This year 2012 by Madi


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This year 2012 by Madi

  1. 1. By Madi
  2. 2. PLTDAILY FEED-Newspaper ReportStudent Madeline Reports that PLT’s are fun and an awesome way to finish of the term. She says “I love how you get so much choice on what you can do and what you can study, I love PLT’s because they are more interesting than projects and are creative.” PLT’s have a good reward because you get to show people what you have achieved. Also students loved going on excursions to help them in their studies. In summary PLT’s are awesome and the teachers have given students lot’s of awesome subjects and idea’s.
  3. 3. LiteracyDear Class,I enjoyed Literacy this year especially the contracts. I like how we can just go of and work and aim to finish a number of tasks. I also liked reading in the Literature Circles and have enjoyed all the books I have read. I have improved my literacy and reading skills.From Madi
  4. 4. WritingI loved this years writing. I think I work better withinspiration which is what I got with all the video’s, picturesand sentences starters we have been given. I think the literacyshed and the 100 word challenge are both amazing. I enjoyedwriting a narrative and letting my creative juices flow. Idefinitely have a larger vocabulary and use more descriptivelanguage than I used to.
  5. 5. MusicAll the things I have loved in MusicMaking and Playing the drumsLearning lot’s of dancesDoing a play with certain criteriaChristmas CarolsI also thing it was good how we actually learnt a bit of theory.
  6. 6. SportsThis year sports has been lot’s of fun. I have really loved interschool sports and getting to be part of a team. I also like all the extra sports we have been doing like Milo Cricket, footy day, sports night, district sports, mini Olympics and PowerStations. I have also enjoyed PE lessons and all the skills we have learnt are useful.
  7. 7. TechnologyDAILY FEED-Newspaper ReportThis year has been a major year of learning technologywise. Students learnt how to create a blog, makemovies, green screen and learn to use new presentationtools. They love technology and can’t believe how easy itis to pick up.
  8. 8. MathsMrs Gridley makes maths sooooo fun! I love how we learn in a contemporary way and in the usual way. I like variety. I have really enjoyed going on the puzzle blog and the math starter of the day to warm up my mind. The way Mrs Gridley teaches maths makes it easy to under stand and to learn in complete understanding. I have learnt heaps of maths this year. I also think the family maths night was a good idea.
  9. 9. CampCamp was such a good experience. I will always remember how fun it was. I faced my fears and had a go. I enjoyed every minute and wish I could go again. I never knew that I was brave enough to abseil and go on the GIANT swing. I greatly improved my teamwork skills.
  10. 10. Circle TimeDAILY FEED newspaper report- Circle TimeStudent Madeline liked the circle time because she got to work with different people of all ages. She loved making an art piece and playing games with her group. Circle time is a good way to get to know other people. Students loved participating in the Mini Olympics with their group.
  11. 11. ArtArt I enjoyedModroc shoesVincent Van GoughSurrealismCaricatures3DAboriginal ArtPortraitsPaintingSketching
  12. 12. Positive EdDear Class,This year in positive ed I have enjoyed all the new games such as pegasaurus, jump chasey and the word game. I like doing speed stacks. But my favourite thing was making a persistence poster. I’m really happy with mine. I think resilience was a good focus for the year. From Madi
  13. 13. ItalianDear Class,I enjoyed Italian this year because we got to learn lot’s about Italy and Italian history not just the language . Italian day was a lot of fun and a huge success. This year was interesting and different.From Madi
  14. 14. Achievements• 100% on tables test• 1 wrong on sine• 2nd in Speed Stacks cycle• Going all the way on the Giant Swing• Abseiling• Completing the blogging challenge
  15. 15. HighlightsCampAll the excursions50th celebrationsBlogging ChallengeMini OlympicsScarecrows and Tree Planting Interschool SportsPJ dayBook Week
  16. 16. Reflection This year has been amazing in everyway and I can’t wait for next year. I have learnt heaps and everything I have learnt has been useful. I love being in Senior G. LeadershipI have loved being in the Environment team and planning allthe events such as scarecrows and tree planting. I haveenjoyed trying to make our school more green. I have reallyenjoyed being on the Liturgy team and organising assembliesand ceremonies. I also thought that it was an inspiringopportunity to go to Saint Patricks Cathedral for WorldMission Week.
  17. 17. We keep moving forward, opening newdoors, and doing new things, because werecurious and curiosity keeps leading usdown new paths.-Walt Disney