Contact Hero Introduction


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Introduction to ContactHero a business tool to help you keep in better contact and a web based contact manager accessed from computers and mobile devices like Blackberry and iPhone. More details at

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Contact Hero Introduction

  1. 1. Contact Hero Introduction Features & Benefits by John Waller and Vidal Graupera
  2. 2. What it is •A business tool to help you keep in better contact •A web based contact manager accessed from computers and mobile devices • Designed by small business people and mobile professionals for people like themselves • Affordable
  3. 3. Feature Benefit Helps you stay in contact, Better follow up leads to and improves your follow up more sales No lost income or No one falls thru the cracks opportunities You can’t afford to NOT Put every note from every remember what you said to conversation in one place a customer or prospect
  4. 4. Feature Benefit This is like having your own sales manager to keep you accountable to yourself Dashboard shows # of calls Visual daily, weekly and you complete & scheduled, monthly report card # of new contacts made, and messages sent Past due calls roll over You have to know your numbers to be successful
  5. 5. Dashboard
  6. 6. Feature Benefit Collect, merge, organize and Reduce redundant manage all your contacts information, spread across from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, different services etc. in one place How much would it cost you if your device died or got Access from any mobile lost? device. Optimized for Blackberry and iPhone. Save time and check off calls anywhere even while waiting in lines
  7. 7. Feature Benefit This makes you look like you are burning the midnight oil, and you may Set up future emails get more referrals from this Helps you plan and not forget follow up emails and thank-yous Voice mails tend to get Send text messages and blown off. Reach out emails multiple ways
  8. 8. Feature Benefit Schedule your calling without stepping on other Overlays over your Outlook or appointments Google Calendar Keeps your calendar and calls separate Daily email reminder of calls Take it with you even when to make not online
  9. 9. How it works 30 day free trial $9.95 per month afterwards Cancel at anytime. No contracts. Unlimited contacts and calls SSL encryption No lock in. Take your data with you. A percentage of sales benefits a good cause