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Questions About the Future of Youth Ministry


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The deck from our webinar with Tom Schwolert asking some key questions about the current and future state of youth ministry.

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Questions About the Future of Youth Ministry

  1. 1. + Questions about the Future Of Youth Ministry Welcome
  2. 2. + Meet the Presenter Tom Schwolert Partner for First Third of Life Ministry & Coach
  3. 3. + “Do you love me?” John 21:10-19
  4. 4. + Years of questions…
  5. 5. + What is youth ministry?
  6. 6. + Is the current way we(you) are doing youth ministry effective?
  7. 7. + What is effective youth ministry and how do you know if it’s effective?
  8. 8. + Are you hoping for a ripple effect?
  9. 9. + Have we abandoned the ministry of Christ to satisfy our own needs?
  10. 10. + Have we stepped away from deep, faith-nurturing relationships and relied on the ministry of “bells and whistles?”
  11. 11. + Have we walked away from generations of faith development learned from the core Biblical story?
  12. 12. + Has youth ministry become nothing more than a “product” to convince young people they need(consume)?
  13. 13. + Have we neglected daily relational faith practices for a style of ministry that pushes so hard on getting people to participate in programs that we are burning out?
  14. 14. + What are your questions?
  15. 15. + Is there a better way?
  16. 16. + What we know… • Age group ministry matters but is not enough • Intergenerational works • Home works • Online is a real place
  17. 17. + What we know… • Concept of “church” is always changing • Context matters • Deep, abiding, longterm, faith nurturing relationships are a key thread for faith formation
  18. 18. + What we know… • What would be some other things that you have learned?
  19. 19. + A way forward… • Do less program and more relationship • Meet with families • Interview youth • See people as faith vessels • Provide young people with multiple relationships (of all ages)
  20. 20. + A way forward… • Get to know your context • Understand the reality of people’s lives • What’s happening in the community? Where do people spend their time, etc.?
  21. 21. + A way forward… • Ask hard questions about what you are currently doing. • How effective are the activities I’m currently doing? • What am I willing to let go of? • How does our faith community view young people?
  22. 22. + A way forward… • Regularly look at the questions that Jesus asked for inspiration? • “What are you looking for?” • “Do you love me?” • “Do you want to be healed?” • “Who do you say that I am?”
  23. 23. + Asking questions is dangerous. Questions lead us to transformational ministry.
  24. 24. + Questions about the Future Of Youth Ministry Thank you!