Tips for managing marketing content across multiple regions


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We’ve compiled some tips to help you understand the business value of centralizing your content management and localization process, including how and why you need regional stakeholder "buy-in" from each target market.

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Tips for managing marketing content across multiple regions

  1. 1. Managing content across multiple regions
  2. 2. Don’t suffer from the ‘Black Hole Syndrome’ black hole /ˈsinˌdrōm/ Noun 1. When Geos make their own decisions on what they want to localize and how without HQ knowing how the assets are going to be used. There is no easy way to track this when Geos are managing the localization process. Page 2 Managing content across multiple regions Tweet this
  3. 3. Protect your global brand. Standardize brand messaging worldwide by centralizing control. • Overarching strategy • Better knowledge over asset usage • Brand consistency • Working relationship with each geographical region versus siloed efforts • Budget maintained from single group Page 3 Managing content across multiple regions
  4. 4. Control cost. Cisco went from working with 174 different global vendors to just four and benefited from $20m dollars in annual savings, while increasing consistency and visibility. Plus, they no longer have to work with hundreds of different currencies and invoices. Centralizing helps you stretch your translation budget by maximizing your potential to leverage Translation Memory. A customized Translation Memory allows you to quickly and easily store, organize, update and apply your prior translations to future jobs. Page 4 Managing content across multiple regions
  5. 5. Get your in-region stakeholders to accept this change. • Get Geos involved early on in the localization process so they don’t feel as though they are being left out • Establish close Geo relationships through collaboration to gain their trust • Use qualified “in-region reviewers” to alleviate their concerns and reduce review cycles for faster global campaign rollout Page 5 Managing content across multiple regions
  6. 6. Create guidelines and establish review cycles to ensure quality and consistency. A clear review cycle process saves time on edits and gains Geo involvement. Outline which components will be available for review, and establish which kind of reviews can be made, at what stage, and how often. Page 6 Managing content across multiple regions
  7. 7. Develop your style guides and glossaries. Glossaries and style guides are the primary vehicle for global brand consistency. They create a common ground for discussion and brand progression to build upon and keep even the best translators and internal reviewers from getting tangled up. Page 7 Managing content across multiple regions
  8. 8. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Language translation is a very subjective process. Make it objective and get specific by introducing scorecards that measure time, quality, message and brand adherence. Page 8 Managing content across multiple regions
  9. 9. Need accurate, quality translation now? We can help. Our network of over 5,000 hand- picked specialized translators and reviewers is available 24x7. Page 6 Get Started Copyright © 2014, All rights reserved. 1-800-737-8481 Managing content across multiple regions