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The olympics seniorg

  1. 1. Senior GOur topics of interest on the Olympics
  2. 2.  It was first hosted in Athens, Greece Only men could compete Men Competed Nude People honoured it Greatly It was held in the middle of the 5th century The training was very hard At the event you could be robbed if you weren’t careful
  3. 3. Facts There is one male and one female competition In the mens team they have players under 23 years but they can have 3 players over In the female team they may be any age The number of male competitors is 288 and 216 females There has to be 16 males per team and 12 females per team The field length is100-110 metres and the width 64-75metres Womens competition started in 1996 Men have played since 1900
  4. 4.  Nationality-Australian Date of birth 19th September 1986 Height- 166 centimetres Weight- 60 kilograms Personal best in 100 metre hurdles -12.28 seconds In primary school her athletic talents were noticed In 2012 she won gold in the 100 metre hurdles winning against an American by 2 hundredths of a second
  5. 5. Lauren Mitchell was born on the23rd July 1991,in Western Australia.She started her career in 2007.Her first year as a senior gymnast.She was the 2nd Australian Woman gymnast to win medals at the World Championship.The first Australian Woman to win gold at the World Championship.She inspires me to never give up and to perform and try the best that I can.
  6. 6.  Nickname: Sprenger DOB:19/12/1985 Age:26 Born: Brisbane, QLD Home: Brisbane, QLD Event:100m Breastroke Gender: Male FACTS:• Christian Sprenger swam under the elusive one-minute barrier in winning the 100m breaststroke title at the 2012 Australian Championships. His time of 59.91 was his fastest in a textile suit and it also marked the first time he had beaten domestic rival Brenton Rickard to the national crown in eight years.• Sprenger made his Olympic debut at Beijing 2008, swimming in the preliminaries of the 100m and 200m breaststroke.
  7. 7.  Cathy Freeman was born Cathy Astrid Salome Freeman Born 16 of February Queensland She is an indigenous Australian Cathy won a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in the 200metres Her personal best is 100 metres 11.24 200 mertres 22.25 She inspires me with heramazing running and herability to win gold
  8. 8.  Lauren Jackson plays in the Australian womens basketball team, The Opals. Lauren Jackson was born on the 11th of May 1981 her nationality is Australian. Her height is 6ft 5 (1.94m) and she has been a professional for 11 years. Her basketball positions -forward/centre. Her nickname is Loz or LJ She was born in NSW.
  9. 9.  Diving has been an Olympic sport since the 1904 St Louis games. It is to be on the 29th July- 11th August. America is toped ranked followed by China and then Sweden. The venue is the Aquatics Centre. The diving events are• Mens 10m platform• Mens 3m platform• Mens 10m springboard• Mens 3m springboard• Mens synchronised 10m platform• Mens synchronized 10m springboard• Mens synchronized 3m platform• Mens synchronized 3m spring board• Plunge for distance• Plain high diving Woman have the same events.
  10. 10.  Sydney 2000 is the only games when Australia qualified as host nation Two teams seven players on court One keeper per side Players pass, throw ,catch, dribble and shoot Using small ball Trying to score in soccer goals Squad of 14 Most goals wins Two thirty minute halves Dotted line near goal- goal keeper not allowed outplayers not allowed in Dotted line players jump from then do a layup and shoot Penalties occur when defenders are inside the keepers circle-when defender makes hard contact Yellow and red cards for bad behaviour
  11. 11. Nationality: AustralianWeight : 60 ksHeight: 1.66 mBorn: 19th of September 1986 age 25 in SydneyPersonal best 100 metre sprint is 11:14 seconds in 100 metre hurdles 12:28 seconds and in 400 metre hurdles 1:02.98She won gold in the London 2012 Olympic games for 100 metre hurdlesShe also won silver at the Beijing 2008 Olympic games for 100 metre hurdles
  12. 12. • His career is basketball• Kobe Bryant number 24, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA• He is 33 years old• He was born on August 23 1978• He was born in Philadelphia• Average points for 2011 2012 is 31.1• He has 2 gold medals• His most points in a game is 81• He Started playing basketball at the age of 3
  13. 13. • Lizzy plays basketball in the Olympics• She is number 14• Her specialty is slam dunks• She is 20 years old• She was born on the 18th of August 1991• Cambage was born in London to a Nigerian father and an Australian mother
  14. 14.  Usain Bolt is the fastest 100 metre sprinter in the world In the 200 metre sprint a man tried to throw a glass bottle at Bolt so that he would lose the race His main events are 100m and 200m sprints He is the worlds fastest man He won gold in the 200m and 100m this Olympics
  15. 15.  Cathy Astrid Salome Freeman Born Queensland Australia 1973 February 16th Aboriginal Australian She won gold for Australia, at the Olympicsin 2000 September 25th Looked after husband with cancerfor many years but then got a divorcePersonal BestEvent --- Time100m 11.24200m 2225300m 36.42
  16. 16.  To do ROWING you need to have very big muscles because you have to row for 2 kilometres You do it on a river, which can be manmade or natural You can have 8, 4, 2 orsingle rowers in a boat INTERESTING FACTS! M Drysdale came first andgot GOLD in 6:57:82 mins He is from New Zealand!
  17. 17. Archery is the art of propellingarrowsfrom a bow.In the older days of history, archery used tobe used in hunting or combat.Archery is from the Latin word, arcus.Now archery is a sport and used forrecreational activity.A person who participates in archery iscalled either an archer or a bowman.An expert is called a toxophilite. Archerywas highly developed in Asia.
  18. 18. Tom won gold this year. At the last Olympics, in Beijing,he came 22nd. His coach was Michael Blackburn who wasa bronze medallist legend.This year, when he won gold, it was Australia’s 2nd goldand 1st individual activity medal. To get the gold, hecompeted in the ‘Men’s Laser Class Sailing’.
  19. 19.  Sport - Gymnastics Lauren is aged 21 Nickname- Loz Date of birth 23/7/1991 Born in Perth WA Lives in Perth WA Events1. Team2. Competition3. Women
  20. 20. Did you know? Emily Seebohm is an Australian swimmer She is 20 years old At the olympics Emily Seebohm was in tears even though she came second At the age of 14, Seebohm won the 100 m backstroke at the 2007 Australian Championships At the World Championships in Melbourne, Seebohm won a gold medal in the 4x100 m medley relay In London 2012 she won 2 silver and 1 gold medal
  21. 21. • The best swimmer in the world is Michael Phelps• The world record for swimming 50 and 100 metreswithin 1:00 is Cesar Cielo• Cesar Cielo swam 50 metres in 20.91 seconds• Cesar Cielo swam 100 metres in 46.91 seconds• The Olympics Record for swimming50 metres is 21.91 seconds (Cesar Cielo)• The Olympics Record for swimming100 metres is 47.05 seconds
  22. 22.  Full Name- Catherine Astrid Salome Born- 16 February 1973 Born in- Slade Point, Mackay, Queensland Specialised in- 400 metres sprit Personal Best- 100 metres- 11.24 200 metres- 22.25 300 metres- 36.42 400 metres- 48.63
  23. 23.  Who is Sally Pearson? Sally Pearson is an Australian athlete She competes in the 100 metre hurdles In the 2012 Olympics (this year) she got into the hurdles final and won a gold medal for Australia Facts about Sally Pearson:• Sally Pearson’s time for the 100 metre hurdles this year in the Olympics was an Olympic record (OR 12:35 seconds)• Her birth date is the 19th of September 1986
  24. 24.  D.O.B 11/04/91 Born in Port Macquarie, NSW Height 195cm Weight 90kg 21 years of age Stroke: Freestyle Nickname: The missile Wins In career, 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze 4th Fastest 100m Freestyle time in history, clocking 47. 10 seconds
  25. 25. • Plays for the Australian hockey team- the Kookaburras• He is the highest goal scorer ever for Australia• Jamie is Captain of the kookaburras• D.O.B 12/3/1979• His nickname is Foetus• He has played 254 matches• His Kookaburras number is 1• He plays the mid striker role• He has scored 160 goals• His debut game was 2001