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Emerald eyes by Maddie


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A Grade 5 Students Narrative

Published in: Technology, Business
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Emerald eyes by Maddie

  1. 1. By Madeline
  2. 2. Lilly shivered when she thought of the village. The ghostlyfigures that only she could see. The people teasing her abouther eyes and sneering at the fact that she could see ghosts. Theloathed the village so much she left.Lilly was an independent and different girl. She had longish, outof control, light brown hair that she wore in two extremelymessy plaits, (tying hair with grass is very annoying and almostimpossible to do.) She wore clean but simple clothes (a plain teeshirt and floppy pants). She had the brightest green eyes thatwere almost highlighter green! She looked like she lived alone toeveryone but her.She lived in a dark forest, The Forest of DOOM! The trees weretaller than the tallest tower and covered the sky like a blanket.The only part of the outside world you could see was mist,slowly seeping in. The trees were skinny and grew no fruit. Shegot her water from a small lake that was surrounding by prettyberries and sweet fruit (her source of food and the only colourin the whole forest.) Her house was made from sticks stucktogether with sap and berry juice. The same ghostly figures livedhere too but didn’t dare touch Lilly’s house .
  3. 3. It was a usual day for Lilly. She got up of her painfully hardbed, lazily got dressed and did her hair. She made her way to thekitchen and ate the usual breakfast of berry juice diluted with alot of water with fruit slices served on a large leaf. Then shewalked down the dirt stairs to the store room. See checked whatshe had and what she needed“Berries, Check!”“Fruit, Check!”“Sap, Check!”“Soap (which was made from fruit and berry powder mixed withsap) Check!”“Leaves, Check!”But something was missing; she knew it was important...WATER!It had been dry for ages. Lilly had no idea if it was summer orwinter, she had lost track of time. Lilly desperately neededwater, and as she gave up hope... Pitter Patter Pitter Patter, ahuge rain storm! “YES!” Lilly exclaimed excitedly. She quicklychucked on her manky, old boots and set out to the lake.
  4. 4. Lilly hoped the lake wasn’t dry. If it was she would be soaked,forced to drink water from her clothes and eventually dead. D-E-A-D! Completely and utterly dead! As Lilly approached the lake.She saw a clear shimmer in the hole where the lake wassupposed to be. Was it water? “Thank Goodness!” Lilly saidgratefully. A small puddle of water was in the hole. But as soonas she saw it those dreaded ghosts evaporated it! “Damn It”yelled Lilly directly at the ghosts. She waited at the lake,drenched and aggregated. As soon as a little bit of waterappeared in the hole that was supposed to be a lake the stupidghost stole it! Eventually Lilly made her way home. The thunderand lightning from the storm was getting brighter and louderand the rain getting heavier and heavier.
  5. 5. Cold and wet Lilly reached her hut. But it looked different.It looked weak, it looked... FLOODED! Without thinkingLilly rushed in and SPLASH! The hut was indeed flooded!The food, gone. The clothes, soaked. Lilly touched the wallwith caution... CRASH, BANG!!!!!!!! The whole house hadfallen down. Nothing was left but a piece of fruit andsome sticks, too soaked to make another house out of.Lilly went around the forest collecting grass. She tied ittogether and weaved it into a large blanket. She found alarge branch and stuck it into the ground. She draped thefragile grass blanket over the stick and ... Her new housefor a few months. At least it kept out the rain.
  6. 6. Then, all of a sudden one of those annoying figures thatshe really didn’t want to see right now floated down from anearby tree. It said to Lilly in a mysterious voice,“Hello Emerald Eyes, at long last we talk.”“What did you just call me? Was that an insult?” Lilly saidsounding rather annoyed.“It was not an insult. Emerald Eyes, that’s what I calledyou!” replied the ghost.“You are an Emerald Eyes. 1 in a 1,000,000 people are bornwith Emerald Eyes and you are one of them.”“We are the ghosts of the previous Emerald Eyes.”“So that’s how I can see you!” said Lilly in a voice filled withawe.“Follow me!” replied the ghost of Emerald Eyes. Lillycautiously followed the ghost deep into the forest. In thevery centre of the forest an old looking mirror with a hugeemerald on the golden frame.
  7. 7. “Touch it!” “Touch it!” echoed a voice in Lilly’s head. Lillybacked away but an invisible force made her hand extendand touch the glittering emerald. The whole world seemedto turn green as Lilly got pulled into the mirror. When theworld was finally back to colour... She was in the land of herdreams. A black, sparkly river ran through the whole land.The trees grew money, the sand was food and the rockswere the prettiest gemstones. Right at the shore of theriver... was her old hut, looking stronger and prettier thanever! Five Years LaterLilly still lives in her old hut that is now covered in roses. Sheeats different food and has a real bar of soap. When shelooks out the window she doesn’t she the forest of doom,but a beach of glitter, food and money, a beautiful place. The End