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Best Places to Visit in Maldives


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Here is a rundown of the best attractions and places to visit in the Maldives. Find things to do, places to travel, where to stay and diving locations in Maldives. Customized Maldives Travel Guide and Holiday Packages from

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Best Places to Visit in Maldives

  1. 1. Maldives – One of the Most Beautiful Collections of Islands on Earth
  2. 2. Alimatha Island: Alimatha is famous for its abundant fish life and Scuba Diving. Its reef is the southern edge of Myaru Kandu, one of the most famous channel dives in the whole world. This dive location is so beautiful that it has been included within the government-sanctioned list of protected dive sites.
  3. 3. Banana Reef: The Maldives dive site Gaathugiri, also known as Banana Reef, gets its name from the shape of the island when viewed from above. It is one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives, one of the first to be discovered.
  4. 4. HP Reef: HP Reef is an arresting reef with prominent caves and crannies overdressed with coral establishments and rich colorful marine life.
  5. 5. Biyadhoo Island Resort: This peaceful and relaxed resort has access to one of the Maldives' finest house reefs and is a haven for divers with a wealth of dive sites nearby.
  6. 6. Bluetribe Moofushi: Moofushi's scuba centre organises diving for experts in over twenty diving points and PADI certificate courses for beginners and non-beginners. The courses are for everyone and are easy, fun and safe, and at the end you will have a certificate that is recognised the world over.
  7. 7. Manta Point: To make sure you have the best experience, remain neutrally buoyant, stay in one place and let the mantas come to you. They will circle around in clear view of all the divers. A unique and exciting dive for novice and experienced divers.
  8. 8. Sun Island Resort and Spa: With a wide variety of entertainment and sports options, this is an ideal resort for families with older children as well as for young couples. Children will enjoy the large swimming pool, the huge beach that surrounds the entire circumference of the island, the variety of sports and the electronic games centre.
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