: Il; I|‘|1;IIli'-.1?! -In llld. -?l. ’o11|It-1:1) 38 25 9 4 4 1.6 0.2 0.1 1 8 Source: Gujarat Industries Commissionerate January 2010
  14. 14. Business Friendly Policies Competitive Destination Gujarat offers most cost competitive workforce globally Minimum Wages USS/ Month Tax’? -5 in lfidlai - Value added tax (4% - 15%) - Corporate tax— 33.99 % (42.23% for foreign entities) 1557 1700 1431 - Personal incometax — No tax on annual income upto US$3,20O — Rate of 10-30 % depending on income slab Tax Implication Australia Brazil China France Germany Gujarat Japan Russia Turkey United USA Kingdom ICorporate Tax I Minimum lncomeTax I Maximum lncomeTax I VAT/ GST
  15. 15. impetus to inciustr-ies Development oflntegrated Industrial Regions - 12 Special Investment Regions ofmore than 100 sq km each being planned - 1 Petrochemical and Petroleum Investment Region, 60 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and existing 200 Industrial Estates, creating opportunities across sectors - 38% ofthe planned Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor route passes through Gujarat - Development of new industrial areas for agro parks, tourism & recreation, and information technology Phased Development Phase 3 Special Economic Zones I - Multi product Phase 2 - Single product . 257 | n¢| ustria| - Multi service (| Tl| TES) Estates Phase 1 - 83 product clusters Phase 4 » Large scale developments - Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor - Special Investment Regions - Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Regions - Knowledge Corridor - Industrial Areal Region - Logistics Parks - Theme Towns L,
  16. 16. <( Impetus to Industries DMIC P| '0jeCt Proposed Location ' A high impact ihdU5Ti’ial area Within 150 km Industrial Area Palanpur-Sidhpur-Mehsana distance on both side ofthe Dedicated Freight Industrial Area Vadodara—Bharuch Corridor (DFC), with an investment potential of Industrial Area Surat_NaVSari US 90b'| |‘ S I Ion Industrial Area Va| sad—Umbergaon - Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) to be developed as ‘Global Manufacturing & Trading Hub’ | nvestmentRegion Ahmedabad-Dholera | nvestmentRegion Bharuch—Dahej / C Pslmpur Mohi-an: lndmlrlsl Aru P. Ir= «.v . u->. ..n. - vadodau Anlleslv-it lnduunnl Area Ahm-daban Q uunxh mm, invuimun Region IPCPDRI Suul Nuvuvi Ifldullllal Nil T DMIC Alignment 2:223: DMIC influence Ne: GUJARAT lnmstrid Area Proposed Lngiua: mu
  17. 17. Impetus to Industries C77 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Multi Product SEZs 12 Electronics and IT/ ITES 16 . Engineering 6 . Pharmaceuticals 4 . Chemicals 4 . Apparel and Textiles 4 . Others 14 Status of various approval accorded Total by Gol SEZs Functional SEZs before enactment of Act 03 *Notified and Functional * 13 Notified SEZs 17 Formal approval to SEZs 15 In-principle approval to SEZs 12 Total 60 60 SEZs in various stages of implementation Total area ofabout 32,000 hectares under SEZs Proposed employment - almost 2 million people Proposed S| Rs in Gujarat Special Investment Regions (S| Rs) — Regulatory Framework First state to have passed SIR ordinance 13 S| Rs have been proposed in the state Each investment region is ofmorethan 100 sq km area Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (G| DB)— the apex authority to regulate and approve projects ofRegiona| Development Authority SIR ordinance empowers state to set up various projectdevelopmentauthorities Single windowclearancefor projects Source: Industries Commisionerate ofGujarat, Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
  18. 18. Impetus to Industries (2 Petroleum Chemical & Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) PCPIR is a specifically delineated investment region planned for the establishment of manufacturing facilitiesfor domestic and export led production ofpetroleum, chemicals and petrochemicals. - Spread over 453 sq km of brown—fie| d area in the coastal belt ofGu| fof Khambhat in Bharuch District - In close vicinity of other existing GIDC chemical estates, viz. Jhagadia, Ankleshwar, Panoli and Onsite chemical port terminal & LNG terminal at Dahej - ONGC Petro Additions Ltd (OPaL)— JV company promoted by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) to act as anchortenant - Dahej SEZ Limited, a joint venture company of ONGC and GIDC, is among the top 25 Special Economic Zones in the world Source: fDi 20 10 Survey (International Magazine of The Financial Times Group, London) PCPIR: Unique Selling Proposition Gujarat SEZ Act Proposed SEZ by GIDC Liberal SEZ policy Chemical Port Terminal and chemical storage facility at Dahej at Dahej & Jhagadia Proposed SEZ in private sector by Jubilant Quality work force, peaceful labour, least man days lost Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act Notified Area Authority under GID Act Area Development Authority underTown Planning Act Concentration of Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical estates across the district Rich natural resources and feedstock availability
  19. 19. Impetus to Industries >7 Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) Gujarat International FinanceTec-City (GIFT) is being developed as a Central Finance and Business District (CFBD) between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It is proposed to be expanded and surrounded by Institutional Areas, Knowledge Parks, Integrated Townships etc. - One-stop destination forglobal financial services and lTindustry To be set up across 210 hectares of land, it is being developed by Gujarat International FinanceTec-CityCompany Limited (GIFTCL) GIFTCL is a 50:50 Joint Venture Company between Gujarat Urban Development Company Limited (GUDCL) and Infrastructure Leasing & Financia| Services(| L&FS) Located at a distance ofabout 12 km from the Ahmedabad International Airport and 8 km from Gandhinagar Total built-up area in the GIFT Master Plan is 143 million sq. ft.
  20. 20. l. :I"O-E. C'iIlVE C’-». O. lEl"l'IE‘~. I'IC<E Key Government Initiatives Simplification of Procedures - Addressing the roadblocks in the Simplification Procedure - Devising Mechanisms to plug the Identified Gaps Information Bank - Centralized availability of information about the districts, sectors, Investment Regions, Special EconomicZones, etc. lndustrialzoning - To create environmentally sustainable industrial areas based on certain predefined parameters - Industrial zoning will help obtain speedy clearances Creation of Land Bank - Identification of land for industrial purpose in each district - Facilitate obtaining land information and development of infrastructure - Software to assist in identifying suitable location based on critical parameters - Detailed authenticated and updated information on infrastructure available up toTa| uka Level Gujarat Investor Portal - Monitoring of the status of investment / MoU at various Ievelsofapprovalsand implementation Investor Facilitator Portal - Tool to support Industrial Facilitation Act - Online filing of Common Application Form (CAF) and availabilityoftheapplication status online Investment Monitoring System - Information on MoU status availablefor review Doing Business in Gujarat - A compilation of various incentives offered to the investors and the clearances required to start a new venture in the state if Investor Support System IISSI liilnimulimi llllllllllll - av "~o -«‘_-1
  21. 21. l3ro-arctive Gmlernance Sustainable Development - The Government of Gujarat has set up a Climate Change Department - Focus on enhancing the potential of non-conventional - ‘—‘ energysources including carbon footprint ' ' ' - Drivesforwaterconservationand recharging - . Gujarat Pollution Control Board with a view to protect the L _. _ L) A _ environment, prevent and control the pollution of water and air V‘? ‘5'~; ,.: j;~‘. , , ~ 1 ‘r inthestate. 25 CETPs (Common Effluent Treatment Plants) operational in state 14 privateTSDF and 8 government facilities in operation 4 common incinerators and 34 captive incinerators in operation — 12 common bio—medica| waste management facility - Projects forassessing water quality (GEMS & MINARS) - GEMS Project: The Global Environmental Monitoring System project is undertaking an assessment of the quality ofwater of — 1 -. the major rivers ofthe state like Narmada, Tapi etc. ‘ — MINARS Project: Under Monitoring of Indian National Aquatic Resources System, the board is monitoring the quality of river waterfrom 70 sampling stations Source: $ocio»Economic Review, Gujarat State 2009-10, Department of Economic affairs March 2009
  22. 22. ( Pro-active Governance Solar Power Policy 2009 New Government Resolutions on Minerals and Mining New Government Resolution for Gems and Jewellery Sector Residential Township Policy 2009 Special Investment Region Act 2009 Promoting generation of green and clean power in the State using solar energy *To put in place an appropriate investment climate, that could leverage the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) New Government Resolutions for the mining of Lignite, Manganese, Limestone and Bauxite GMDC to promote JVs for Manganese extraction Jewellery Parks will be encouraged by the State Credit linked financial support by way of interest subsidy to Modern Jewellery units Encouraging PPP mode to make Gujarat a Global Leader in Gems & Jewellery To provide impetus to urban development Focus on improving the quality of life Special Investment Region Act 2009 A four tier administrative mechanism is set up for establishment, operation, regulation and management of Industrial Regions of more than 100 sq km
  23. 23. Pro-active Governance > Gyan Ganga The River of Knowledge e-Gram e-Governance at the Panchayat Level e-Dhara Land Records Online SWIFT State Wide Information on Financial Transactions - Gyan Ganga is one of the most ambitious initiatives of the Government of Gujarat to ensure wireless internet connectivity to all 18,000 villages - Application entails computerization at the village level itself for instant processing of birth & death registration and issuance of certificates such as agriculture, caste, income and electricity ~ Land Records are prepared and stored within a well-defined system - User Interface in Gujarati for ease of operation - SWIFT facilitates Finance Department and other Government Departments for monitoring the financial transactions done by the department itself and their sub-offices at respective District Treasuries and Pay and Account Offices
  24. 24. ( Pro-active Governance Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects Several firsts in India: - Private Portat Pipavavin 1992 - Liquefied NaturalGas(LNG)Termina| satDahejin2004(PPP) - Expresswayfrom Ahmedabad—Vadodarain2004(PPP) - Country'son| yLiquidChemica| PortTermina| atDahej(PPP) - State-widegasgridof2,200km (PPP) PPP Projects in Gujarat (Completed, EOI, LOI, Bidding, In Pipeline) Sector Total Projects Nos. lnv. (Rs. in Crores) Port 42 39,147 Power 16 31,845 Road 30 8,140 Road &Transport 9 1,100 Railways 3 811 Water 4 850 IT & ITES 4 0 Aviation 1 2,500 Urban Development 7 1,017 ULB - Urban Development 1 777 Others - Metro Rail, 8 13,800 Regional Rail System 6 Logistics Parks Total 135 99,987 Source: Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB)
  25. 25. F= LrI: ur'~is“tic ~”isior'r Blueprint for Infrastructure in Gujarat (BIG 2020) - Gujarat has already envisioned a future and documented a vision — BIG 2020.The new vision comprises investments of above, Rs 1,125,591 crore (= US$250 billion) in various sectors like: — Dholera SIR - Other SIRS, Industrial Nodes, Logistics Parks & SEZs within the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor — Industrial Parks — Roads, Ports, Railway, Airports — Urban Infrastructure, Water Supply — Tourism w / Politrlél v‘ rlnrirralr -g1=| nr= m.l'iloni ¢: .|, or. rdI’vr| 't : IL, oiI1mVIIYiV/ GIFT To be developed as an international financial hub K= ,I]':1~>xr-. Ir‘7I "J-I-? [‘r ‘hnguoxrnujla h: |.1“nr-‘rms; ['(: ;;, IIllplloma‘lfilliaproliuiilolm arctic)-19-l_lI. IIr‘o)‘r‘{1‘nr ‘I ainrdhludhnuiuhlurdl I Eli Gas Coal gassification for producing gas IrlbliiolIhl'lrThIII-1:X0lii' '-'. I[g| ‘n-1_or: r=roII-(ornlloihrr Tor= Iivivr= r=m. AI‘ Urban Development Development of new townships and twin cities around existing ones / V‘
  26. 26. NELIJ Ilnclustr-ia= ,| Folic Thrust Sectors Specific sectors identified across- - Manufacturing - Services - Infrastructure Incentives - Sectorspecific - Subsidyonelectricityduty - Up-gradation ofindustrial estates I -a Industrial Policy 2009 Vision - Dedicated land bankforindustry 3=. rd1Ii‘r-. i‘(-«Invr-_L~iiu‘nr-giniia illiill-asililia being created HR/ Labour - Labourlawflexibility - | ndustry—academia collaboration - Supportfordevelopmentof specialized institutes Business Environment _ Increasing the - Singlewindow facilitation efficiency of institutions catalyzing industrial development - Marketingsupport - Grievanceredressal - Informationcenters Infrastructure - Focus on urban, physical, social and industrial infrastructure L. Einiyltomnralnliuerainramlitomu )lau= .I. ‘-lIli'; v/ = nI‘nr. I'nr(= n'ur= mr Promotion of geographical strengths to ensure balanced development Promotion of mega- projects like SIR, DMIC EGG <1‘ . w K At‘ r= |Iau(; »-“cu-‘ g o. LI. r=. Ili‘; v,-. ~i’taI'nr-2i= .|nfI Improving the existing physical infrastructure Investments in various sectors to improve performance
  27. 27. High Quality of Life >7 - Various urban development initiatives for high quality living - Bus Rapid Transport System in Ahmedabad awarded Sustainab| eTransportAward - Sabarmati Riverfront Development to create quality space for commercial, cultural and recreational activities - World class educational institutions - Excellent opportunities for recreation and entertainment throughout the state - Wide array of choices for tourists - heritage monuments, archeological sites, wi| d life and beaches - High quality health care infrastructure - Use ofCNG asvehicularfuel for pollution mitigation - Development ofnew townships and twin cities around existing ones
  28. 28. in on / ibrant <ELIjara" It is a biennial event organised with the aim of bringing together business leaders, investors, corporations, thought leaders, policy and opinion makers; while highlighting the strengths of Gujarat as an investment destination HighIightsofVGG| S2009 - Partnercountry: Japan - Countries participated:47 - Exhibition participation: 16 countries; 232 exhibitors overan area of I 9,200 sq. m. - Seminars:12 sector—specific seminars and 2 conventions on SMEs andTourism - Participants: Over 20,000 registered delegates - Foreign delegates: Over 600 - 3346 MoUs with proposed investment of US$ 240 billion I V zbrant G L! IARAT roooo zio 300 r 200 : 3 5000 93 100 g 0 14 20 ‘ 5 E O _lfi_’Z_'i__/ j 0 ¥ 2003 2005 2007 2009 —fi- Investment MoU Signed 1"/ 0 4% 7 Manufacturing Sector 3% D 3% 6 / ° 19% I Infrastructure Sector ‘ ‘ Investment Region I 8% § I A E Urban Development 16% Social Services 40% Tourism
  29. 29. Vibrant Gujarat EOII Summit >7 Making Gujarat a Global Business Hub The Mega Business Opportunity The 5th Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Summit is scheduled on January 12-13, 2011 at the Mahatma Mandir, in the state / capital of Gandhinagar. It coincides with celebrations of ’l’r‘"7r 12-13Jan- ”Swarnim Gujarat’§ marking 50 years of formation ofGujarat G U l/ «RAT 20" as a Separate State. The Global Business Hrrhl 5' Global Summit Vibrant Gujarat 2011 aims to facilitate investment alliances for the participating countries and will be the premier Indian platform to discuss and deliberate business opportunities. The Summit will be attended by representatives ofleading global economies and a galaxy ofinternational business and political delegations. The 2011 Summit has got off to a major headstart with pre—summits and participation at various national and international fora. Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit I2-l3 lunuury Z009 _ , V _ PartnerCountries . . _, . ‘ V. -. ‘ . ' JAPAN&CANADA
  30. 30. :12‘ F’-I! I|. I~, "» Aw-, r=. u - Chemicaland Petrochemicals Engineering and Auto - Environmenta| Technologies - Financial Services Food and Agri Business - Gems and Jewellery Green Energy - Healthcare - Knowledge Sector Oiland Gas - Pharmaceuticaland Biotechnology Ports, Ship-building and related industries - Specia| |nvestmentRegions Tourism - Urban Development - Water Conservation and Efficient Use Vibrant Gujarat r: CZIlSLIrnn1i" rrmiir-, ~ -xi’ r"’-. lFTK! ll': P‘-. l’Il‘¥-, "I - Multi National Corporations - Entrepreneurs - Indian Corporates & SMEs - Indian Diaspora & People of Indian Origin - International Business and Financial Community - Diplomats - Financial Experts - National and International Chambers of Commerce - Academics & Research Students - Thought Heads - Media - Civil Service Organisations
  31. 31. Networking Events Discussion Forums _ B23 Meetings o Emerging Geographies B2G Meetings Export Pavilions 0 Clean Energy (Environment Technology, Green Energy) Catalogue Shows o Good Governance Sector specific Dinners CEO Dinners Conventions & Seminars - For Small and Medium Enterprises Panel Discussions - Knowledge Sector (Youth Potential, Skill Development) 9 sector specific seminars during December 2010 ° Inclusive Gmwth ' Human 6sector specific seminars on Development Index January 124 3 20" - Rurbanisation IIT Conclave Young Presidents’ Organisation Convention
  32. 32. 5"= _ir‘"cII; Ir&: III »"r-"II: ‘l"; I;$; Allis‘ "3: —. wk"-Vs$'; uN rreubacll L Rl‘l| .lllL'l‘ g‘. ;‘. .'. ‘:'. T‘. ‘.’.9 I I5 G. =1 2 . g3»I, .,. .s. I [A3 ‘b BOMBARDIER N, H V‘ H .331. I2] D. ‘N i . _ . VT 7'‘ ‘ ‘ I‘! Q . ~ . . . . ‘Ir . , ~i , ‘ ’ 1‘ ___, ___, _ . .. ; 3 ‘“IE‘ ” 'I'I'I'I 1 GUJARATGAS C _ 1;rI‘ 7" f Ambuja -; / “I I? ’ I A J. fig Ess/ gym, a cement C_AT IIIiIl) i/ ',’ . ... ... g.. ... ‘eat-V — ADANI Iw . .fl. !l‘h, ‘E5'. !. Izew : £IPiII WI Cm: ~~"GsPc p‘, (', ., ‘ rt. ‘ | ©m_m P: "‘Ia. -I0r"c ‘GMDc| ., . D A-ouo rnnm. she” « G@ J~II. >,'. {:I; rI ; .‘~' . ;.? =W'P= .TI? ‘inm _: /I A/ INDUSTRIAL EXTENSION BUREAU (A GOVT. OF GUJARAT ORGANISATION) jsjfloj-‘I giioizi I”"’-gait’ 115 § Head Office: Block No.18, 2"” Floor, Udyog Bhavan, GH—4, Sector 11, Gandhinagar 382 010, Gujarat, INDIA Phone: +91 —79—23250492/93 Fax: +91—79-23250490 www. indextb. com, www. ic. gujarat. gov. in E-mail : indextb@indextb. com Regional Office: A-6, State Emporia Building, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi 110 001, INDIA TelefaX: +91-11-23747002, 23360049 E-mail: indeXtbnd@indeXtb. com Knowledge Partner Relationship Partner N Piercat/ I/ATmI0U, s+(c'I:2r'EIzs 5 I w o r I d w I d e’