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Viabl: Relationship Automation in SugarCRM


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Viabl for SugarCRM allows salespeople and account executives to build strong relationships with customers and contacts. Viabl also helps businesses improve customer retention and CRM user adoption.

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Viabl: Relationship Automation in SugarCRM

  1. 1. Relationship Automation in SugarCRM
  2. 2. VIABL + SugarCRM VIABL
  3. 3. VIABL Relationship Notifications VIABL + SugarCRM
  4. 4. VIABL Relationship Notifications Contact Frequency VIABL + SugarCRM
  5. 5. VIABL Relationship Notifications Contact Frequency Personalized Communication VIABL + SugarCRM
  6. 6. RELATIONSHIP NOTIFICATIONS Viabl uses your SugarCRM activity data to let you know when it’s time to reach out to your contacts
  7. 7. CONTACT FREQUENCY Green, yellow and red indicators keep you up to date on the contact status of Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  8. 8. ONE-CLICK ACTIVITIES One-click disposition buttons streamline contact related activities like call logging and sending emails
  9. 9. REPORTING FUNCTIONALITY Run reports using data from Viabl to determine how well your team conducts outreach.
  10. 10. Get Started For Free at CONTACT US