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Curriculum nightnew


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Curriculum nightnew

  1. 1. Curriculum Night 5 Grade th
  2. 2. Welcome!• Introductions
  3. 3. Welcome!Student responsibilities: BEHAVIOR = SUCCESS• Behavior card – Character Counts• Agenda/Assignment Notebook• Binder• Be prepared every day
  4. 4. BehaviorCard
  5. 5. Welcome!Reading –• Elements of Literature• Pearson Reading Street – online access• Current Events• DEAR book – daily quiet reading• Monthly Reading Calendar
  6. 6. Reading Calendar Minimum of 400 minutes Per month
  7. 7. Welcome!Writing / Language Arts• Different genres• Evaluating using 6 Traits• Cursive• Grammar skills• DLR – Daily Language Review
  8. 8. Welcome!Spelling• Spelling patterns• Pretest, Spelling packet, test• Daily work checked for spelling errors in all content areas
  9. 9. Welcome!Social Studies• Geography – map skills / states & capitals by region• US History – (Early Civilization, Explorers, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War , Westward Expansion)• S/S text, USA Weekly• JA Biztown
  10. 10. Welcome!Math• enVision Math• Take home book or use website• Multiplication/Division facts (timed tests)• Daily Homework
  11. 11. Welcome!Science• Scientific Process• Foss Kits – Human Body, Mixtures & Solutions, Solar System, Simple Machines• Adopt-A-Pilot Program
  12. 12. Welcome!Technology• Integrated in all areas of the curriculum• Computer lab• Purchase a jump drive or check one out for home/class room use
  13. 13. Miscellaneous•Take Home Folder – goes home every Thursday•Homework – completed at home*•Neatness is important (Class work, homework, desk, etc…..)•Absent (illness, band, chorus, personal day, etc….) Required to make up class work, homework upon their return.•Birthdays – store bought only•PowerSchool – check your child’s grades at any time! (Password from office)
  14. 14. Miscellaneous•Book Orders – online ordering – link on website•Parent Communication – weekly emailnewsletters, prefer contact by email
  15. 15. Make a difference!!!Help your child byestablishing homeworkguidelines!Suggestions•Start homework upon arrival athome with a small snack or set upa specific time every evening.•Quiet place with no distractions
  16. 16. Homework *Daily – 20 minutes of reading* *Any unfinished class work*Monday• Math homework• Review DLR• Begin Spelling packetTuesday• Math homework• Review DLR• Spelling packet or review spelling wordsWednesday• Math homework• Review DLR• Spelling packet or review spelling wordsThursday• Math homework• Review DLR or prepare for DLR Quiz• Review for Spelling TestFriday• Occasionally homework * Projects, Reports, & Tests are in addition*
  17. 17. Check out our website:www.lsgrade5.weebly.comthat has 5th grade information, as wellas games based on our curriculum.
  18. 18. Questions?????