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Monachy of roses decon


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Monachy of roses decon

  1. 1. Music Video Deconstruction of Red Hot Chili Peppers – Monarchy of Roses Genre – Alternative Rock
  2. 2. The music video begins with a line of ink that creates a path and outline that turns in to the musicians playing the intro to the song. The camera angle follows this line throughout the whole music video in many interesting motions. The simplicity of this opening and the focus on the artists with their instruments is a convention of this type of music video as the main focus is on the artists talent.
  3. 3.  The simple colour scheme and nature of this music video continues as the lyrics begin. In this shot the focus is still on the artists and their talent with their instruments. In this shot the mise -en - scene also show that this band is not a mainstream pop band as they don't follow the latest fashion, as these band members are topless with big heavy black jackets and jeans on.  The use of the contrasting black and white imitate the raw dark feelings of the songs and what they are singing about as well as the hard sound of the guitars and drums.
  4. 4. The mix between the close up of the guitar on the left hand side and the long shot of the whole person playing the guitar on the right hand side combined makes the music video more interesting and varied. The continuing theme of the ink line running through each image and the contrasting black and white colour scheme creates a house feel for this music video as it follows the stereotypical conventions of alternative rock music videos: - Main focus on the instruments and artists talent, - Simple in colours, costumes, not lots of things going on at once, - Lyrics or significant messages within the songs.
  5. 5. This mix of animations and film footage create an interesting feel towards this music video as the two styles are combined. Even though the camera angle is more focused on the larger object of the train the focus is still on the artist as he is the only person in this scene walking along the top of the train. Lyrics: “Do you like it rough I ask and are you up to task? The calicos of pettibon where cultures come to clash”
  6. 6. Here because the camera is directly looking at the lead singer and the camera doesn’t move the main focus is still on him with the striking dark ink patterns developing around him. The fast paced cuts between each shots follows and mimics the fast pace beat of the music. The close up of the eyes is a striking image that shows the power that can be created by just using the continuing theme of the ink drawings.
  7. 7. This scene is the only part of the whole music video (the chorus) where there is colour added. The redness of the roses stand out against the black and the white and draws your eye to them as they are the main focus of the song. At this point the camera is panning 360˚ around the band at a low angle shot to make the band look powerful and controlling as the roses fall around them.
  8. 8. (Above) Panning camera movement between all the artists (Above) Tracking backwards as the ink line runs towards the camera creating scenes of the artists playing.