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Sam Bhagwat: Blueseed Overview


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Part I of Sam Bhagwat's talk at Refactor Camp 2013, focusing on Blueseed.

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Sam Bhagwat: Blueseed Overview

  1. Silicon Valley’sinternational startup community
  2. • 1,000 entrepreneurs• On a stationary ship• Just outside US jurisdiction• Easy access to Silicon Valley
  3. Blueseed at a glance Business/Tourist Visa: • can travel to US, 180 days/yr • can attend meetings, eventsBahamas flagged ship: • can’t earn income• can earn income, start companies• streamlined regulatory environmentVessel – 12 miles offshore, in international waters, outside U.S. jurisdictionTravel – using business/tourist visa
  4. What is Blueseed doing? Value Startups Equity
  5. Early tractionPress Customer interest: 348 startups United States India UK
  6. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” -- Steve Jobs, 1955-2011