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An Overall view on Inverters


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An Overall view on Inverters

  1. 1. An Overall view onInverters
  2. 2. There are many home appliances and otherequipments in a house which are run byelectricity. Inverters are the prime resources toproviding the ability of usage of those electricalappliances during a power outage or shutdown.The backup source can be viable for usage of TV,lights, kitchen appliances, computer, etc but alldepends on the type that has been used. Thesespecially designed to operate for high-consumption appliances and equipments alltogether at once or some depending upon thecombination set.
  3. 3. Vital piece of inverters:It is an equipment which is shaped as a rectangular piece inwhich a number of batteries are lined up and attached to eachother parallel or series vise. The batteries are the main pieceof inverter without which it is useless. The batteries can becharged by generators, solar panels or any other power supplysource. The batteries should always be kept fully charged sothat they can be utilized during emergencies.
  4. 4. How the inverters function?They operate by converting direct current (DC)power into alternating current (AC). Thestandardized form of current is AC by which allthe electrical appliances and equipments areused whereas the batteries in an inverter canonly store current in DC form. The powersupplied to homes by the main power grid ofthe city is in the form of AC and thus all theelectrical appliances are operated under thisform. Therefore the batteries need theconversion of DC into AC.
  5. 5. Uses classification through types:There are appliances that use higher-energyconsumption than others and if too manyappliances of such high-energy are used together,the inverter that is used should be able to handlesuch power. True Sine wave inverters are aportrayal of almost the same power as a mainpower grid and thus should be used for such highenergy-consumption appliances. They arespecifically designed so that they can undertakethe operations of high-energy consumptionappliances and equipments. These are quiteexpensive but very efficient in its performance ofdelivering full power.
  6. 6. Most of the times at home, only few homeappliances are used and thus doesn’t requiremuch power. Small equipments like kitchenappliances, lights, etc only use limited amountof energy and thus Modified Sine Waveinverters are used in these situations. This oneis much cheaper than the True sine wave sincehigh power- consumption appliances such asheaters, ovens, etc cannot be operated throughit; they are not capable of handling such high-energy consuming appliances and equipments.
  7. 7. Benefits of multiple ratings:People have different requirements such as theneeds of an office and home will apparently bediverse. There are three fundamental ratings ofan inverter and each suitable for a distinguishedpurpose. There are few appliances that need ahigher power to begin operating but once it startsrunning, the power usage decreases significantly.For these kind of appliances, surge ratings areused which give the high power for commencingperiod and then slows down after it. Examples ofthese are TVs and refrigerators.
  8. 8. There are multiple appliances andequipments which needs relentless power thewhole time they are being used. However, if theinverters are used for a long time, there is apossibility that they might overheat andeventually shut down.30-minute rating describes the usage ofpower not more than 30 minute minutes. Forexample, an iron might only be in used for a shortperiod of time and thus 30-minute rating is givento it. 30-minute rating is mostly used when thepower-consumption is far below the requirementthan that of continuous rating.
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