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Anna rywczynska


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Anna rywczynska

  1. 1. “Become a friend of your child” – educational tool for parents Anna Rywczyńska NASK Polish Safer Internet Centre Coordinator
  2. 2. • „Become a friend of your child” is the educational project prepared by NASK within Safer Internet framework on March 2012.• The new campaign concerns the problem of the obstacles that parents encounter while trying to meet the virtual environment of a child and how difficult it is to “connect generations” in the era of new media. The tool is dedicated to parents of primary school children.• The educational material consists of five animated cartoons which depicts Internet related issues that may be faced in daily parental life such as: dangerous contacts, malicious online content, parental control programs, balance between online and offline child’s activity and the approach to the new technologies.
  3. 3. • The campaign is kept in a funny, vivid and entertaining formula and the goal is to make the parents more familiar with the virtual habits of their children and thus to understand them better• Together with five movies the leaflets with series of the pieces of advices for parents will be disseminated.• Parents are one of the most difficult target to be reached – thats why the idea is to disseminate educational packages at companies through HR Departments and through Intranets.
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