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2011 2012 second grade parent orientation


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2011 2012 second grade parent orientation

  1. 1. Parent Orientation Night<br />Mrs. Hawley’s 2nd Grade Class<br />
  2. 2. Class Schedule<br /> <br />7:35-7:45 Greet Class<br />7:45-8:00 Announcements, Lunch Count, Morning Work<br />8:00-8:30 Small Group Pullout (Intervention/Enrichment), Handwriting, D.E.A.R.Time<br />8:30-9:00 Whole Group Reading<br />9:00-9:15 Grammar & Spelling<br />9:15-9:45 Guided Reading Groups, Literacy Centers<br />9:45-10:00 Recess<br />10:00-10:05 Restroom/Water Break<br />10:05-10:40 Guided Reading Groups & Literacy Centers<br />10:40-11:20 Writer’s Workshop & Author’s Chair<br />11:15-11:45 Lunch (Tables 1-2)<br />11:50-12:00 Restroom/Water Break<br />12:00-12:35 Social Studies/Science<br />12:35-1:35 Math Lesson & Problem of the Day (F.A.S.T.)<br />1:40-2:25 Specials <br /> (Day 1 – P.E., Day 2 – Music, Day 3 – P.E., Day 4 – Computer, Day 5 – P.E., Day 6 - Art)<br />2:30-2:45 Math Wall / Target Math<br />2:45 Dismiss Students<br />
  3. 3. Student Binders/Homework<br /><ul><li>Behavior Calendar – Check daily & initial
  4. 4. Homework :
  5. 5. READ 15-20 Minutes Daily(There is not a log right now but if I see I drop in either a Reading grade or level I will need documentation of nightly reading per student.
  6. 6. Students are responsible for turning in homework packets on Friday (math & grammar included)
  7. 7. Students will present their weekly Reader’s Response Journal each Friday using the Depth & Complexity Icons
  8. 8. Homework Grading Policy- All second grade teachers will mark homework under the “Accepts and </li></ul> Fulfills Responsibilities "Section of the Report Card<br /><ul><li>0-3 times turned in late = E, 4-6 = S, 7-9 = N, 9+ = U
  9. 9. Graded Papers:
  10. 10. If grade is below a 70, Please Sign and Return
  11. 11. If grade is above a 70, Please Keep (to display on fridge)
  12. 12. Friday Folder Pocket (in your child’s binder:
  13. 13. Be sure to check weekly for school wide information</li></ul>Student projects<br /><ul><li>November- Student Timelines (pictures of their childhood needed)
  14. 14. January- Optional Student Treasures Book (about $20)
  15. 15. February – Woodland Animal Research Project - Parent Help Greatly Appreciated During Library Research Portion!!</li></li></ul><li>Promotion Requirements <br />General Promotion<br />Requirements<br />70% end-of-year average in reading and in math<br />work on grade level in math<br />read and comprehend unseen text at an ending 2nd grade level<br />fluency expectation is 10 times your child’s age (Ex. Age 7X10 =70wpm)by the end of second grade<br />demonstrate most of the 2nd grade TEKS in reading, language arts, and math<br />
  16. 16. Specific Requirements For Promotion to third Grade<br />Math <br />recall 30 subtraction facts to 18 on a 5 minute timed test<br />Recall 30 addition facts to 18 on a 5 minute timed test<br />place value- read, write and describe whole numbers to 999 as well as compare and order numbers to 999<br />Writing <br />Receive a 2,3, or 4 on a writing sample using NISD rubric (example in Coyote Binder)<br />
  17. 17. Language Arts Curriculum<br />Sentences<br />Parts of a sentence<br />Developing ideas and topics<br />Statements and questions<br />Exclamations and Commands<br />Language Arts <br /><ul><li>nouns
  18. 18. verbs
  19. 19. adjectives
  20. 20. quotations</li></ul>Writer’s Workshop<br /><ul><li>Beginning , Middle and End
  21. 21. Use of editing marks</li></ul>Handwriting<br /><ul><li>Manuscript
  22. 22. Cursive </li></ul>Spelling<br /><ul><li>tests</li></li></ul><li>Math Curriculum<br />Using addition strategies<br />Using subtraction strategies<br />Patterns and numbers to 100<br />Money<br />Adding two-digit numbers<br />Subtracting two-digit numbers<br />Time<br />Measurement<br />Patterns and numbers to 1,000<br />Geometry, fractions, and probability<br />Adding and subtracting three-digit numbers<br />Exploring multiplication and division<br />
  23. 23. Science & Social StudiesIntegrated Curriculum<br />Patterns all Around Us- rules, citizenship, map skills<br />Patterns where we live- living and non-living, basic needs, locate places on a map, continents and oceans<br />Historical Changes-timelines, research historical figures, Thanksgiving<br />Physical Changes- properties of objects, measurement of change (matter)<br />How science changes our world- sound, order of events, evolution of technology and communication<br />Airplanes are systems- airplanes , transportation<br />Our Government as a system- roles of public officials, local state and federal government<br />Woodland Forest Ecosystems- ecosystems, land characteristics, resources, national parks<br />San Antonio- settlement patterns, water as a resource, water cycle, celebrations as a culture<br />Economics- producers, consumers, free enterprise, trace a product from a natural resource to a finished product<br />
  24. 24. Reading Curriculum<br />Read Aloud with Literature Discussions<br />Shared & Performance Reading (ex. Reader’s Theatre)<br />Guided Reading<br />Use Technology & Communication<br />
  25. 25. Rules and Expectations<br />
  26. 26. Before School <br />Students must sit in the hallway assigned by their teacher.<br />Student may NOT arrive before 7 a.m., as teachers are not on duty to supervise them.<br />Students must practice math facts, read a book, or study spelling words each morning before the bell. <br />Students can only leave with permission.<br />All electronic game devices must be left at home. <br />
  27. 27. Lunch Room <br />Walk<br />Ask permission before leaving your chair<br />Sit properly in chair<br />Talk quietly<br />Touch only your food- NO SHARING PLEASE!<br />Buy only one dessert before sitting down<br />Pick up trash and push chairs under the table<br />(Students’ behavior is monitored and recorded daily)<br />
  28. 28. Recess<br />Play only in designated areas.<br />Use equipment safely and appropriately.<br />Leave objects where you found them.<br />Avoid unnecessary physical contact- No tag!<br />
  29. 29. Classroom<br />Kuentz School Rules<br />Y.E.L.P<br />Your choices are your own.<br />Everyone shows respect.<br />Listen and follow directions.<br />Position yourself for success.<br />
  30. 30. Classroom<br />Daily Behavior Chart<br />You will begin on green each day.<br />Your behavior calendar will be located in your daily binder.<br />Parents or guardians please initial the box on a daily basis.<br />Green = SUPER DAY!<br />Yellow = Walking 3 minutes at Recess<br />Orange = Walking 6 minutes at recess and marked behavior log<br />Red = Walking all of Recess and marked behavior log<br />Purple = Note or phone call home<br />Blue = Office Referral<br />
  31. 31. Reward System<br />-There is a reward system in place that involves getting “Making Good Choices” tickets. <br />-They will get them throughout the week when they are making good choices (especially when they think no one is looking).<br />-They will get to use their tickets to buy things at our store (in my closet).<br />-We also have a class compliment system where we drop marbles in the bucket every time the ENTIRE CLASS shows good character.<br />
  32. 32. Weekly Newsletter<br />On Mondays, a newsletter will be sent home containing homework assignments, spelling words, and a brief description of curriculum in each subject.<br />Visit my webpage at for a new copy of the newsletter, information about me, our daily schedule, upcoming events, and some fun websites for your children.<br />
  33. 33. Star of the Week<br />We will have a star of the week every week beginning September 19, 2011.<br />I will provide the paper that the students can fill out.<br />I will choose the star of the week buy drawing their name from the bucket. <br />HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! <br />They will get to display it in the classroom for the entire week and they will get to present their poster to the class along with something they want to show and tell about. If they do bring something it must fit in their backpack.<br />
  34. 34. Report Cards<br /><ul><li>Report cards will be issued every nine weeks. </li></ul>Your child will receive a numerical grade for Reading and Math.<br />Reading levels this year will correlate with new NISD expectations that match our new reading adoption and testing materials. <br />Your child will receive a letter grade in all other subjects.<br /> E-Excellent<br /> S-Satisfactory<br /> N- Needs Improvement<br /> U-Unsatisfactory<br />
  35. 35. Snacks, Class Parties, and Birthday Celebrations<br />Snacks<br />Healthy Snacks may be brought to school for snack time.<br />Water bottles with a snap top may be brought to school.<br />Class Parties<br />Winter Celebration<br />Rodeo Day<br />End of Year Party <br />Birthday Celebrations (during recess or last 5 minutes of the day)<br />Invitations for birthday parties may be distributed at school if all boys, all girls, or all students are invited. <br />To celebrate student birthdays, parents may bring store bought cookies, cupcakes, or packaged snacks to distribute at recess or the last five minutes of the day. I appreciate your cooperation with this matter. <br />
  36. 36. Attendance<br />Attendance is a priority!<br />Any student who arrives after 7:45 will be counted tardy and issued a slip by the office.<br />Any student who arrives after 9:00 will be counted absent unless they have a note from a physician.<br />If a child is sent home before 9am they are considered absent.<br />Any student that is absent for 3 consecutive days must provide a statement from a health clinic or physician verifying the illness. <br />Vacations are UNEXCUSED absences, even if a note is sent in.<br />Personal illness, doctor appointments, family emergencies or a death in the family are EXCUSED absences. <br />Attendance Law Violations of Unexcused Absences: 3 full or partial day absences in a 4 week period OR 10 full or partial day absences in a 6 month period (partial day includes tardies and early pick-ups) <br />Children absent from school must provide the teacher with a note upon their return including the current date and date of absence, child’s name, reason and parent signature.<br />
  37. 37. Attendance Letter sent home 8-26-11<br />
  38. 38. Conferences<br />SIGN UP TONIGHT FOR FALL CONFERENCES!!! <br />Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held the week of October 11th – 18th. <br />Additional conferences will be scheduled as necessary to discuss academic or behavior issues.<br />I will ALWAYS make time for parent communication .<br />
  39. 39. Spirit Day!!<br />Spirit day is every Friday!<br />Don’t forget to purchase your new Kuentz shirt!<br />( If you have already ordered they will be arriving shortly.)<br />
  40. 40. How to Reach Me<br /><ul><li>Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.
  41. 41. My conference time is from 1:40-2:25. I will try to respond to any phone calls, notes or emails at that time.
  42. 42. E-mail-
  43. 43. Phone - 397-8050 Ext. 3153</li></ul>FYI: Wednesday is our team planning day during conference time. <br />(**please call the front office before 2:00 regarding any changes in transportation**)<br />
  44. 44. Thanks For Coming!!!<br />It’s going to be a great year…!<br />