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Andy phippen

  1. 1. Websex – Wheres The Harm? Prof Andy Phippen© South West Grid for Learning Trust
  2. 2. Sexting Research – 20010Analysis responses from 30 schools, years 9-11,1,150 in total. Administered in schools.•38% have friends who had “sexted”•13% say it happens all the time•56% were aware of distribution to other people insome cases•Majority (70%) would turn to friends if they gotinto trouble.•38% see nothing “inappropriate” about a toplessimage, 14% say similar about a naked one.
  3. 3. Understanding “inappropriate” “when they play with “a picture of someone there virgina” having sex” “a picture of my nan” “a naked guy in a banana suit, some sheep in a bath tub, somone eating them selfs, chicks with, two girls one cup, meat spin, lemon party…
  4. 4. Websex – Preliminary Results950 self selecting – online survey, disseminationvia BBCOlder teens and young adults (16-24)M/F split: 330/620
  5. 5. Positive use of tech100%90%80%70%60%50% Strongly disagree Disagree40% No opinion30% Agree20% Strongly agree10% 0% Technology has a I find it easier to Online activities Online interaction positive impact on interact with are a regular part is an important my relationships people online of interaction in a part of forming © SWGfL Trust 2011 than in person relationship new relationships
  6. 6. Potential changes in behaviour?100%90%80%70%60%50%40% Strongly disagree30% Disagree20% No opinion10% Agree 0% Strongly agree Online People can be I behave I feel there is I have had interaction can more differently in less risk in entirely online damage promiscuous online indulging in explicit “offline” online than interactions online explicit relationships relationships offline than I would in activities than with people person there is with “offline” © SWGfL Trust 2011 interactions
  7. 7. Have your online activities ever caused problems/difficulties in “offline” relationships (for example, excessive/non stop communication, viewing pornography, flirting with other people, inappropriate contact with other people, jealous behaviour, etc.)? Yes No© SWGfL Trust 2011
  8. 8. Problems caused
  9. 9. Contact/conduct"Sexting" resulted in the guy demanding more, andignoring me in real life if I did not provide photographsfor him.the guy i was seeing said he didnt think i could trusthmi and the only way it would prove that i could trusthim was to send him pictures, then once i had donethat he realised if he bribed me he could get moreand he said if i didnt send more he would put the onfacebook.i cheated on my boyfriend with a guy 2 years olderthan me and my boyfriend found out and we brokeup all because of online flirting which i have to say didturn into snogging.
  10. 10. Issues of PrivacyI have previously been so jealous when my then partnerwas flirting on facebook that I hacked his email and startedchecking it twice daily.My previous relationship ended due to me constantlybeing in contact with other guys online. My other half wentthrough all my online profiles too to find out what I hadbeen up to.BF engaged in explicit webcam chat with males andfemales using IM service MSN Messenger. I accidentallystumbled across the images (taken using print screenbutton) of conversations when borrowing his USB stick (thefiles were hidden so I didnt see them but my graphicsoftware picked them up later when I was using theprogram).
  11. 11. Pornography as a problemmisguided sex view from pornSex acts in porn which are appealing to self arenot desired by partnerDesensitised to porn to the extent that gettingarouse with a partner takes more visual andtactile effort from a partnerI found watching too much porn online almostnumbs me to real life "porn". I realised I needed tocut back!
  12. 12. Flirting???Boys being boys and getting too flirtyI work on refineries and many men cheat onthere and due to me being the only under 40female on site for 800 guys many flirted with mesending pics of cocks and with tech its veryeasy to get carried away and with mycharacter being hard to be horrid put ppl downI ended up being with my partner and havingthree guys texting fb every day. Problems in myopen relationship partner who I then caughtcheating by hacking into his fb account
  13. 13. Websex – preliminary results•29% had engaged in explicit online activitiesby the age of 16 (16% 15 or under)• Youngest: 11•44% have met a stranger offline after anonline introduction• 28% of those for “casual sex”• M/F split: 44%/17%
  14. 14. ImplicationsMost view tech as playing a positive role information and conduct of relationshipsBut there are areas of concern• Causes trouble in relationships• An increase in promiscuity?• What is “acceptable” behaviour in technology• The likelihood of meeting strangers following online introduction