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Pat manson

  1. 1. Developing an EU 2020 strategy to make a better internet for childrenPatricia MansonHead of UnitEuropeanCommission
  2. 2. Overview of presentation• Why a strategy now?• Our starting premises• What it covers• Taking it forward • Stakeholders • Funding
  3. 3. Why a strategy now?• Key factors • Children going online ever younger & on the move • Multiplicity of connected devices – smart phones, tablets, games consoles, PCs, TVs etc • Children are a market for these devices • Digital single market – opportunity to provide new services and content for children • Emerging (and maybe disparate) initiatives • Growing political interest – education and skills, protection, cyber security • Rapidity (and unpredictability) of change• Lack of joined-up approach that recognises children as group with specific needs
  4. 4. Our starting points• Strengthen opportunities for business • counter possible fragmentation of the market arising from different (co)regulatory approaches and codes eg parental controls, content classification, illegal content • Improve conditions and market for digital content for children – leveraging production of content, creating user-confidence and trust• Strengthen opportunities for children • Support digital literacy and competence – 21st century skills • Encourage creativity – make the Internet a place to learn and play
  5. 5. Our starting points• Mitigate risks and support user confidence • Continue to support protection measures for access to harmful content and contact • Manage (new) behavioural risks• Continue to fight against illegal content, especially child pornography
  6. 6. Developing the strategy• Acknowledges that children are a group of internet users with specific needs• Combines and coordinates a series of instruments (regulation, self-regulation, financial support) for making a better internet for children• Addresses all stakeholders • Commission • Member States • Industry, NGOs• Strong emphasis on self-regulation – but legislative action not ruled out if needed
  7. 7. Actions around 4 pillars1. High quality content online for children and young people2. Stepping up awareness and empowerment3. Creating a safe environment for children online4. Fighting against child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation
  8. 8. Pillar 1 - High quality content online for children and young peopleIncludes actions to:• Stimulate the production of creative and educational content for children• Promote positive online experiences for young children
  9. 9. Pillar 2 – Stepping up awareness and empowermentIncludes actions to:• Promote digital and media literacy and teaching online safety in schools• Scale up awareness activities and youth participation• Offer simple and robust reporting tools for users
  10. 10. Pillar 3 – Creating a safe environment for children onlineIncludes actions to:• Provide age-appropriate privacy settings• Provide a wider availability and use of parental controls• Provide a wider use of age rating and content classification• Avoid overspending and inappropriate advertising to children online
  11. 11. Pillar 4 – Fighting agains child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitationIncludes actions for:• A faster and systematic identification of child sexual abuse material disseminated online, notification and takedown of this material• Reinforcing international cooperation in the field
  12. 12. Taking the strategy forward• Relies on industry, Commission and Member States• Priority given to self-regulation – building on the CEO Coalition actions • Robust reporting mechanisms • Age-appropriate privacy settings • Content classification • Parental control tools • Take-down of child pornography• Continuing to work with industry initiatives – delivering measures to monitor and review• Member States – scale up their support awareness, operationalise eSafety education
  13. 13. Taking the strategy forward• Commission • Financial support – through the Safer Internet Programme • Connecting Europe Facility – safer internet proposed as one of the digital services • Horizon 2020 (from 2014)• Work with current relevant legislation in force (Directive on combating sexual abuse, Data Protection, eCommerce Directive etc)• Envisages further legislation if necessary
  14. 14. Today and the immediate future• Communication on a better internet for children: Adopted: 02 May • Text available on Safer Internet Programme website at:• European Parliament own initiative report – Mrs Costa• EESC committee report• From INFSO to ConNECT – brings together inclusion, skills and youth, with learning as the core driver.• CEF – Council Working Groups and EP - ensure the Safer Internet Services Infrastructure is understood by these decision makers
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention