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Enhancing SugarCRM With Relationship Automation


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A statistical breakdown of the many ways that Viabl enhances SugarCRM

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Enhancing SugarCRM With Relationship Automation

  1. 1. Enhancing SugarCRM with Relationship Automation
  2. 2. BY THE NUMBERS Your organization has 5Meeting Makers that make 100calls per day
  3. 3. That is: 2500Calls per week CALLS PER WEEK
  4. 4. That is: 2500 1875Calls per week Voicemails CALLS PER WEEK
  5. 5. That is: 2500 1875 625Calls per week Voicemails Other Dispositions CALLS PER WEEK
  6. 6. Logging a voicemail in SugarCRM requires 24Clicks and keystrokes SugarCRM VM
  7. 7. Your Teams Clicks and Keystrokes 57,500 /wk Base SugarCRM THE METRICS
  8. 8. Your Teams Clicks and Keystrokes 5,000 /wk VIABL THE METRICS 57,500 /wk Base SugarCRM
  9. 9. Infinitely Happier Sales People 91%Reduction IN PERCENATGES
  10. 10. SugarCRM Out of the Box Time Effective
  11. 11. SugarCRM Out of the Box 15~ seconds(per call disposition) Time Effective
  12. 12. SugarCRM with Viabl 15~ seconds 2~ seconds (per call disposition) (per call disposition) Time Effective
  13. 13. Minutes Time Effective
  14. 14. Minutes 625(minutes per week) Time Effective
  15. 15. Minutes 625 84(minutes per week) (minutes per week) Time Effective
  16. 16. This is only for 5 meeting makers. We didn’t include sales people, account managers, support people and other cold callers! THE REALITY
  17. 17. More Productivity Happier Users Higher User Adoption And the best part…. All the Management Metrics you need! NEED MORE?
  18. 18. Get Started For Free at CONTACT US