Lateral Thinking by Paul Sloane<br />1. Check your assumptions<br />2. Ask searching questions: what business are we in? <...
Lateral thinking notes
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Lateral thinking notes


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by Paul Sloane

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Lateral thinking notes

  1. 1. Lateral Thinking by Paul Sloane<br />1. Check your assumptions<br />2. Ask searching questions: what business are we in? <br />Parker pen = gift industry<br />We don’t need a drill - we need a hole in the wall<br />Underware is confidence<br />Challenge the questions. <br />List all rules, 100 rules for a company, should t rule be broken? 50% should be broken.<br />Exercise: imaginary photo book. One person is asking any questions regarding the book, another one is only asking the numerical questions.<br />3. Break the rules!<br />4. Deliberately take a different point of view. Example: Ford wanted a new sustainable advantage : go create car parks only available for Ford.<br />1953 only BBC, license to advert funded region, Grenada cinema bought the rainiest region instead of the one with the richest audience: they knew that those viewers stay home and watch TV who have a bad weather and don’t want to go out. <br />Stolen light bulbs in subway. Solution: anti clockwise screwers, so when the burglar is unscrewing the bulb he is actually screwing them even tighter.<br />Fortunately and unfortunately exercise.<br />5. Look for weird combinations!<br />Direct line for ex, solar powered torch, wind up radio works in third world, coin punch and wine press was Gutenbergs invention of printer. Put together two things!<br />Travel Bags with wheels – instead of drugging the suitcase on the trolley. What are the wheels we can put on our product?<br />Mercedes collaborated with Swatch for the Smart car.<br />The stranger the combination - the more promising the outcome.<br />Have a well organised suggestion scheme! Give it a theme each month!!<br />Corporate sperm count.<br />50 million sperm getting through is het wrong way to think about the pregnancy. Generate loads of ideas and you will also get some great ideas.<br />Brainstorm, first part is quantity. Second phase is selecting ideas and implementing plan.<br />Copy other people’s ideas! Velcro copied from seed on dogs hair.<br />Copy mosquito for getting better needle.<br />Ball in deodorant is copied from ball point pen.<br />6. Empower employees to succeed and be prepared for failings. Try a crazy idea!<br />Get a slash fun to fund ideas not ready for t board or invest request.<br />Richard Branson, virgin brides, idea from air hostess who he then made CEO.empowerment.<br />7. Can’t play safe all the time. Welcome failure. Double fault in tennis. Not worth playing safe!<br />Innovative leaders trust Experimenters. Display all the failures to show its ok!<br />Example: Failure 101 course in engineering<br />Incompetent failure is not ok.<br />Praising something even if it didn't work! Powerful action!<br />