Lung cancers


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Lung cancers

  1. 1. By Carley Ko
  2. 2. SymptomSomething that shows that you have a disease orillness of anything kindDiagnosisThe identification of the nature of a illness Air pollutionWhen the air we breathe is polluted, it is dirtied by car’sgas, smoke from cigarettes and much more other things.Radon GasIt is considered a danger to health because it can not be seen, heard,tasted nor smelt.Second-hand SmokingWhen you breathe in another persons smoke from their cigaretteAsbestosFabric containing such a mineral
  3. 3. Lung cancer is a uncontrolled cell growth in the tissue of the lung.When you realise that you have lung cancer, it is called the primarylung cancer. There are two main types of lung cancers:• ‘small cell lung carcinoma’(SCLC), or oat cell cancer(as some people call it).• ‘non-small cell lung carcinoma’(NCSLC).In US, 15% of people survive for five years after diagnosis.Lung cancer is the most common cancer people die from aroundthe world.
  4. 4. If you have lung cancer, and you don’t treat it, the disease willspread along the lung and into other parts of the body calledmetastasis. The common symptoms are:• Coughing (it includes coughing out blood)• Weight loss• Shortness of breath.You could just say that lung cancer affects your whole body.Lung cancer can be very dangerous because it affects yourblood flow.It causes bad blood which is not healthy for your body.Every year there is 4,000 people with lung cancer in the US and3,000 people die because of lung cancer.
  5. 5. There is lots of ways that you can get lung cancer but the most commoncause of lung cancer is long term tobacco smoke. But you can also get lung cancer not just by smoking. You could get lungcancer by:• air pollution• radon gas• asbestos• second-hand smoking.If your mum smokes(or your dad), you might get lung cancer whenyou are older. A baby can be born with a cancer, but thecancer will never be lung cancer.
  6. 6. There are lots of different ways you can prevent lungcancer. Here are some ways to prevent lung cancer:• Don’t smoke• Eat the right food and drink lots of water.• Have someone to check your house for radon gas• Keep away from second-hand smoking• Know what you are being exposed to in your workplace.Remember that you can get lung cancer any time in yourlife. Lung cancer is a very dangerous cancer.
  7. 7. There is lots of ways to treat lung cancer but they might notalways work. Doctors have 4 ways to treat lung cancerand they are all surgeries. They are:• Pneumonectomies-doctors removes an entire lung but you can still breathe.• Lobectomies-they removes a lobe from the lung• Segmentectomy-doctors removes part of a lobe• Laser surgery-they destroys cancer cells in the tumour.NSLCS is sometimes treated with surgery.SLCS usually responds to other ways than surgeries likechemotherapy and radio-therapy because these 2 treatmentsare better at getting cells in other parts of the body.
  8. 8. •••
  9. 9. Now you have reached the end of my powerpoint, I hope you have learnt some things aboutlung cancer. Not only will I not smoke to avoidlung cancer, but I will also eat the right food andexercise and never drill asbestos. I will be verysick if I drill asbestos. When I started this powerpoint, I now know why my mum always saynever smoke.