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Rest over soap


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Published in: Technology

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Rest over soap

  1. 1. EEDCExecution 34330Environments for REST over SOAPDistributedComputingMaster in Computer Architecture,Networks and Systems - CANS Homework number: 2 Hugo Pérez –
  2. 2. Index ● Advantages ● Estatistics ● Who use REST
  3. 3. Advantages of REST over SOAP Simple - Does not need a toolkit to develop Lightweight - Response could consume 10 times less bandwith Flexible - Manage different data formas not only XML Speed - Stateless therefore can caching, improving speed
  4. 4. Statistics
  5. 5. Who use REST ● Google ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Amazon ● Yahoo ● ... You can query on line:
  6. 6. Thanks Questions?