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South-East European Exhibitions on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Waste Management, Recycling & Environment, Sofia, 13-15 April 2011, IEC. Organizer: Via Expo

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Post Event Report 2011 Eng

  1. 1. The specialized event in 2011 will ensure direct business contacts with EU standards. The introduction of private-pu and decision-makers from the whole sectors openEuropean market. forw recycling South-East new opportunities It efficient communication platform for the participants, providing an outs sultancies. The market in these branches is in South-East European Business Events opportunity to present their products and equipment. services. company products andSouth-East European Business Events 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i a EXHIBITION 2011 Waste Management & Recycling The specialized event in 2011 will ensure direc 5 months prior to its opening there are already from the whole for partic and decision-makersbooked areas South-Ea from Austria, Finland, Slovenia andcommunication platform for the partici efficient the USA. opportunity to present their company products NEW: Upon request 5 Matchmaking Meetings for each exhibitor ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY offered as a value-added opportunity. The Organizer Via Expo wil EXHIBITION 2011 them with potential clients/partners in special, pre-scheduled one 5 months prior to its opening there are already meetings at NO additional from Austria, Finland, Slovenia and the USA. cost. Congress & Exhibition Visitors Profile: managers, marketingrequest 5 Matchmaking Meetin NEW: Upon specialists and experts in the of waste and water management, recycling, ecology, state administra offered as a value-added opportunity. The O nicipality representatives, construction, engineering services, chemica them with potential clients/partners in speci finance, associations etc. meetings at NO additional cost. 13 - 15 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS 2011 r i a ofia, Bulga Visitors Profile: managers, marketing spec of waste and water management, recycling, ec nicipality representatives, construction, engine I. WASTE finance, associations etc. Advanced waste treatment technologies Landfills - design, construction and monitoring CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS 2011 I. WASTE Advanced waste treatment technologies Landfills - design, construction and monitor Priority Booking Form WASTE MANAGEMENT & RECYCLINGWaste Management & Recycling Conference & Exhibition Company Priority Booking Fo Contact Person Company Position Contact PersonPOST EVENT REPORT Address City / Country Tel./Fax Position Address City / Country Tel./Fax E-mail E-mail Focus Country of Save the Planet: http: Partner Country of Save the Planet: http: Austria Company Activity Company Activity The Netherlands Industry Branch Industry Branch In Partnership with: Please, complete and send thecomplete Via Expo:the form to Vi Please, form to and send tel./fax: +35 Sofia Energy Partners: Partners: Municipality Efficiency Agency Sponsors: M edia Partners: Media Sponsors: M edia Partners:Official Hotel:Next Event: 28 - 30 March 2012 Organizer:
  2. 2. South-East European Business Events Waste Management & Recycling 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i aTHE LEADING BUSINESS * 7th South-East European Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Congress and Exhibition showcased latest equipment, technology and services.EVENTS on GREEN * 2nd South-East European Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management &ENERGY & WASTE Recycling ‘Save the Planet’ encouraged the investments, transfer of good practices and technologies to the Regional market where foreign companies can find plenty ofMANAGEMENT for business opportunities.SOUTH-EAST EUROPE The positive feedback from speakers, exhibitors and attendees gives a proof to theORGANIZED by VIA EXPO real success of the event.THE EXHIBITION ON EE & RES, WASTE MANAGEMENT & RECYCLING84% increase of the exhibition area compared to 2010EXHIBITORS327 direct exhibitors and represented companies from 32 countries:South-East Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey; Western and Central Europe:Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands,the UK; North America and Asia: Canada, China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, the USA.The group participations from Austria, Germany and the USA attracted great interest. Many of the foreign exhibitors were new to the market of South-East Europe. They got an unique overview of the new market trends and made promising contacts with the key industry players in the Balkan Region.Exhibition Branches Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy and Related Systems Transport Vehicles and Technology;• Cogeneration • Bioenergy Sewage Treatment• Energy-Efficient Equipment and • Geothermal • Environmental Monitoring Technologies in Agriculture, • Hydro Energy • Environment Protection Chemical Sector, Transport; • Solar Thermal Equipment Utilities • Solar PV • Waste-to-Energy• Lighting; Construction; Retrofitting • Wind Energy Recycling of Buildings; Passive Houses; • Hybrid Autonomous Power • Recycling Systems and ICT Support to Energy Efficiency Supply Technologies for Glass;• Specialized Soſtware Waste Management Metal; Electrical and Electronic• Financing • Technologies and Equipment Waste; Paper; Plastics & Rubber;• E-Mobility: e-Cars; e-Bikes; for Waste Collection; Waste Textile; Batteries, Construction Batteries; Hybrid Vehicles; Charging Treatment (Mechanical, Thermal, Waste Stations for e-Vehicles Biological); Landfill; Composting; ConsultancyExhibitors by Origin 54% 32% 8% 4% 2% Bulgaria Western and South-East Asia North America - Central Europe Europe the USA
  3. 3. South-East European Business Events Waste Management & Recycling 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i a EXHIBITOR FEEDBACK SURVEY Goals to Exhibit Exhibition Organization Establish new business contacts 87% Good Get new orders 50% aſter the Exhibition 16%Present new products 48% and services 54% Excellent 30% Corporate image 44% Very good Maintain the present business contacts 37%* The percentage is higher than 100, as the participants have given more than one answer Evaluation of the Promotion Opinion on the Attendance Rate Good Unsatisfactory 23% Low 51% 2% Average 6% 40% Very good Excellent 35% High 43% VISITOR SURVEY50% increase in the visitor attendance compared to 2010 By BranchesMore than 5900 visitors from Bulgaria and 39 other countries Renewable 16% Energy By Region Construction and Sofia Architecture 11% Abroad* Energy-Saving 14% Technologies 11% the Interior of Bulgaria Ecology (Waste Management & Recycling) 11% 55% Consulting 31% and Engineering 10% Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Packaging 8% Machine Building(*from South-East Europe: Albania, Croatia, and Metallurgy 7%FYR Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia; Automation,from Asia: Armenia, China, Israel, North Korea, the Philippines, South Korea; Electronics 6%from Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Investment, Finance 4%Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, the UK; Transport 3%from Africa: Botswana, Lybian Arab Republic, South African Republic;from the Americas: Brazil, Canada, the USA Water Sector 2% Branch Associations 2% By Activity By Position Trade Services Manager State and Municipal 2% Administration 48% Media 2% 19% Expert, Consultant 22% Agriculture 2% 47% Marketing and Sales 15% Textiles 1% 34% Specialist Tourism 1% 13% Other University, 1% Manufacture 2% Institute
  4. 4. South-East European Business Events Waste Management & Recycling 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i aCONGRESS & CONFERENCESPEAKERS PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS75 industry professionals from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and • Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources FinancingHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, • EE & Decentralized EnergyGreece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, • RES Electricity & Smart Grid PlatformPortugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, • Waste ManagementTurkey, the UK, the USA. • Recycling • Waste–to–EnergyPARALLEL EVENTS • Low-Carbon Communities – Mayors Meet Opportunities, organized by ICLEI• First Business Forum ‘Solar Balkans’ organized by the The Forum was a discussion and networking platform for leading Bulgarian PV Association, SolarPVConsulting and Via companies from South-East Europe, involved in ЕЕ, RES and Expo Waste management – investors, local policy makers, municipality• Exhibitor Presentations within their stands. experts, representatives of branch associations and media.ATTENDEES510 specialists from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.Breakdown by Position Breakdown by Activity Breakdown by RegionMarketing, Other Trade, From ManufactureSales 3% Import, Bulgaria 63% Export 12% 37% 20% 15% from 55% Abroad* 22% 73% (*from Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, FYR Macedonia, the Netherlands, Po- Manager Services land, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Expert, Consultant Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the USA)Breakdown by Branch 22% 16% 13% 9% 8% 8% 7% 5% 4% 3% 3% 2% RES State Ecology Media Power Finance & Branch Energy Construction Research & Electronics Chemical Administration (Waste Engineering Consulting Associations Eficiency Development Industry Management Services & Recycling)
  5. 5. South-East European Business Events Waste Management & Recycling 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i aTESTIMONIALS‘I would like to express my satisfaction with the 7th International diversified and satisfactory than many similar ones in the Region.‘Congress and Exhibition of South-East Europe on EE and RES. The AHMET HAMDI DEMIREL, Vice President, Turkish Businessmenevent was very successful and fruitful. For me personally it was very Association in Romaniainteresting to meet other participants and to get acquainted with theirexperience in the field of EE and RES. I constantly keep up with the ‘It was more like B2B forum about renewable energy and wastelatest developments in these sectors on a world scale and I can assure management and recycling, where as exhibitors could be seenyou that the event in Sofia was on a very high level. I established very Siemens, Hyundai, Sky Solar, Titech, Tecnova, Erema as well asbeneficial contacts and would like to sincerely congratulate you on the some national commercial chambers. Organization of the fair wasinitiative and to wish you success with its continuation.‘ perfect! Via Expo and ‘Save the Planet‘ deserved highest grade withMARTIN RAICHEV, Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and a call for all exhibitors to take part in this fair.‘Tourism SINISA KUZMANOVIC, Tecno Plastika d.o.o., Serbia‘We are highly satisfied with our cooperation with Via Expo for our ‘It is a well organized, very professional event. The attendance wasparticipation at the exhibition as well as for organizing interesting very good and better than 2010. The Austrian exhibitors were all in allfirst hand presentations at the congress. very satisfied with the organisation, services and with the show andAustrian businessmen met new potential clients especially at the that is the point that counts. Well done!‘exhibition, as the whole event was very well attended from a broad IVO DÜRR, Internationale Messe Agentur, Austriarange of sectors. The event helped them to find useful information, todiscuss concrete projects and to prepare first business offers.‘ ‘Congratulations for running the excellent International Conference onREINHART ZIMMERMANN, Commercial Attaché, EE, RE, Waste Management & Recycling in Sofia. There were lots ofEmbassy of Austria in Bulgaria networking and sharing of best practices which are both so important. Thank you very much to your team for the excellent work in organizing‘The participants in the exhibition and conference showed and managing this conference.‘the huge range of modern technologies and solutions in Dr. CHINDARAT TAYLOR, Resource Efficiency Pathway, UKvery important sectors. The event was a very well-organizedplatform to encourage international business and co-operation!‘ ‘Thank you for the organization of the conference and exhibition, whichANITA WEMMENHOVE, Head of Economic Department, Embassy was very well set up, interesting and informative.‘of the Netherlands in Bulgaria HEIKE UHLEMANN, Umweltcluster Bayern, Germany‘Congratulations to Via Expo for the excellent organization of the ‘The organization of the event was excellent and the exhibition itselfEE & RES event. I was, as a guest, pleasantly impressed by the was very well attended. Thank you for your cooperation.‘professionalism of the event, and I consequently recommend my KRISTINA MILANOVA, Prime Engineering, Bulgariagovernment to participate in 2012.‘EVA POVEDANO MORENO, Commercial Counselor, Embassy of ‘Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this significant andSpain in Bulgaria beneficial event.‘ NADEJDA VALCHEVA, Association of Producers of Ecological‘We enjoyed participating in the event this year.‘ Energy, BulgariaSCOTT POZIL, Commercial Attaché, Embassy of the United Statesof America in Bulgaria ‘Everything was really perfect organized. Bulgaria is a really interesting market, which is in the beginning of renewable energies. Thank you‘I am grateful to Via Expo for having facilitated my participation in this very much and let’s keep in touch for coming events.‘highly interesting event. Congratulation for your successful efforts.‘ GEORG FINK, Gehrlicher Solar AG, GermanyAmbassador TRAIAN CHEBELEU, Deputy Secretary General,Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Turkey ‘The event evaluation by our foreign partners was very high regarding the interest drawn, b2b meetings and conditions for business‘I would like to thank the Via Expo team for the very good preparation, networking.‘organization and implementation of the EE & RES Congress in Sofia. PETER PAPAZOV, AREI Bulgaria Ltd.For me it was an interesting and successful event.‘DR. BERBEL BIRNSTENGEL, Prognos AG, Germany ‘The event as such had excellent organization and promotion. We would like to thank Via Expo for the kind cooperation and help provided to‘The Congress was full of experts on variety of subjects that a person facilitate our participation at the exhibition.‘can choose according to the needs. The exhibition was much bigger, DOBRINKA PLACHKOVA, Global Wind Power Bulgaria
  6. 6. South-East European Business Events Waste Management & Recycling 13 -1 5 A p r i l 2 0 1 1 – I EC, S o f i a , B u l g a r i aPROMOTIONStrong promotional campaign was carried out in 18 countries. It included adverts and publica-tions in 86 specialized media and local daily newspapers; TV and radio stations; outdoor adver-tising. The event was also listed on 300 internet sites worldwide. 65 journalists from Bulgaria,Germany, Greece, China, Romania & Czech Republic attended the forum and made post eventannouncements in more than 147 media: dailies, weekly newspapers, news agencies, TV, Radioand international websites. All these activities in the Balkan Region, Western and Central Eu-rope ensured the presence of key industry specialists.PARTNERSMany branch associations and economic chambers partnered • Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation ofthe event thus contributing to its high recognition in Enterprises;42 countries. Our European partners were: RES, Waste • RES associations from Serbia, Croatia, Turkey,management and W2E associations; Environmental FYR Macedonia;technology clusters and networks, etc. • Municipalities Associations in Albania, Kosovo,Targeted for South-East Europe, the Forum was attended FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania;by trade visitors and municipal representatives from the • Economic Chambers of Macedonia and Sarajevoneighboring countries due to the active support of: According to Martin Raichev from the Bulgarian Ministry of• Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation; Economy, Energy and Tourism, the event goes beyond the• Regional Cooperation Council; definition ‘South-East Europe’.PA R T N E R S : I n Par tn e r ship wit h:UmweltClusterBayern C IAT I O N SO AS O F B U L G A R IA N RE C YC L I N G M E D I A PA R T N E R S : TM + SEKUNDÄR-ROHSTOFFENext Event: 28-30 March 2012