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Web engineering (2)


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Web engineering (2)

  1. 1. Web EngineeringWebe Prepared By- Vibhanshu Chaturvedi
  2. 2. •••
  3. 3. Web App Attributes Network intensive Content-driven Continuous evolution Immediacy
  4. 4. Web App Attributes Availability Unpredictable load Performance Concurrency
  5. 5. Web App Attributes Security Aesthetics Content sensitivity Data Driven ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  6. 6. Contain read only content with simple navigation and linksDown Allows visitor to downloadload ©2011ecs-42-45-48 Continued…
  7. 7. Implement forms based input so that every request for quote is organized in a predictable mannerDatabase That lets the user to extract the information from a database. access ©2011ecs-42-45-48 Continued…
  8. 8. Tailor the content presented at the website to the specific needs of each userIntera Place where people can chat, ask and answer questions, provide product testimonials and the like ctive ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  9. 9. The user makes a request that is full-filled by the web appService The application provides service to the user.oriented ©2011ecs-42-45-48 Continued…
  10. 10. The user queries a collection of large databases and extracts info. The application channels the user to other web contentPortal or services outside the domain of the portal application. ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  11. 11. 1.Formulation of the problem2.Planning3.WebApp requirements analysis4.Architectural, navigational, and interface design5.System implementation using specialized languages and toolsassociated with the Web6.Configuration management, quality control, and maintenancemechanisms are established early ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  12. 12.  Component-based development Security (encryption,firewalls,etc.) Internet standards Web programming tools ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  13. 13. ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  14. 14. Continued……
  15. 15. ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  16. 16. Content design and productiontasks are one threadArchitectural design,navigation design, interface arethe other thread ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  17. 17. Content and technical designs are merged to produce executable web pagesTesting exercises WebApp navigation, attempts to uncover errors inapplets/scripts/forms, and checks for environmentincompatibilities ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  18. 18. Each increment of the WebAppis reviewedChanges required by customerare applied to next increment ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  19. 19. WebE Best PracticesTake time to understand the business needs and product objectives,even if WebApp details are vague.Describe how users will interact with the WebApp using a scenario-based approach.Develop a brief project plan.Spend time modeling what you are going to build. ©2011ecs-42-45-48 Continued…
  20. 20. WebE Best PracticesReview models for consistency and quality.Use tools and technology that enable you to construct the system withas many reusable components as possible.Don’t rely on users to debug the WebApp, design comprehensive testsand execute them before releasing the system. ©2011ecs-42-45-48
  21. 21. Thank you! References: Software Engineering- Roger S Pressman