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2014 2015 NHS Incoming Sophomore Summer Reading list

Incoming Northbrook HS 10th grade Summer Reading List with book trailers. Find one that interests you, and READ!!

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2014 2015 NHS Incoming Sophomore Summer Reading list

  1. 1. Northbrook High School 2014 All book cover photos taken from
  2. 2.  Tells the story of “Zits”, a Native American high schooler who loves to draw and play basketball.  Conflict arises when he wants to leave his reservation school and attend a “white” school for better opportunities.  Has many drawings throughout as the narrator explains situations through comedy.  You might like this book if…  You like sports  You like comedy written from a teenager’s point of view  You’re interested in race issues Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.00 Book Trailer
  3. 3.  Melinda is a high school student who has stopped speaking.  The reason for her choosing to not speak is shocking!  She finds an outlet to express herself through her art.  She copes with depression as her finds herself being ostracized by her friends at school  You might like this book if…  You think high school party life is glamorous  You don’t trust adults  You have a secret that you’re unable to tell anyone Barnes and Noble Cost: $7.99 Book Trailer
  4. 4.  Alice’s drug addiction starts when she is served a soft drink laced with LSD in a dangerous party game.  She gets addicted, causing her life to crumble all around her.  A journey that robs her of her innocence, her youth— and ultimately her life.  You might like this book if…  You wonder how drug addiction really affects people  You wonder the true effects of peer pressure  You like books written as diary entries Barnes and Nobel Cost: $7.99 Book Trailer
  5. 5.  Tells the story of Charlie, who tries to navigate his freshman year of high school  The trouble is that his best friend is no longer with him, causing Charlie to start with nothing at the beginning of high school.  He meets a group of friends that engage in everything from first dates and family drama…to sex, drugs, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  You might like this book if…  You want to see the perspective of high school from an outsider  You want to see the perspective of someone depressed after a great loss  You want to see a different light on high school groups  Barnes and Noble Cost: $11.20  Book Trailer
  6. 6.  Ben Wolf has big plans for his senior year.  He finds out he only has one year to live after finding out some devastating news.  He tries to keep his news a secret, but finds out that other people around him have secrets around.  You might like this book if…  You like books with strong-willed male characters  You like stories that involve high school sports  You want to know how a teenager reacts when he realizes he’s going to die soon.  Barnes and Noble Cost: $7.99  Book Trailer
  7. 7.  Lily Owens, a white girl, has her life changed dramatically when her mother is killed.  Lily has a black “stand-in mother” named Rosaleen takes Lily out of their own after racist comments are made.  They are taken in by beekeeping sisters who introduce Lily to a world of bees, honey, and the Black Madonna who presides over their household.  You might like this book if…  You like reading about the power of friendship  You are interested in race relations in the 1960s  You like reading about strong women  Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.80  Book Trailer
  8. 8.  Graphic Novel  Takes places in Baghdad, Iraq  Story of Lions which escape during the American Invasion in the 2000s.  Their story of survival mirrors the lives of many Iraqis.  You might like this if:  You like graphic novels (comics)  You like animals  You like war Barnes and Noble Cost: $11.99 Book Trailer
  9. 9.  Craig, attending a new school, realizes he’s not as brilliant as he once was—and his world begins crumbling around him.  He stops eating and sleeping, until he nearly kills himself.  Craig confronts his anxiety in a mental hospital, as he works though his own issues alongside his new neighbors including a transsexual sex addict, a girl who scarred her own face with scissors, and others.  You might like this book if…  You have felt lost in the world that you can’t control  You have ever felt depressed  You wonder what life is like in a mental hospital Barnes and Noble Cost: $7.99 Book Trailer
  10. 10.  Graphic Novel  Life of a teenage Chinese boy and the struggles he goes through.  Tells a total of three stories that intertwine as the characters deal with discrimination, self-identity, self- acceptance, and what is truth  You might like this book if…  You enjoy graphic novels  You can relate to being discriminated against  You want to see life from a minority’s perspective, perhaps unlike your own Barnes and Noble Cost: $7.99 Book Trailer
  11. 11.  When the Taliban took control of an area in Pakistan, Malala stood up for her right to an education.  She was shot in the face on the school bus.  Few expected her to survive.  She’s now an international symbol of peaceful protest.  Has spoken at the United Nations; nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize  You might like this if you…  Already know Malala’s story and consider her a hero  Are curious how she survived a bullet to the head  Want to stand up for what you believe Barnes and Noble Cost: $20.80Book Trailer
  12. 12.  Taking place in the 1980s, this tells the story of true love found in high school between two outcasts.  Told from both character’s perspectives.  Have a love for comic books and music  Eleanor struggles with her home life where she has an abusive stepfather and mother who doesn’t listen to her.  You might like this if you…  Like the realistic high school love story  Have felt like an outcast before  Smile when you think of your first love Barnes and Noble Cost: $15.19 Book Trailer
  13. 13. Hispanic author. Writes usually from the male perspective. Costs: Ball Don’t Lie: $6.39 Ball Don't Lie Trailer A Nation’s Hope: $7.19 A Nation's Hope Trailer Mexican WhiteBoy: $7.19 Mexican White Boy Trailer
  14. 14. She writes love stories, especially for teens. Barnes and Noble Cost: What Happened to Goodbye- $7.99 What Heppened to Goodbye Trailer Along for the Ride- $7.99 Along for the Ride Trailer Someone Like You- $7.99 Someone Like You Trailer
  15. 15. Write about teenage issues: love, friendship, finding out who you are in the world. The Fault in Our Stars The Fault in our Stars Trailer Paper Towns Trailer Looking for Alaska Trailer Will Grayson, Will Grayson Book Trailer An Abundance of Katherines Trailer Barnes and Noble: TFIOS: $10.39 An Abundance of Katherines: $7.99
  16. 16.  Tells the story of an Odessa, Texas football team who have the expectations to win the state championship.  Deals with what happens when you’re under pressure to excel when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Focuses on the people of Odessa and how they deal not only with football, but with race.  You might like this book:  You like real-life stories  You like sports, especially high school football  You want to know about “Texas Football” culture. Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.76 Book Trailer
  17. 17.  Tale of two adventurers as they travel the Appalachian Trail  The author and his friend Katz, both lazy couch- potatoes and in their 40s, decide one March to make the 2000-mile trail from Georgia to Maine.  The story talks about how both of them cope with being out of shape, going on an extensive journey that they’re ill-prepared for, and what happens when they need to make the choices whether to continue on.  You might like this book if…  You like a sense of adventure  You want to experience the world  You like stories of people who totally mess up Barnes and Noble Cost: $6.39 Book Trailer
  18. 18.  In 1959, in a small town in Kansas, four members of the Clutter family were savagely murdered by shotgun blasts held mere inches from their faces.  No motive for the crime, and almost no clues.  Truman Capote visits the murderers in prison and retells the story of the murders and investigation that led to the capture of the suspects, continuing through the trial and execution of the killers  A true story  You might like this book if…  You like murder stories  You are interested in police work  You have an interest in real-life stories Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.00 Book Trailer
  19. 19.  The author spent five years of her childhood being treated for cancer.  She spends the next 15 being treated different as a consequence of her cancer.  Takes more than 30 surgeries until she can accept what she looks like  Through that, she lives with the torture of rejection and the fear of never being loved.  You might like this book if…  You are interested in reconstructive surgery  You want a perspective of someone who gets made fun of for what she looks like  You want to know what it’s like to live with cancer and the after effects. Barnes and Noble Cost: $11.99 Book Trailer
  20. 20. Tells stories from the perspectives of Afghanis who survive many different situations. The Kite Runner ($12.80): A boy growing up before and during Taliban rule Book Trailer A Thousand Splendid Suns: Tales of women who suffered under Taliban rule Trailer And the Mountains Echoed ($23.16): Tells the story of families, all who have connections to Afghanistan and explores the ideas of love, honor, sacrifice, and betrayal.
  21. 21. Writes specifically for teenagers from unique perspectives. A number of his books deals with love, figuring out who you are, and where you fit in the world. Everday: $7.99 Book Trailer Boy Meets Boy: $7.19 Book Trailer
  22. 22.  Steve Lopez tells the story of a homeless man who was once a musical prodigy from Julliard.  The story centers around his friendship with Nathaniel Ayers, who due to having paranoid schizophrenia and becoming homeless, continues to play the violin.  Lopez helps him through writing articles for the Los Angeles Times, and getting the help he needs to realize his true musical dreams.  You might like this book if…  You are interested about the lives of homeless or someone who is schizophrenic  You are interested in mental health issues  You are someone who wants to help others  You have an interest in music or journalism Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.00 Book Trailer
  23. 23.  African-American maids in the south tell their stories of oppression, insults, and strength to Skeeter, a white woman, who wants to write a book about their lives.  The idea for the book stems from an idea to have separate bathrooms in the households for the domestic maids, so they don’t share with the white people.  Minny, Miss Celia, Aibieleen, and Yule May tell their very different stories that have common themes of helping each other, the power of telling stories, and the power of love.  You might like this book if…  You want to see how African-Americans were treated in the south during the Civil Rights Era.  You like reading about rebels  You want to see the best example of revenge cooking ever written Barnes and Noble Cost: $12.80 Book Trailer
  24. 24.  Death narrates this story of Liesel, a German girl left with foster parents just before World War II.  As a way to cope with losing her brother and the war, she steals books as a way to cope with the war.  As the war intensifies, her obsession with stealing books grows, supply rationing is in place, and her family hides a Jewish man in their basement from the Nazis.  Death continues to travel the earth in the story, taking more souls every day.  You might like this book if…  You like stories dealing with World War II and the Nazis  You have ever lost someone you loved.  You want to see what people can do to survive in extreme situations Barnes and Noble Cost: $10.39 The Book Thief