Cause marketing, some successful campaigns


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Cause marketing, some successful campaigns

  2. 2. AGENDA What is cause-related marketing Overview of key issues Case studies and analysis-campaigns
  3. 3. WHAT IS CAUSE MARKETING?? • Licensing agreement between commercial product marketer and leading nonprofit organization. • “Passion branding” • “Social issues marketing”
  4. 4. BASIC OVERVIEW Cause marketing or cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a for profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.
  5. 5.  For profit companies partner with nonprofit companies  For profit companies build a philanthropic and caring image  Nonprofit get financial support
  6. 6. COSTS INCURRED FOR A SOCIAL CAMPAIGN • Cost incurred can vary from small donations to a large undertaking • Advertising agencies might be required • Good marketing skills, dedication to public relation skills and a creative mindset is required
  7. 7. RISE OF CAUSE MARKETING… • earliest use (1983) involved promotion by American Express • for each purchase made with card one penny contributed to renovation of Statue of Liberty • raised $1.7 million • generated 28% increase in card usage
  8. 8. • Visa committed to donate, based on card usage, at least $1 million to children’s literacy organization • Johnson & Johnson contributed portion of sales from children’s toiletries to World Wildlife Fund • McDonald’s sponsorship of a guerilla at Sydney zoo with an aim to protect the endangered species. • American Express contributes a percent of their income to Breast cancer foundation in USA.
  9. 9. IS IT A SIGNIFICANT FORM OF MARKETING? • fastest growing segment of advertising in ‘90s • estimated expenditures of $1 billion on cause related marketing campaigns in 1993 • estimated expenditures on sponsorship activities was $6.8 billion in 1998 • Now cause marketing nearly contains a $100 billion market within
  10. 10. BENEFITS • Further the organization’s mission • Leverage the marketing budgets of corporations by obtaining access to mass media resources it could not otherwise afford • Increase public awareness • Gain an increasingly significant source of revenue
  11. 11. • American Cancer Society sold exclusive rights to use name and logo in promoting NicoDerm CQ and Nicorette--in return for annual payments of $1 million • prescription cholesterol drug Pravachol prominently displays name and logo of American Heart Association • logo of American Cancer Society prominently featured in advertisements promoting Florida orange juice--in return for $1 million a year, • American Lung Association sold Johnson & Johnson its name to promote Nicotrol--in return for $2.5 million annually
  12. 12. THREE FORMS OF CAUSE MARKETING • • • Traditional cause-related marketing: Donation-with-purchase of a company’s products or services (funds from company) Consumer fundraising: Company promotes an opportunity for its customers to make a donation at their place of business (funds from consumer) Event, initiative, or program sponsorship: Traditional sponsorship model where a financial commitment is made in exchange for defined benefits around the sponsored asset (funds from company). Traditional: Donation Fundraising Program Sponsorships
  13. 13. 5 CHARACTERISTICS OF A CAMPAIGN • Recognizable authenticity. • Charity benefits. • Branded products. • Multiple events. • Press coverage.
  16. 16. Association with komen • In the past KFC has done cause marketing with Komen. • Think Before You Pink™, a project of Breast Cancer Action, launched in 2002 in response to the growing concern about the number of pink ribbon products on the market. The campaign calls for more transparency and accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising, and encourages consumers to ask critical questions about pink ribbon promotions.
  17. 17. Fried Chicken for the Cure? • Kentucky Fried Chicken is fighting breast cancer – one big pink bucket of chicken at a time. • In the latest incarnation of pink ribbon promotions, the prominent breast cancer advocacy group Susan G. Komen for the Cure has teamed up with KFC in a national "Buckets for the Cure" campaign which ran till May 23, 2010.
  18. 18. For each pink bucket of chicken purchased, KFC will donate 50 cents to Komen with the ultimate goal of $8 million -- which would be the single largest donation ever received by the organization
  19. 19. BENEFITTED KFC by increasing their sales by 29% KFC CAUSE MARKETINGPARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN BOTH COMPANIES KOMEN RAISED largest funds till then for the welfare of breast cancer
  20. 20. KFC also has an in-house effort called KFC Colonel’s Scholars, which awards college scholarships to high school students with an entrepreneurial bent. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation believes in making a difference in the lives of those who are willing to work hard and improve themselves through education.
  22. 22. CAMPAIGN • AIRCEL, India’s 5th largest GSM mobile service provider initiated the campaign towards a social cause in association with WWF-India to help save our tigers. Aircel “Save Our Tiger” is the latest campaign where it intends to draw attention towards dwindling numbers of tigers across the planet and bring forward the seriousness of losing tigers from our planet. • Cricket Player and Aircel’s brand Ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni, footballer Bhaichung Bhutia and south Indian actor Surya are part of this campaign. • A series of special tiger programmes were telecast to highlight the situation and challenges facing our national animal. Apart from TV and print advertising it has launched a website which will be instrumental in propagating and disseminating information about saving tiger. It urges people to be informed and create buzz across all forums like blogging, writing on facebook, twitter and writing letters to the editors of newspapers. There were marches, cycle rallies and signature campaigns demanding that the government act before it's too late. • •
  23. 23. • • • During the first year, the funds collected were used to provide over 35 Rapid Response Units [RRU] to Tiger Reserves across the country. Each Rapid Response Unit had over 30 types of different equipment specially tailored for tiger protection including a customized Mahindra Bolero Camper Vehicle and Hero Motorbikes. The Second Year was launched with a Car Rally organized by Aircel and the Constitution Club of India. Parliamentarians and Celebrities raced through the streets of the capital to raise awareness for the campaign. Special promos and promotional hoardings were created to promote the date of the second live 12 hour Save Our Tigers telethon. On July 15th 2012, Amitabh Bachchan returned to host the only telethon to be broadcast from an outdoor location.
  24. 24. • The biggest names in conservation joined us on one stage to educate the audience and to endorse our cause. In Year-II, the campaign aimed to create the "Tiger Defence Unit" in major tiger reserves across the country. AIRCEL raised almost Rs 6 Cr in pledges thanks to viewers, corporates and celebrities from across the country. The funds raised are being utilized for: Monitoring the RRUs Intensive Training of RRU teams Strengthening the guard outposts with Anti-Poaching Camps Supporting NGOs Additional RRUs
  25. 25. • Aircel, one of India's most innovative telecom players, today unveiled its limited edition 'Save our Tigers' calendar 2013 at its 'Strokes for Stripes' event. By means of this initiative, Aircel further strengthened its commitment to 'Save our Tigers' (SOT), a cause that the company has been associated with since 2008. • • The works of the artists culminated in the form of a calendar for 2013. These souls stirring art pieces were subsequently auctioned to raise funds, highlight the need of tiger conservation and create awareness for the cause. The proceeds from the auction were donated to Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), the initiative's cause partner who will channelize these funds for 'Save our Tigers' initiative. Through this project, Aircel endeavors to mobilize the art fraternity for the cause and raise funds for the tiger conservation.
  26. 26. IMPLICATIONS • • Building on its commitment to the cause of tiger conservation in India, Aircel, on ‘World Tiger Day’ organized a Painting Competition with students from various schools across the city to raise awareness about tiger conservation. A part of its ‘Save Our Tigers’ campaign, the event witnessed active participation from the school students ,Aircel employees and their families, who gathered at the FUN mall to celebrate the day through the painting competition. ‘Save Our Tigers’ is a CSR initiative by Aircel aimed towards environment and tiger conservation. Tigers may be one of the most revered animals but they are also vulnerable to extinction. Aircel has been working with several organizations across all tiger reserves in the country extending infrastructure and capacity support. Aircel has associated with various tiger conservationists like Mike Pandey, Shekar Dattatri, Valmik Thapar, Bittu Sahgal and others across the country to spread the message of ‘Save our Tigers’.
  27. 27. CONCLUSION Aircel thought differently with their ‘Save our Tigers‘ campaign. They decided to go in for a high-decibel, multimedia campaign attempting to raise awareness about the low count of Tigers in India. It is a slick campaign overall, utilizing all the weapons in the marketing armor: celebrities, new media, PR etc. From a marketing strategy POV, taking up a niche cause was a smart move. Now no corporate will go near a social cause with the words ‘Save’ and ‘Tiger’ attached to it. Aircel, pretty much has created a category, as it were. They’ve also put in huge monies and tied up with credible names like WWF. But the real change can only happen at the Government level or among those who interact with the wildlife
  28. 28. AIRCEL was benefitted by having their mobile service at the 5th position And an increase of approx. 50% was observed in the no. of customers AIRCEL SAVE THE TIGER CAMPAIGN WWF NO. of tigers went from 1411 to 1706 Stats by
  29. 29. SATYAMEV JAYATE Truth Alone Prevails
  30. 30. Satyamev Jayate is an Indian television talk show that aired on various channels within Star Network along with Doordarshan's DD National. With Hindi being the primary language, it was also dubbed and simulcast in other languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. The show highlighted sensitive social issues prevalent in India such as female foeticides, child sexual abuse, dowry, etc.
  31. 31. Promotions • The show was presented and sponsored by Airtel and co-sponsored by Aqua guard. Other associate sponsors included CocaCola, Johnson & Johnson, Skoda Auto, Axis Bank, Berger Paints and DixcyScott.
  33. 33. In the advertisement he says – only those who stop at the red light will watch his show.
  34. 34. In another advertisement he poses the problem of how people have become so selfish that they cannot help an injured person on the road and take him to the hospital.
  35. 35. SOCIAL CAUSES • The whole show concentrates around fighting for social issues such as female foeticide, child labour, child marriage, eve teasing, rapes etc. • Aamir Khan aims to – make Indians wake up to the social evils we only talk about in hushed tones and cry while consuming the harsh reality we all run away from. • “Dil ko lagegi, tabhi baat banegi” succinctly sums up what the show is all about and hence forms the basis for the marketing campaign
  36. 36. PROMOTION • The teaser of the show were premiered on YouTube on 2nd April 2012 • The show was also promoted in Indian theaters. The theme song of the show was shown in 300 theaters across the country after the national anthem • Mobile Application.
  37. 37. AD CAMPAIGN Tag lines used such as: • “Public bethegi” • “Dil se dekho” • “Sabka apna show” • “Entertainment ka matlab”
  38. 38. PROCTER AND GAMBLE ‘Touching lives, improving life’. P&G
  40. 40.  SHIKSHA , is P&G Corporate Social Program, an integral part of Responsibility Global Philanthropy- LIVE LEARN AND THRIVE.  SHIKSHA, launched in 2005 to contribute towards the cause of education of underprivileged children through simple Brand Choices .  A National Consumer Movement- SHIKSHA is P&G’S CSR initiative in association with CRY.
  41. 41. P&G Environmental Sustainability P&G uses second key element to making sustainability decisions: a unique, holistic view of technology. They use Life Cycle Thinking, a discipline to determine a product’s entire environmental footprint; from the procurement of raw materials to the product’s use and ultimate disposal. By examining the many factors in each step, we are able to assess the product’s overall environmental impact.
  42. 42. PARIVARTAN- The Whisper School Program  P&G’S PARIVARTAN (Transformation) program has been protecting millions of adolescent girls in India from getting trapped in traditional practices of using unhygienic cloth for sanitary protection, by providing timely menstrual education. The objective of the program is to help adolescent girls embrace womanhood positively and enable them to adopt the right feminine hygiene practices to stay healthy
  44. 44. TATA TEA
  45. 45. JAAGO RE !! Tata Tea Jaago Re introduced in 2008, works with NGOs and other non-profit organization to raise awareness for specific causes around Indian general elections. While tea may wake you up, Tata Tea awakens you. The campaign demonstrated Tata Tea’s thought leadership in positioning tea as a medium of ‘social awakening’ and not just ‘physical awakening’.” Since 2009, Tata Tea JaagoRe has been an active component of Tata Tea's marketing initiatives, adapted to align with the product which claims to bring big and small leaves together to make a perfect cup of tea.
  46. 46. THE IDEA BEHIND “Corruption is a malaise that is endemic to our everyday life.” # Keeping the need to address the problem of corruption in mind the Jaago Re campaign has been crafted to create widespread awareness on the issue of corruption.” # An attempt to awaken every Indian citizen to be ‘the change he wants to see’ by taking a pledge not to aid and abet corruption. # The idea was to be aware of it as a responsible Indian citizen. ‘wake up with a cup of tea’, is to wake up not just physically but also intellectually to what is happening around them at a civic society level.
  47. 47. CAMPAIGNS
  48. 48. # 2009 - 2010 : One Billion Vote # 2010 - 2011 : Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru # 2011 - 2012 : Soch Badlo # 2012 - 2013 : Simplify # 2012 - 2013 : Choti Shuruaat # 2013 - Ongoing : Power Of 49
  49. 49. ONE BILLION VOTES Tata Tea has used the current ‘election’ mood in the country to drive home their ‘Jaago Re’ campaign to convince people to exercise their right to vote on election day. By launching a website, ‘Jaago Re’ facilitated voter registrations which enabled an extensive call out to the youth of the nation and encouraged them to vote.
  50. 50. OBJECTIVE The idea behind creating this blank out was generated as an activation idea for Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago Re’ campaign where in our second phase of the campaign the message was to get viewers to vote. Hence the thought ‘Agar aap vote nahin kar rahe hai, to aap so rahe hai
  51. 51. SOCH BADLO ‘SochBadlo’ was aimed at bringing to light the positive stories within the country. ‘'Jaago Re'’ chiefly addressed the positive side to a country that was under a lot of stress through a series of commercials and encouraged people to add a more promising perspective to how they view the country. The campaign titled ‘SochBadlo’ continues its battle against corruption, and is also now focused on strengthening the brand’s connection with the women who buys into their brand.
  52. 52. KHILANA BAND, PILANA SHURU Khilana Bandh was primarily aimed at establishing the fact that corruption can be combated if the citizens of the country did not engage in bribery. ‘Jaago Re’ stimulated the citizens of the country to discourage bribery and not contribute to corruption. Through a website, users we encouraged to share AntiCorruption messages, take pledges against paying or receiving a bribe, and confess if they had paid a bribe.
  54. 54. INTRODUCTION ❏ Classmate is an indian brand of student stationery which was launched by ITC in 2003. ❏ It is considered as No.1 notebook brand.It started its business by seeling notebooks and later on expanded its business by selling other stationery items like pen,pencil,mechanical pencils. ❏ It has 50,000 outlets in our country.Thus making it easily available for the customers to purchase the product.With rising income levels the demand of such stationery items is expected to rise.
  55. 55. OBJECTIVES ❏ Giving more importance to the rural upliftment of our country. ❏ Making india more eco friendly in nature. ❏ Attracts the youth to actively participate in shaping the future of india.
  56. 56. INITIATIVES UNDERTAKEN BY CLASSMATE 1.CLASSMATE IDEAS FOR INDIA CHALLENGE:❏ Provides a platform for the youth to bring their innovative ideas that will help in shaping the future of india. ❏ The youth actually considers itself as serious partners who want to come up with ideas in the spheres of education and health,science and technology. ❏ Helps in providing internships to the finalists with relative programme partners i.e WWF-INDIA,tony blair foundation.
  57. 57. 2.FOLLOW YOUR HEARTS:❏ The main objective of this programme was that the individual should follow his dreams to do something in his life. ❏ This was a fairly large consumer engagement initiative which did not sell anything, it was a purely proposition based engagement.
  58. 58. 3.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ❏ All Classmate notebooks carry a social message. ❏ On purchasing 4 notebooks of classmate, the company gives Re1 for the social development of our country. 4.GLOBAL FOREST AND TRADE NETWORK(GFTN) ❏ Classmate is the first company to join hands with WWF-GFTN. ❏ ITC has used Paperkraft Premium Business Paper.
  60. 60. PROJECT SARASWATI BY FAIR N LOVELY • • • Project Saraswati Graduate has been introduced for the first time by the Fair and lovely Foundation in 2003 to award scholarships to women who have the aptitude, drive and ambition to carve a place of pride for themselves in society, but do not have the financial strength to realize their dreams. They wanted to encourage the economic empowerment of the Indian woman through information and resources in the areas of Education, Career and Enterprise by providing information, resources, inputs and support to them. Fair & Lovely, as a brand, stands on the economic empowerment platform and the foundation is an extension of this promise.
  61. 61. OBJECTIVE Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan once said "That India's future will be shaped in her classrooms. In India, low-income families, albeit unwillingly, tend to discriminate against the girl child, in providing opportunities for education due to resource constraints. • Fair & Lovely Foundation’s Project Saraswati Scholarships, targeted women from low-income groups in rural as well as urban areas and helped them to pursue graduate and post-graduate degrees and diplomas in fields ranging from Computer Applications, Medicine, Business Administration, Technology, Journalism, Engineering, Veterinary Science and Psychology, and many others.
  62. 62. What they Do..? The Fair & Lovely Foundation provides scholarships worth up to Rs. 1 lakh each year for deserving girl students from lowincome families who display an excellent academic track record, as well as social initiative and drive to study more.
  63. 63. Procedure For Receiving The Scholarship • • • • • If any woman fulfills the give eligibility criteria then she has to simply fill the application form available at the and get herself registered. Of the applications received across India, candidates were short-listed on the basis of their academic performance, economic need and drive to achieve. These candidates were then invited for personal interviews. The final candidates were chosen after personal interviews by a panel of experts (the panellists are eminent personalities from the fields of education, media social work and corporate world). And then the selected candidates were awarded scholarship or worth Rs. 1 lakh.
  64. 64. CONCLUSION As the result of the campaign Fair & Lovely has become successful in providing more than 1,000 scholarships to deserving candidates till date. And have helped them to make their dreams come true by supporting them financially.
  66. 66. SO… NOW DEFINE CAUSE MARKETING? • When a business supports a charitable cause or event to help the business get its name out • Advantages • Charitable goals • • • Raise funds Raise awareness of issue, mission, programs Business goals • • • Increase profits Raise brand awareness Promote business as good citizen to customers, employees