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Account Planning Portfolio_Vanessa Golenia

  1. 1. Planning & Brand Strategy
  2. 2. ABOUT MEI grew up in a home with .My father spoke .My mother spokeAnd I spoke .If I were to be stranded on a desert island and could take one thing with me it would be .The worst place I ever ran out of money was in .If I could live in another era, it would be .If I could win anything in the world it would be .There is nothing I enjoy more than .I believe in . “Every individual is representative of the whole, a symptom, and should be intimately understood.” - Anaïs Nin
  3. 3. Case Studies
  4. 4. Look up. The real world is all around you.BlackBerry has been obliterated by the Given that BlackBerry will never offer greater Hyper-connectivity is just that: hyper. No one BlackBerry is simple in intent, pure in body,iPhone and Google’s Android operating options in the app ecosystem; can it find a is ever truly productive or creative buried in and defeats the chaos of hyper-distraction.system and requires a ‘heaven sent’ way to survive - and thrive - as a niche player? their smartphone.repositioning to rescue it from an early grave.Its survival hinges on the release of its new Blackberry was the first to spark the public’s Experienced smartphone users 35-54 view their BlackBerry can’t be all things to all people. Ithandset and OS, the BlackBerry 10. The BB 10 love affair with smartphones, and it’s break- smartphone as a communications hub and can, however, establish itself as thepromises to unveil voice recognition, a wealth through features—“push” email, IM platform, don’t see connectivity exclusively through the productivity alternative in what has becomeof new apps, and a virtual QWERTY keyboard enterprise-level security, and physical QWERTY lens of social apps. Their definition of an entertainment space. The BlackBerry is the— sadly nothing that hasn’t already been keyboard—cultivated millions of “Crackberry” connectivity is getting you there, getting it purest communication device that keeps usersintroduced by BlackBerry’s competitors. users around the globe. Because of its brand done, and getting you back to your everyday grounded in an endless sea of content and legacy, BlackBerry will more likely be viewed as friends and family. erratic connectivity. a choice of substance over style. “I’m the app for that.”
  5. 5. It’s not a diet. It’s an upgrade.About 90% of Weight Watchers customers Men perceive weight loss as a woman’s When it comes to the language of weight Speak to men on their own terms byare female. Weight Watchers believes it can problem and live in a fantasy world when management programs, men get lost in changing the language of dieting and turningincrease subscriptions among men. it comes to their own weight management. translation. a support system into a “business plan for the Men need to be convinced they need a coach. body”.Targeting men is a reasonable objective given Men are by nature “do-it-yourselfers” and rarely A category dominated by women has Men respond to language that challenges themthat 70% of American men are overweight. turn to weight management programs. Men undoubtedly created conventions strongly and touches on their competitiveAs the market leader in the category, Weight also believe that the best approach to losing tied with the female identity—the strongest of nature. Customize the program to allow forWatchers has the added benefit of a strong weight is by “building muscle” alone—a recipe which is language. more independent tracking to appeal to thereputation for success. The key driver in this for failure. It’s Weight Watcher’s challenge to DIY nature in men. And if it can’t be calledsuccess is a support group model that holds convince men that a formal approach to weight Support isn’t “emotional,” it’s “physical.” It’s not anything but Weight Watchers, then create aparticipants accountable and demonstrates management is more than just sitting around about “losing weight,” it’s about “getting fit.” positioning unique to men.changes in behavior over the long-term. Still, holding hands and supporting each other Thin is a compliment to women; men consid-after 40 years of trying men aren’t buying it. through Twinkie temptations. er it an insult—the equivalent of weak and unhealthy. Women get make-overs. Men get do-overs.
  6. 6. From Man Cave to Love Den.In a weak economy Febreze customers prefer Find a way to get guys excited about a Guys understand that good scents puts them Febreze is swagger in a bottle and sets thethe smell of their money over the smell of “cleaning” product that at best lends itself on a path to impress and persuade. mood in all areas of a man’s life: live, work,Febreze. P&G is in search of new customers or as a shortcut to laundry and at worst masks uses — ideally both. embarrassing smells.When P&G launched Febreze, an odor elimi- Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier to acquire It’s not about laundry or house chores, it’s The smell of Febreze instills confidence andnating spray, it was a huge fail. Why? People new customers than it is to retain or change about lifestyle, and clean is sexy. Nothing ruins sets the mood in all areas of a man’s life. Andare desensitized to the smell of their personal the purchasing habits of existing ones*. The a mood faster than a lurking odor. Great hair, just as Google has become a verb, so hassurroundings. Once scent was added to the conclusion was to target single men 18-34: fresh breath, the alluring scent of skin and Febreze. Using the vernacular such as “febrez-product Febreze became wildly successful— guys transitioning from crash pad to their own clothing and now the home. ing” and “febrizzle” in the communicationnot because of its ability to kill odors, but as the pad. strategy will magnify its currency in malefinal cosmetic touch to a clean home. P&G has culture and provide an authentically witty andsince milked this cash cow and continues to Topline research guided thinking: 82% of males humorous voice for the brand.dominate the category despite competitive en- say they purchase laundry products and highertries. However, the recession caused the market percentage of men than women areto soften and P&G seeks to regain the sales it gravitating to newer “value added” productslost to lower consumer demand. such as bleach pens and designer scents**. Source - * Sharp, Byron. How Brands Grow. New York. Oxford, 2010 ** ”Home Laundry Products” Mintel, 2008
  7. 7. Wingwoman - lifting mind and spirit.With competitors such as Monster and Rock- Will a different take on Red Bull’s famous Women crave endless mental and spiritual Embrace “Wingwoman” as she uses her wingsstar imitating Red Bull and stealing market positioning cause women to crave their own energy more than the purely physical. to lift her body, mind, and spirit to extremeshare, is there a need to expand or reinvent set of wings while remaining authetic to their heights.Red Bull’s current positioning? current target audience?Energy drinks don’t sell for their taste. They sell There is no denying the success of Red Bull’s posi- Women are more likely than men to drink Broaden the positioning by emphasizing theon image and functionality. And there is no brand tioning among men 18-34, but its relevance and energy drinks for functional benefits. Women mental and spiritual dimension. Expand communi-with a cooler image than Red Bull, which currently appeal to other demos has been narrowed by the crave mental and spiritual energy more than the cations to include activities that require “extreme”dominates the category by a significant margin. reliance on extreme sports sponsorships and purely physical and seek an elixir to enhance focus and concentration and position Red Bull inWith competitors such as Monster and Rockstar related messaging. Studies show that women themselves rather than to remedy themselves. support of mind and spirit.imitating the Red Bull image and stealing market crave energy and alertness more than men butshare, is Red Bull’s current positioning “Red Bull make up only 25% percent of category wings to people who want to be mental- Can Red Bull appeal more to women without los-ly and physicall active and have a zest for life” ing its authenticity?enough to keep it on top? Source - “Energy Drinks and Energy Shots.” Mintel, 8/2011
  8. 8. New York Los Angeles Everywhere in between 137 E 2nd St. 411 S Main St. #216 (619) 840-2338 Brooklyn, New York 11218 Los Angeles, CA 90013 @vanaisgolenia Experience Virgins, Saints, & Angels | New York, NY PriceWaterhouseCoopers | Los Angeles, CA Freelance Brand Strategist | July 2012 - Present Senior Associate | January 2006 - March 2011 VSA makes high-end jewelry that combines elements from Mexican and religious Audited the financial statements of publicly listed companies and mutual funds, including iconography. It requires a well defined brand strategy as it evolves into an online retailer and Bank of America (Legacy Countrywide) in the wake of the mortgage banking crisis. Brand and has two wildly opposite fan bases -- from deeply religious women to celebrity trend setters business such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. It is easier to Simply put “auditing” is a process that helps establish if an organization is being transparent challenges perceive error about their financial situation and telling the truth about their reality. In doing so, we offer are not created Engaged to develop a brand positioning statement and set of key messages tailored to target than to clients guidance and instill confidence in anyone wanting to business with them. equal. audiences. Conducted internal and external interviews and performed category audit to find truth. better understand the company, its personality , points of inspiration and it’s customers. I searched for truth by comparing what was claimed against what the evidence showed -- by deeply understanding the client’s business, knowing how the money flows, quantitative digging and modeling analyses, and interviewing executive management. Formulatin | New York, NY Internship | July 2012 - September 2012 Education Wrote and developed marketing communications in English and Spanish for high profile Miami Ad School | New York 2012 Hispanic market brands such as Tecate, Bohemia, Tequila Herradura, and NESCAFÉ Café de Account Planning Bootcamp Expressions If you want to be Olla.matter more than interesting, University of San Diego | 2006 Impressions. Participated in regular brainstorming sessions to develop ideas to elevate brand awareness be interested. B.S. - Accounting & Finance | GPA: 3.9 and consumer engagement through sponsorships, branded events, and editorial coverage. President of Beta Alpha Psi Conducted competitive research of the brewing industry for Tecate and Bohemia in order to evaluate consumer and category profile and make recommendations for ongoing communications strategy. Skills Native fluency in Spanish & English Dual Nationality: U.S. and E.U. passports Certifed Public Accountant (CPA) - California TBWAChiatDay | Los Angeles, CA Excel and Powerpoint Ninja Finance Manager | April 2011 - July 2012 Quantitative Analysis Utlimately Adobe Creative Suite Acted as a business advisor to Account Directors on all things finance, including but not iMovie master strategy is limited to the preparation of client P&L analyses, staffing analysis, and revenue projections. about making money. Developed annual & quarterly profit plan for the agency, interim forecasts, and took responsibility for the identification of areas for cost reductions and operational improvements. Activities Every good LifeBook Acting Academy | 2012 Theater Showcase Prepared and presented financial results and analyses to the CFO and General Management of Act is charity. THINK TANK THUTO | 2012-2013 Tresurer & Board Member the agency and made recommendations guiding business decisions for the agency.
  9. 9. 619.840.2338