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A110 2 multiplyingpolys


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A110 2 multiplyingpolys

  1. 1. Algebra 1<br />10.1Multiplying Polynomials<br />EX1:Use _________________________ ________________________ to multiply a monomial by a polynomial.<br />-4x23x2+25x-7<br />Reminders:<br /><ul><li>Only combine (add or subtract) ___________________________ terms.
  2. 2. Multiplying powers = ________________________ exponents.</li></ul>Use FOIL to multiply two ______________________________________ together.<br />EX2:What does FOIL stand for?<br />F<br />O<br />I<br />L<br />3x+25x-7<br />Use __________________________________________________ when multiplying polynomials that are not both binomials.<br />EX:x-25+3x-x2<br />*****Turn in before class is over:<br />Multiply 4x2-3x-12x-5<br />