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  • VVBased on what we learned at iTriage
  • SWInformation drives decisionsFeatured Listings include:Customized colorAddressTag Line – up to 4 linesMap & DirectionsURL link to the websiteWhat you special inSocial MediaAwards and AccreditationsVideosWe provide quarterly analytics so that you can see how your activity has increased with the featured listings. We track the number of searches, deep views into your detailed information, how many times people click on your phone number, or map.
  • SWThe form is sent directly to your desk via fax or email. The form can be customized to meet your requirements. Use it to save time and improve accuracy and increase the level of conversation.As a hospital, you can give the best service to your patients.
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  • SWGetting the right people to your desk is key. We are a complete web and mobile solution that helps you differentiate yourself from your competition and empower your potential clients.Vibi – Should assume the audience is the investor. Position your company… should use the investor perspective.
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  • Investment savvy

    1. 1. Access to financial information and advice byconnecting people for a personal decision Access to financialinformation andconnecting peoplefor a personaldecision
    2. 2.  People aren’t knowledgeable about basicfinancial information People aren’t aware of the appropriateperson to talk to for their financialquestions Investment managers and firms lack anefficient way to inform and connect withconsumers about selecting the right person There is no reliable reference tool in theapp store to find financial professionals andinstitutions close to themThe Problem
    3. 3. The Solution ForConsumers Comprehensive Financialinformation in one web and mobilesolutionDecision support tree thatfacilitates actionable decisionsOur solution is an answer to theproblem that the app stores lack acomprehensive reference toolBy including self help tools weenable consumers to be engagedwith the app
    4. 4. The Solution For FinancialProfessionals An effective mobile andWeb marketing solution Drives quality leads toyour desk and companyAdding a personal aspectto a personal decision
    5. 5.  Demystify common financialterms and situations Decision support/decision treewhich offers simple, digestible,content Comprehensive advisorInformation and profiles Cross platform advertising withiPhone®, Android™, Palm®,BlackBerry®, Web, MobileConsumer to advisornavigation in app
    6. 6. Investment Savvy Marketing SolutionFor consumers: Comprehensive investment information in one app/web location Facilitates actionable decisionsDemystifies financial contentAllows a connection with potential investment managerFor Investment Management providers: An effective mobile and web marketing solution Drives quality leads to your deskPersonalized messages and ability to highlight other marketing venues suchas forums or speaking events
    7. 7. Featured Listing Educate potential clients about yourself andcompany Show people advisor information that mostfits your needs and goals Stand out among your competitors Consumer based referral via text or email Request appointment with prepopulated listof questions Choose from existing templates or designyour own listing Utilize tag lines to advertise other marketingavenues ie: speeches, networking events,etc…
    8. 8. Request Appointment and Referrals Allows people to request anappointment before making adefinitive decision Populates a set list of questionsthe advisor wants to knowbefore meeting Saves time and improvescommunication level Increases potential clientelevolume and satisfaction Helps keep inquiries in network
    9. 9. Personal Financial Tools Investment Savvy users canemail existing information toadvisors when needed Get prospect financialinformation quickly in an easy-to-read format Store certain tools,calculators, articles, andadvisor contact info in acentral location
    10. 10.  A web presencewith .mobi version Utilize SEO toenhance usage andmobile downloads 20 million peoplehave searched“how to invest” onGoogle in 1 monthWebsite
    11. 11. Turnkey mobile solutionDrive quality leads to yourcompany employeesPosition your company as aprimary resource acrossdifferent disciplinesProvide convenient access toappointments and referralsKey BenefitsStand above your competitors Making a personal connectionfor a personal decision:Interact with people educatedabout costs and potentialcomplications
    12. 12.  Individual Advisors:$5000 per year Exclusivity: Dependson company andlocation Early adopter pricesPricing
    13. 13. Market Trends
    14. 14.  Wow! 52% of investors say they would interact with financial advisors on social media…but only 4% do. (econsultancy) 7 in 10 financial advisors are already using social networks for business purposes. (FTI Consulting/ LinkedIn) More than half of financial advisors expect social media to play a significant role in their marketing efforts in 2013 — this represents an 80% increaseyear-over-year. (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) The ‘how to’ video category is the fastest growing vertical on YouTube (Bullas) At the rate social media is growing, 25.8% of the world’s population will use a social network at least once per month in 2014 (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) How are financial advisors currently using social media? (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) Affluence 5 million affluent investors use social media to research final decisions (Business Insider) 26% of ultra-high-net-worth investors use the professional-focused social networking site. (Northern Trust) Facebook More than 56% of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a brand after “liking” it on Facebook. (Millionaire Corner) 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (Socialnomics) Only 14% trust advertisements (Socialnomics) Of advisors that use Facebook, the majority of them say they use it to enhance current client relationships. (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) 58% of Fortune 500 Companies have a corporate Facebook page (Viral Blog) 350 million plus users suffer from “Facebook addiction syndrome” (Bullas) LinkedIn 40% of LinkedIn users among financial customers earned an annual income of more than $100K. (Northern Trust) Of Advisors who prospected on LinkedIn, 62% cultivated new prospects. Of those who were successful, 32% gained over $1 million in new assets.(econsultancy/LinkedIn) Of advisors that use LinkedIn, 71% use it to make professional connections. (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) More than 3 in 5 advisors who have leveraged LinkedIn to cultivate client prospects in the past year have successfully gained new clients as a result (FTIConsulting/LinkedIn) Those who are gaining clients on LinkedIn are bringing in big business: Nearly a third have gained $1 million or more in assets under management, while12% have gained $5 million or more (FTI Consulting/LinkedIn) Boomers and Young Investors In the United States, there are an estimated 270 million internet users and one third of them are from the baby boomer generation (AARP). Younger investors are likely to view a financial advisor in a negative light if he/she does not have a social media presence. (Spectrem)Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics
    15. 15.  In 2007, the app industry didn’t exist. It took nine months to reach 1 billion appsdownloaded. By year’s end, two billion apps will be downloaded—every week. In 2012, now more than half of Americans now own smartphones While most apps are free or very low-cost to consumers, they are making real economiccontributions. The apps economy has created at least 500,000 U.S. jobs and will growfrom a $25 billion marketplace this year to $46 billion in 2016. The average mobile American has more than 100 apps on their smartphone—and spends,on average, 127 minutes a day using them. Apple sold more mobile devices this year than they’ve sold computers ever. Mobile data usage doubled in 2012 and over 50% of all mobile data is video. The U.S. leads the world in next-generation mobile. NASA’s Mars Rover checked-in on Foursquare from Mars.Application & Smartphone Growth!
    16. 16. There are 299,867 series 6 & 7 certified financial advisors inthe US. 48% of those are licensed in multiple states.10% market share = 29,987 licensed brokers29,987 brokers x $5,000 = $149,935,000 (annual revenue)5% market share = 14,993 licensed brokers14,993 brokers x $5,000 = $74,966,750 (annual revenue)Note: This does not include accountants, mortgage brokers, taxspecialists or other financial professions.Market Size and Projections
    17. 17. Technology:- Finalize the website and mobile applications- Implement a backend analytics tool which can be usedby the financial professionals to monitor traffic that isgeneratedMarketing:- Launch in Colorado with mainly search engineoptimizationPersonnel:- Scott will work full time for a minimal salaryAllocation of Funds
    18. 18.  Knowledge: Scott and Vibi have extensive experience in the mobile application spaceand similar business models Commitment: We built the website and app ourselves with limited resources and ourown capital Industry Experience: Scott’s dad is a financial advisor who will serve on the AdvisoryBoard along with Jonathan White who was a VP at Credit Suisse before leaving andworking as the VP of Business Development for iTriage Complimentary Skill Sets: We have worked together for a year and Scott has a sales andbusiness background & Vibi brings technology, marketing & management expertise. Competition: There is no direct competition in the app store. First to market.Why Invest In Us?
    19. 19.  Raise about $400k for equity Spend on marketing and product developmentLaunch in Colorado initiallyCombination of online and app store approachesto reach our target audienceScott will work full timeInvestment Savvy FundingPhilosophy: Minimal investors will result in minimal complications while maximizing the growth potential