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  • Presenter NotesToday we’ll focus on key areas where Microsoft Office SharePoint Server can help you deliver Internet-facing Web sites for your customers.The agenda includes:Web Business EvolutionCustomer Experience Drives Increased WCM UsageBusiness Needs Drive SolutionsEmpowering Businesses to Attain Web GoalsPartner OpportunitiesThe Microsoft Internet Business Platform Skills and RolesCore Web Business GoalsReachRetainRevenue
  • Hi All SharePoint VolunteersWarm WELCOME to “SharePointCon”SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint- the name itself is self explanatory, then what's the point in sharing SharePoint & what to share !The world starts from data and ends at data, there is so much data available across the world, it is not possible for every one even to get jist of that. When we were in initial classes of Computer sciences, the two key terms told to us were “Data and Information”. Let me reiterate thatData: “Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis”Information: Data represented in meaningful way or we can also say that the data displayed in the way we need Information can be either structured or unstructured.Structured information in simple terms is “what is stored and can be retrieved as and when required”. Like office documentsUnstructured Information on the other hand is the information which is not recorded or retrieved like friends chat or day to day conversation we do while in office.
  • Now a day the focus everywhere is to share more and more and more to make life smooth and easier. Even famous company having its punch line like“Jo tera ha vo Merha ha”The fancy Keyword given to “Sharing” is Collaboration.I am sure all of you sitting here are SharePoint experts, so lets today collectively explore and identify areas where SharePoint can be a the best fit technology solution. Before starting the journey of real life SharePointLets briefly and quickly try to recap few key questions ?
  • Presenter NotesSharePoint is the end-to-end platform for Web delivery.The toolset provided by SharePoint enables immediate management of content and digital assets, in a secure and extensible environment. Search is inbuilt, with additional options for FAST search connectors. Commerce Server provide retail and advertising Web Parts that you can plug directly into a SharePoint site. Excel remains the most commonly used analytics tool in the business world, and SharePoint brings Excel Services and dashboards to the BI market for your customers. SharePoint has established itself as a key player in the social software market.Your customers can establish a base site and then build additional functionality, for customers and staff. From a management perspective, there is a single platform so regulatory governance become a management function, rather than a headache.
  • Scenario 1:I got married last year, due to job, I and my wife got shifted from native location to a new location, I get so busy in office, My wife is expecting and I have no time to find the best hospital and doctors available. Problem – Getting Right Information on time in personalize, contextual & timely manner, Solution is a Public facing SharePoint site, where once user has registered on the basis of needs the information flows.- Domain Health CareScenario 2:Thanks Sir, Now I am a father of a three year old baby girl, and you know how difficult it is to get the admission in the primary school. And I have no idea about the various schools in nearby location and the facilities provided in the school. Fee package, extra-curricular activities, timings, rating are also important. Also an important factor for the primary school is the care of the infants and the information to be sent to the parents whether the child has reached school safely or not. How will I came to know about all these points for a school and the overall reviews about the school. You used to say that SharePoint can help in day to day life activities, How can SharePoint help me in this case. Problem – Getting Right Information on time in personalize, contextual & timely manner, Solution is a Public facing SharePoint site, where once user has registered on the basis of needs the information flows.-Domain EducationScenario 3:Thanks Sir, now my child is grown up and facing a new challenge of making a good Career for a stable life. There are millions of colleges around the globe, which is the best, why it’s the best, what are infrastructure capabilities, what are placement records, what is fees structure, how is the accommodation, how is commutation ohh Sir what to do. Even if I decide few colleges, I have to go all the colleges collect the form and do the payment. Also after admission, mass bunks in a college is a very common practice by students. But this is also a loss to the college students during examination as the lecture is missed. Lecturer wastes their time in taking attendance in every lecturer and to manage them. Is there any way by which SharePoint can help us in solving this problem? Problem remain Same Availability of information in personalized, contextual and timely manner.-Domain EducationScenario 4:Congratulation Sir, My daughter has got highest marks in college, lots of companies are approaching her but which to choose, how to see the stability To get settled is a major achievement in one’s life. This is possible only when they have a good and secured job in their hands whether the person is a boy or a girl. But to have a knowledge about the company’s profile(previous year’s profit), the suitability of the job profile for a particular person and the position offered to them in the company are some of the major hurdles. Does SharePoint has the capability to resolve this kind of a problem. Problem – Information availability domain - JobScenario 5: My daughter is earning handsome, and now it is the time to settle down by getting married. But the difficult thing is to get the best suitable match. Also to make all the arrangements for marriage like banquet hall booking, catering etc. are very difficult. How can SharePoint be helpful in this. Problem is information availability and execution, Domain - MarriageScenario 6:  A family wants to go to a trip on a foreign location but they are confused for the location and also the estimate for the trip is limited.  Can SharePoint help the family in deciding? Domain - TravelScenario 7: A service man has been given a transfer letter and the family needs to shift their location in a week. To sale the current house and find a new house in a new location is not at all easy. How can SharePoint help us in this case? Domain - HousingScenario 8: A person is successful only when they have some smart savings for emergency and future risks like life insurance policy, mutual funds, and other sort of investments. How can SharePoint help us in managing savings portfolio and help us to select the best plan to opt? Domain – Banking Finance and insuranceScenario 9: I want to spend some of my savings for shopping household goods like electronic items ( Television LED, Microwave, Refrigerator), Wooden furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. Can SharePoint provide me a complete list of available goods in the market and also help me in deciding the best one? Domain – Banking, Consumer FinanceScenario 10: A person needs a new mobile connection. But there are a lot of companies in the telecommunication market that it is really difficult to decide the best connection with a good rate plan. Also an important point to notice is the coverage area of the network. - Telecom
  • Hi Sir,I have joined a large multinational bank having more than 550+ branches across the nations with 10000 + employees, this bank is actually a merger of many banks having lots of LOBs .Sir this year as per BOSS my kRA this year are to :Increase Customer & Employees Provide collaboration among the Bank EmployeesStreamline the ProcessesEase of Scalability
  • Key MessageSharePoint offers a great development platform – for intranet and Internet facing sites.Presenter NotesDeveloper ProductivitySoftware developers can increase productivity with Visual Studio 2010 and the new SharePoint Designer 2010. SharePoint 2010 can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista for development purposes. With SharePoint 2010, software developers get a rich set of resources, including SDK documentation and product features such as the developer dashboard page.Rich Platform ServicesSharePoint 2010 provides new features for building business collaboration applications, including Silverlight hosting for user interfaces, LINQ to SharePoint, Client Object Model, BCS, data relationships, and large list scalability. Using BCS, developers now can integrate line-of-business data in SharePoint and Office Client solutions easily and with read/write capability.Flexible DeploymentDevelopers can build Sandboxed Solutions to be deployed on-premises or online, with built-in API limits and resource governance for administrators. In SharePoint 2010, new Sandboxed Solutions can be deployed to a corporate intranet or to a shared hosting environment, such as SharePoint Online.Additional NotesPresenter Guidance
  • Presenter NotesBuilding revenue is a core goal for just about every business, as is managing costs. The SharePoint WCM capabilities provide customers with the ability to manage their brand across diverse, multi-lingual Web sites, through the Site Variation feature. You can help customers extend the revenue by extending the capabilities of SharePoint through the integration of FAST Search and Commerce Server. The intuitive search functionality available with FAST technologies provides real revenue opportunities for Web sites, by making product readily available to Web users. Commerce Server provides Web Parts that you can integrate directly into a SharePoint page.SharePoint provides a single platform for multiple Internet, extranet, and intranet sites. These sites can benefit from the in-built SharePoint:Business Intelligence – Excel Services, dashboardsLOB Data Integration – Business Data CatalogSocial Computing – wiki, blog, and discussion group templatesECM and WCM – Document Center, Report Center, and Records Center template sitesSearch – SharePoint Search and FAST SearchAll of this is built on consistent performance, availability, and security standards offered by Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server.
  • SharePoint with Real Life

    1. 1. SharePoint Conference| Feb 2013
    2. 2. Unleashing SharePoint Potential 01 SharePoint Knock-Knock 02 SharePoint User Acceptability 03 SharePoint Capabilities-2007/2010/2013 04 Meet Mr. “Q” Singh with his Real Life Problems.. 05 Bull Fight of Mr. “Q” Singh and Mr. “O” Singh addressing Mrs. Shikha Business Perspective 07 Approach of Mr. Q Sigh to Mrs. Shikha 08 Case Studies| Feb 2013
    3. 3. Data Structured information Unstructured| Feb 2013
    4. 4.| Feb 2013
    5. 5. •SharePoint Team Services -STS 2001 •SharePoint Portal Server - SPS Site in a Box 2003 •Windows SharePoint Services v2 - FREE •SharePoint Portal Server 2003 – SPS 2003 DMS • Windows SharePoint Services v3- FREE 2007 • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007- MOSS 2007 Intranet •SharePoint 2010 Foundation- FREE 2010 •SharePoint 2010 Standard •SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Scalability •SharePoint 2013 Foundation- FREE •SharePoint 2013 Standard INTERNET/MOBILE 2013 •SharePoint 2013 Enterprise| Feb 2013
    6. 6. Server-based Excel Docs/tasks/calendars, spreadsheets and data blogs, wikis, e-mail visualization, Report integration, project Center, BI Web Parts, management “lite”, KPIs/Dashboards Outlook integration, Business offline docs/lists Intelligence Collaboration Rich and Web Platform Enterprise Portal forms based Services template, Site front-ends, LOB Business Workspaces, Mgmt, Portal Directory, My actions, Processes Security, Storage, Sites, social pluggable SSO networking, Topology, Site Model privacy control Content Search Integrated document Management management, records management, and Enterprise scalability, Web content contextual relevance, rich management with people and business data policies and workflow search 6| Feb 2013
    7. 7. Ribbon UI SharePoint Workspace Business Connectivity Services SharePoint Mobile InfoPath Form Services Office Client and Office Web App Integration External Lists Standards Support Workflow SharePoint Designer Visual Studio Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings API Enhancements Social Bookmarking REST/ATOM/RSS Blogs and Wikis My Sites Activity Feeds Profiles and Expertise PerformancePoint Services Org Browser Excel Services Chart Web Part Visio Services Web Analytics SQL Server Integration Enterprise Content Types Power Pivot Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Social Relevance Multi-stage Disposition Phonetic Search Audio and Video Content Types Navigation Remote Blob Storage FAST Integration List Enhancements Enhanced Pipeline 7| Feb 2013
    8. 8.  Design Manager  Newsfeeds  Autocomplete  Microblogging  PowerPivot add-in  People and expertise  Device Channels  SkyDrive Pro  Activity feeds  Excel Services search  Cross-site publishing  Site Mailboxes  Recommendations  Outlook social  Quick Explore connector  Friendly URLs  Record  Intent-driven search  Quick Analysis management  Communities  Search Engine  Document deep links  Self-service BI Optimization  Taxonomic  Hover cards  Discussions  Power View navigation  Managed Navigation  Query rules  Content categories  PerformancePoint  Discovery Center  Custom content  Content Search Web  Guest sharing Services sources Part  Central  OOB connectors  Person cards  Visio Services management  Analysis Engine  Yammer| Feb 2013
    9. 9.| Feb 2013
    10. 10. 01 02 03 04 Marriage 05 06 Housing 07 08 BFSI Consumer Durables 09 10| Feb 2013
    11. 11. S.N Life Role Requirement SharePoint 2010 AdvantageO.1. Child Birth 1.1 To Know the best available 1.Alert on computer and Mobile. 1.Provides the relevant information Doctor 2. Rating automatically 1.2To know best Available Hospitals 3.Document Library 2.Provide information with 1.3To know best facilities available in 4. List Library Rating[good, better, best] the hospital 5. Roles and Rights Management 3.Store the Document Related to 1.4To know the place where to Shop Child Birth at central location for clothes and accessories doctors, parents can access as per right2. Child 1.5 To Know the best available School 1. Alert on computer and Mobile. 1.Provides the relevant information Schooling 1.6 To know whether children 2. Rating automatically reaches or have started from 3.Document Library 2.Provide information with school 4. List Library Rating[good, better, best] 1.7 To read the class room session in 5. Roles and Rights Management 3.Store the Document Related to case, not attending the school 6. Video Web Part Child activities in school at central 1.8To know more about the 7. Announcement location doctors, parents can access topics/subjects as per right 1.9 To write leave application or 4.Child can play the class room send information to school, even if sessions and view the missed class not attending the school 5.Parents and Students come to 1.10 To See latest announcement in know latest information on Mobile school or education field| Feb 2013
    12. 12. 3 College 1.11 To Know the best available College 1. Alert on computer and 1.Provides the relevant information 1.12 To know whether your Mobile. automatically Ward[Children] attend college lectures 2. Rating 2.Provide information with Rating[good, better, 1.13 To read the college class room 3.Document Library best] session in case, not attending the 4.List Library 3.Store the Document Related to Lecture 5.Roles and Rights Ward[Children] activities in college at central 1.14 To know more about the Management location Professors, parents can access as per topics/subjects 6. Video Web Part right 1.15 To communicate with college, even 7. Announcement 4.Ward[Children] can play the lectures if not attending the college 8. Blogs sessions and view the missed lectures 1.16 To See latest announcement in 9. Wikis 5.Parents and Ward come to know college or education field 10. Document Set latest information on Mobile 1.17 To communicate with your friends 11. Versioning 6.Communicate with you professors even 1.18 To reads the valuable thoughts of 12.Content Management when not in college professors 13.Record Management 7.Create group of similar interest friends 1.19 To work on Research topic on 14. Note Board same set of documents 15.Latest News international and national| Feb 2013
    13. 13. 4 Jobs 1.20 To Know the best available 1. Alert on computer and 1.Provides the relevant information Employer Mobile. automatically 1.21 To know whether your 2.Rating 2.Provide information with employer Ward[Children] attend Office 3.Document Library /employee Rating[good, better, best] 1.22To go thru/ attend meeting if 4.List Library 3.Store the Document Related to not present 5. Roles and Rights Mgmt Ward[Children] activities in office at 1.23 To know more about the 6. Video Web Part central location Professors, parents can topics/ subjects 7. Announcement access as per right 1.24 To communicate with office 8. Blogs 4.Ward[Children] can play the important staff and colleagues, even if not 9. Wikis meeting/Training sessions and view the attending the college 10. Document Set missed class 1.25 To See latest announcement 11. Versioning 5.Employer/Employee come to know in Office 12.Content Management latest information on Mobile 1.26 To communicate with your 13.Record Management 6.Communicate with office notification’s colleague’s 14. Note Board even when not in office 1.27 To reads the valuable thoughts 15.Latest News 7.Create group of similar interest friends of industry professionals international and national 8.Enables to logs on all the business 1.28 To work on Research topic on 16. Workflow’s systems using single username and same set of documents 17. Single Sign on password 18. KPI/Dashboard| Feb 2013
    14. 14. 5 Marriage 1.29 To Know the suitable 1. Alert on computer and 1.Provides the relevant information match girl/boy Mobile. automatically 1.30 To Share the happiness 2. Rating 2.Provide information with suitable girl/boy and joy of the family, using 3.Document Library Rating[good, better, best] recorded or live sessions 4. List Library 3.Store the Document Related to function 1.31 To chats with family 5. Roles and Rights including bills and how the work needs to be members/friends Management performed at central location Stakeholders, 1.32 To know more about 6. Video Web Part Parents can access as per right the latest trends going in 7. Announcement 4.Ward[Children] can play the important Marriage’s 8. Blogs prerecorded events to get the idea how best 1.33 To know the best 9. Wikis they can arrange this Lifetime achievement places for visit after marriage 10. Document Set event 1.34 To read about how and 11. Versioning 5.employer/employee come to know best way to perform rituals 12.Content Management latest information on Mobile and customs happening 13.Record Management 6.Communicate with office notification’s even during marriages 14. Note Board when not in office 1.35 To know about 15.Latest News international 7.Create group of similar interest friends complicated issues related to and national 8.Enables to logs on all the business systems Child birth etc. after marriage 16. Workflow’s using single username and password 17. Single Sign on 18. KPI/Dashboard| Feb 2013
    15. 15. 6. Shopping/ Fun & 1.36 To Know the best 1. Alert on computer and 1.Provides the relevant information Frolic available Shop Mobile. automatically 1.37 To know whether Sale 2. Rating 2.Provide information with suitable shop to is Going on is Shop 3.Document Library purchase as per the requirement 1.38 To go 4. List Library 3.Store the Document Related to function thru/attend festivals in 5. Roles and Rights including bills at central location market virtually Management Stakeholders, Parents, Shop owners can 1.39 To know more about 6. Video Web Part access as per right the latest trends of fashions 7. Announcement 1.40 To communicate with 8. Blogs 4.User can play prerecorded view of the Shop Owners, even if not 9. Wikis products available for sale going to the market 10. Document Set 1.41 To purchase or 11. Versioning 5.Usercome to know latest information on perform transactions online 12.Content Management Mobile 1.42 To Chat with you 13.Record Management friends, share image ,videos 14. Note Board 6.Communicate with Key shopping 15. Latest News international notification’s even without going to market and national 7.Create group of similar interest friends 16. Workflow’s 17. Single Sign on 8.Enables to logs on all the sites using single 18. KPI/Dashboard username and password7. Finally Dea…..h]| Feb 2013
    16. 16. S.No. Feature SharePoint Feature1. Finalizing Election Dates 1.1 KPI/Dashboards can be associated with every state to know the status of the state as of now. 1.2 BCS/BDC can be used to integrate with state existing system to fetch the relevant data. 1.3 Announcement to announce the dates. 1.4 SMS/Emails Integration to send the details to Voters and state Bodies2. Election Nomination Filing 2.1 Nominees can file their nomination online even using their mobile. 2.2 Notifications: As the nomination is filed an alert is send to various stakeholders 2.3 Nomination Checking: As the system is integrated with other key system till state level, the qualifications defined by election commissioner can be validated at the same time.3. Election Publicity 3.1 Internet Portal in Multilingual languages can be used to display the work done by government in past days, Manifestos and Vision documents. 3.2 Nominees can reach to voters by bulk email or sms or by providing them the mobile view of the work done 3.3 Political parties can inform the voters of region about the meetings or Rath Yatras to be held in the constituency 3.4 Parties can even conduct Pre poll surveys by having Rating on the work performed4. Election Counting 4.1 Electronic Vote Counting machines can transmit the data instantly to election commission portal , hence no manual intervention in final counting increasing the performance and creating transparent system5. Election Result Declaration 5.1 The results as come can instantly can be send via/emails and mobile to the voters of the constitution and other important stakeholders 5.2 Political parties can perform trend analysis to reason of their big win or defeat without effort, as the details will be displayed in graphs/charts.General 1.Various documents created during the processes can be stored in document libraries[versioning, co-authoring, check-in-checkout] 2.Announcements:announcements during the life cycle of election processes can be used to inform various stake holders 3.Mobile Views/Email Integration: To send the notification in form of email or mobile text 4.KPI/Dashboard: To perform trend analysis and key indicators 5.BCS/BDC: To integrate with existing state systems to fetch and integrate the data as recordAdvantages 1.Operational Efficiency 2.Operational Transparency 3.Cost/Time Saving 4.Scalable System 5.Reliable systemNote: These are broad level features, can be detailed out more and Microsoft SharePoint enables to achieve this easily.| Feb 2013
    17. 17. Key Objective 1. Customer Satisfaction, Growth & Retention 2. Increased Operation Productivity 3. Streamline Processes Challenges Value Proposition 4. Ease of Scalability & Maintainability 1. Islands of information and applications 1. Enterprise Solution 5. Adaptability 2. Organization Level Global 2. Slow responsiveness to business and user Standards needs 3. Ease of Adaption 3. Costly custom development and maintenance Roadmap 4. Lower Cost 1. Governance Model 4. Poor sharing inside and outside the organization 5. Support 2. Information Architecture 5. Difficult to find the right content, data, and people 6. Domain Expertise 3. Capacity Planning 6. Increasing information management risk 4. Execution 5. Implementation| Feb 2013
    18. 18. Features SharePoint Open Source Last updated 2/12/2010 5/2/2012 Approximate cost Starts with $4000 USD free Programming Lang C# PHP Root access YES NO Shell access YES NO Web server IIS Apache, IIS, FASTCGI NIS Authentication YES NO Sandbox YES NO SMB Authentication YES NO Certification Program YES NO Trash YES NO Web DAV support YES NO| Feb 2013
    19. 19. Features Drupal Joomla Alfresco SharePointSYSTEM REQUIREMENT• Root Access No No No Yes• Shell Access No No No YesSECURITY• NIS Authentication No No No Yes• Kerberos Authentication No No Yes Yes• Problem Notification No No Yes YesSUPPORT• Certification Program Limited No Yes Yes| Feb 2013
    20. 20. Features Drupal Joomla Alfresco SharePoint EASE OF USE • Drag-n-drop content Free Ad on No Limited Yes • Style Wizard Limited No No Yes • Zip Archive No No Yes Yes Management • Clipboard No No Yes Yes Interoperability • ical Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes • WebDAVSupport No No Yes Yes Built-in-application • Chat Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes| Feb 2013
    21. 21. Features Drupal Joomla Alfresco SharePoint• Classified Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Data Entry Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Database Reports Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Events Management Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Expense Reports No Free Ad-on No Yes• Graphs and Charts Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• HTTP proxy No No No Yes• Bug Reporting Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Matrix No No No Free Ad-on• Newsletter Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes• Project Tracking Free Ad-on Free Ad-on No Yes| Feb 2013
    22. 22. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management-Gartner| Feb 2013 2013| Feb
    23. 23. Gaps Third Party Tools Admin,,, Workflow,, Remote Blob,, Mobile Device,, Record Management, m Taxonomy,,www.metavistech .com| Feb 2013
    24. 24.| Feb 2013
    25. 25. Rapidly develop solutions with Terabytes of data and multi- Visual Studio million item lists Developer Application Lifecycle Scale with Improved Platform resiliencyProductivity Management & Team Dev Governance and redundancy Solution quality improved with Advanced back-up, restore debugging tools and disaster recovery Rich solution UI with Collaboration across Intranet, Silverlight, XSLT View, Extranet and Internet Clean HTML Deployment On-premise and/or hostedDeployment options Platform Data Foundation – Flexibility Relationships, Lookup Data storage inside and Better programmability with outside the SharePoint DB LINQ, Client API Standardized WSP Package Enterprise-wide management Deployment capabilities Solution SharePoint Online shared IT Productivity Robust installation and Hosting solution hosting predictable upgrade process Install on Vista SP1 or Higher availability with better Windows 7 for Developers patch management only| Feb 2013
    26. 26. BUILD BRAND Reach and retention builds a brand US DE FR • Brand management across platforms and languages • Consistent messaging • Business control BUILD REVENUE Extend customer services to generate revenue • Integrate commerce facilities • Generic and personalized content • Instant Mobile Development MANAGE COSTS Capitalize on existing infrastructure and skills • Single platform: Internet, extranet, intranet • Familiar development toolset • Reusable skills, reduced training| Feb 2013
    27. 27. 5.Adaptability 1.Customer Satisfaction 2.Productivity Increase 1.Customer Satisfaction 4.Scalability| Feb 2013
    28. 28.| Feb 2013
    29. 29.| Feb 2013
    30. 30.| Feb 2013
    31. 31.| Feb 2013