UNSTUCK: An introduction to Ribbonfarm Consulting


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An introduction to the approach and philosophy of Ribbonfarm Consulting, a boutique firm based in Seattle.

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UNSTUCK: An introduction to Ribbonfarm Consulting

  1. 1. UNSTUCK!Introducing the ribbonfarmapproach to consulting
  2. 2. We offer exactly the same servicesother boutique consulting firms do…
  3. 3.  Counsel on strategy Marketing and innovation support 1:1 coaching for executives Organizational development Briefings on business/technology trends Independent research services
  4. 4. …we even use the same tools…
  5. 5.  Discovery of raw input Surveys and interviews Excel-fu and beyond for data crunching Participant observation Mathematical modeling and simulation Scenario planning Thoughtful visualizations Customized conceptual constructs Long-form narrative synthesis Slide decks that jolt people awake
  6. 6. …and our experience is not inparticularly esoteric industries...
  7. 7.  Web and mobile Enterprise software Electronics hardware Aerospace and military IT Services
  8. 8. …but we still deliver different results...…results that get you unstuck...…from business-as-usual despair.
  9. 9. How?
  10. 10. The fox knows many things, thehedgehog knows one big thing.-- Archilocus10
  11. 11. Consultants can get youunstuck in two ways…
  12. 12. Attribution:Hedgehog: Lars KarlssonSome help you find the right answers…12(we do that some of the time)…
  13. 13. Attributions:Fox: Rob Leeand some help you find the right questions.13(that’s us most of the time)…
  14. 14. We learn from stories old and new…
  15. 15. Clausewitz and Sun TzuAl Ries’ PositioningPorter’s five forcesCarlotta Perez’s theoriesDrucker and PetersScrum and agileBlitzkrieg, Boyd and OODAEli Goldratt’s The GoalLean startupsTaleb’s AntifragilityChesbrough’s Open InnovationChristensen’s Disruption modelsYes, even villain du jour Frederick Taylor!…and use many models, old and new…
  16. 16. …but we’re not attached to any of them…
  17. 17. …(not even our own)“TEMPO is one of the most insightful and originalbooks on decision-making I’ve ever read…”– Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human“An uncannily accurate analysis of our choice-makingbehaviors”– David Allen, author of GETTING THINGS DONE“Tempo is a highly original and engaging book…In aworld where timing is increasingly central tosuccess…an essential read…for everyone.”– John Hagel, co-author of THE POWER OF PULL
  18. 18. And we can operate with just ONE principalVenkatesh Rao• PhD, Aerospace Engineering (Systems and Control), U. Michigan, 2003• Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Xerox Innovation Group, 2006-2010• AFOSR postdoc research at Cornell, 2004-2006• First employee at Sulekha.com, 1999-2000
  19. 19. because we can call on a brain trust of unusualpeople that’s been growing since 2007
  20. 20. …to go beyond our own thinking…TheGervaisPrincipleThe MiloCriterionThe GollumEffectThe LocustEconomyA Brief Historyof theCorporation:1600-2100Entrepreneursare the NewLabor
  21. 21. …and draw on the most creativecontemporary social and business thinking…
  22. 22. (that you won’t find in HBR)
  23. 23. to get you unstuck.
  24. 24. And though we do fail on occasion…
  25. 25. …and though some clients do decide ourapproach isn’t for them…Client Name Withheld“I have enough mixedfeelings about it that anyendorsement couldnt bea whole-hearted one”
  26. 26. …when we do succeed, our clientssay things like…
  27. 27. Venkat was able to apply some of his uniqueanalysis frameworks to our specific opportunitiesand present some deep and thoughtful strategies forus to consider as our market grows and matures.We had Venkat present these results widely withinour sales and leadership team which has beenvaluable in helping us frame our coming year.-- Scott Regan, Apigee.
  28. 28. [Venkat] has a fantastic ability to create dialogue inareas that are complicated but in need of discussionand is painfully honest - a much needed and veryrefreshing attribute.His work/time ratio is nothing short ofphenomenal, creating in -depth results in a matterof hours.-- Mat Jackson, Live-Mapp.
  29. 29. So if you or your organizationneed to get unstuck…
  30. 30. Give Venkat a call…