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Do now


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Ms. Childs, Period 5

Published in: Education
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Do now

  1. 1.  1. Go to your class HUB page, click on the link for the library's web page, view the 3 minute video Slideshow on Genres  2. While viewing the video, on the same strip of paper on which you listed the genres, in the library, add other genres that you did not list last Thursday. Keep this for your records, place it in your notebook.  3. Remember how to get to our 24 Hour Catalog?  4. Remember how FICTION and NON-FICTION, (especially Biography) call #s are listed. Biographies for Hillary, Bill, and George will all have the same call number 921 CLI  5. If you do not have a book, the library is open during 1st and 2nd lunch Tuesday. (Hunter is off campus today.) Do Now Period B5, September 12